Orga Saga

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Glancing into the mirror, his visage reflected in the water; a liquid caricature, Phoenix mutters non-sensically to himself. Thinking about the last few months he angrily intakes a breath, because he let his emotions get the better of him, the mission was an utmost disaster. Yet he couldn’t erase the memory of Jodilyn: her taste, face,lips and hips… Ugh even after all this time… Due to his failure he was placed on administrated leave, under Orga failure is not an option. So now on the run and haunted by memories and thoughts of her, life couldn’t be any worse. Cloaked in a battered black woolen overcoat he trudged along in the shadows under, the unrelenting rain. Phoenix’s thoughts begin to travel inward.

“Status report!”
“Prudians have begun the offensive on Touch Isle!”
“Begin artillery shelling!”
“Sir what of Phoenix and Vindicate?”
“We won’t be able to rescue them with the fighting”
“Phoenix and Vindicate will have to survive on their own for now”

“So they have begun the attack?” thought Phoenix. “Now if I can only manage to get off this acursed isle, mayhap things will begin to look up”

Phoenix hears soft foot falls, a prudian patrol. He hides in a copse, bullets riddle his previous resting place. With survival a high priority he whirls into action. Rattling off a shot, the lead man falls with a bullet to the brain. In response the prudians let off their own burst, but this is for naught, a whirling dervish he unloads bullet after bullet each one reaching its mark. Finally the patol lies dead and Phoenix sets off in a dead run, for some one has surely heard the firefight.

Flashing lights stir him from his reverie, catcalls from various prostitutes lit the air. He continues to his current hideout. Once again Jodilyn crosses mind, seeking to erase the emotions this arouses he turnes and grabs one of streetwalkers.
Without speaking he pushes her up the stairs mean while tearing at her closes and with a demonic gleam in his eye, he begins.

Crushing her two him he begins to bite on her neck while palming her ass. Placing her hands on his chest she pulls and tugs at his nipples. Tearing the shirt off him she bites on his chest, taking time to flick her tongue over his erect nipples, she sucks on the pebbled surfaces. Seeing his delight she kisses down his abdomen and frees 10 1/2 inch cock and proceeds to devour it . Alternating deepthroating and hand jerking, his body jerks in response. Up and down, quickly and fiercely she goes. Bathing the bulbous head and licking each side of the shaft his cock is well covered in saliva. She pulls her mouth off and jerks him. Phoenix loving every minute of the attention that his precious Jodilyn is paying to hard and throbbing cock. -To be continued

P.s.: This is my first time ever trying my hand at writing stories. I would appreciate any feed back , questions, critiques or whatever all I ask please be honest, and also let me know if i should continue or try something else.

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