Passed Out and In and Out and In

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He just eyeher nude sexy body as she laid on her side, her long tan legs lazily dangling half off the bed, her perfect untanned glowing white bare ass angled up with her nice hip jutting out her waist pulled in her back curved out. He just stared at her feminine prettiness. He walked around the bed and looked at her face, so pretty, so innocent so passed out from all the booze she had consumed. He looked at her tits, so nice and round and fleshy, also glaringly white compared to her tan, two bright pink areolaes with two tiny cherry red nipples hard and sticking out, he looked at her tummy taut and nice and then her pussy her completely shaved clean of hair pussy, he saw that slit between her lips he knew what hid in there and his dick moved and thickened thinking about that.

“Should I or shouldn’t I?” he thought as he looked at all that nude feminine sexual soft flesh displayed before his eyes.

He rubbed his chin and looked around the room and looked at the door, “Damn she looks fucking hot!” he thought as he put his hand over his hard on in his pants, he moved his hand and rubbed it up on his bare chest, he only had on jeans, no shirt, not even shoes, then right back down to his hard dick. “Shit I know that pussy would feel so good wrapped around my cock, damn I know it’s hot, tight and juicy in there.”

He walked over to the door and listened, there was no sound in that house, it was two am and everyone else was passed out from the heavy partying that had gone on since 8 pm.

He closed and locked the door, he walked to the windows and pulled down the blinds, he turned the lamp down to its lowest setting, the room looked pinker, it almost glowed with the sensuality of the dim light. He looked at her again and unbuttoned his pants. He leaned over her and touched her back, then rubbed up and down her spine. She just breasthed the slow breaths of a drunk, totally bombed woman. He got braver and elt her ass rubbing her cheeks and over her crack, he felt heat coming out of her crack. This excited him more. He stood back and unzipped his pants, a fast unzip so fast it almost made no noise. He pulled down his jeans the sound of denim sliding off of his flesh and then the soft plop of his pants as they dropped to the floor. He stood in his underwear his dick was extended out of the pee opening of his boxers. He looked down seeing his cock looking up athim, he could have sworn his cock said, “Go for it man, I need some of that pussy.” He shook his head to sober himself up. He touched his cock head as he stared at her nude drunk body.

He pulled off his underwear pushing his cock head back in the slit. Now he was as nude as her, his dick had precum oozing on the head.

He laid on the bed behind her, he close to her but not yet touching her, he felt waves of moist warmth, he was not sure if it was from her, him or both of them. She suddenly moved, her hip arched up higher her ass cheeks opened more, he watched and his dick pointed more toward her like it really wanted to touch her, his breathing was getting shorter and harder, he was getting prepaid to enter her body, a body that was not saying yes to him, not saying no, just an unconscious beautiful nude woman’s body lying there tempting him with it’s sensuality and with all the carnal pleasures that he knew it could give him. He moved slowly closer to her, his dick straining it’s head and shaft to feel her skin, her wetness her tightness.
Finally his dick head was barely against her forbidden pussy slit, barely touching, just giving it the lightest kiss. He laid there his heart pounding, his dick lubing around the head, his vein pulsating in the shaft, his balls filling with his gooey warm cum that wanted to get inside her body too. Slowly he pushed his cock in the slit, “Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss.” he said in the slowest softest words. He stayed still waiting for her wetness to happen, i came while he just left his cock head near her hole and he reached around her and pressed his third finger on her clit, the heat and pressure of his finger pad made her pussy release her juices onto his cockhead “Dammmmmmmnnnnn” he whispered as he felt that moisture and her pussy hole opened ever so slightly allowing him to enter. He pushed in all the way in, he pulled out slow, then pushed back in slow. She was starting to awaken, she said, “What the hell?” So he put his left thigh tight over her left hip and locked her into place and he fucked her hard, she was asking him why was he doing that. He told her because she wanted it, she always wanted it, and he pounnded her pussy while not letting her move by holding her with his thigh. Soon she was moving around to let him in deeper. “Yeah I knew you wanted it, baby!” he said as she jutted that pussy out more for him.
He pulled out his dick all wet and still stiff as hell and he told her to get on her back. They were both sweaty and horny, so she did. He laid on top and rode her as high up inside her pussy as he could to ensure that her clit would get a good ride too, he upfucked her good she orgasmed and moaned he put his hand over her mouth to quiet her, she sexily licked his palm. Then he came a big hard splat deep inside her pussy. Her nipples were so hard that they were sore and very, very dark red, her clit was swollen and wet as hell, his dick was purple and starting to shrink, like it just could not handle having come so hard and it was defeated, exhausted, satisfied, but defeated.

He laid heavy on her perfectly hard screwed body and rubded his swety skin on her sweaty skin, he kissed her neck and bit it and then licked his tingue over her jaw and right onto her lips where he wiggled his tongue and then entered her mouth to gicve her a good Frech kissing. He pulled away and looked in her eyes and said, “You better not tell my wife.”

She smiled and said, “No kidding, do you think I would hurt my sister like that?”

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