Paybacks hurt after a month of teasing..

He was coming in for the weekend, on leave, after being on deployment for over a month. He’d let me know all month exactly what he was going to do to me when he saw me.. And making me wet with every message. We’d been together one other time before, last time he was in town, and I could remember every inch of his 11″ cock like it was yesterday.

I picked him up from the airport wearing just a little black dress and modest heels. When we hugged he could feel that I wasn’t wearing any panties, and whispered in my ear how much trouble I was about to be in. We were lucky to make it home, I have a stick shift and he was fingering my wet pussy the whole time, bringing me so close to orgasm and then stopping.. All I wanted to do was pull over and jump on top of him! We finally made it to my house, and barely in the door he pushed me down over the table in the front room and pulled out his rock hard dick. I was soaking wet and in one giant thrust he had the entire length inside me, pushing me hard into the table and making me scream. I reached down to play with my clit and he grabbed my hands and held them behind me with one hand while he grabbed a handful of my hair with the other. I was whimpering, it hurt just a little, but felt so good. He continued to pound my pussy as hard as he could, and all I could do was bend over and take it. As soon as I came, making his cock even more wet and hard, he pulled out and began to run it up and down my ass crack, pausing at my entrance and running it up and down again. I moved away a little, I’ve never had anything back there before. And his size scared me, I told him he’d never fit in there! He said something about not caring what I thought and that it would fit if he made it fit.. This turned me on even more, and I struggled against him to play with myself while he teased me. He continued to hold my arms behind my back, and I felt his saliva dripping down my ass when he spit on me for lubrication. “Remember how much you teased me while I was gone?” he asked. I didn’t answer. He grabbed my hair once again, and pulling my head up towards him, arching my back, he growled in my ear “It’s time to pay up, sweetheart”.. I tried to pull away some, but he was holding me down and in position. Before I knew it, he had managed to push the head in my asshole. It was burning and hurting, and I was begging him not to do anymore. He ignored me, and just pushed on even harder. Every time I tried to wiggle away it just helped him go even deeper. It was starting to feel good, but still hurt like hell! He began to move in and out, slowly, and let go of my hair to reach around and finger my pussy.. I asked it was in all the way, relieved that it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.. He just laughed and said “not even close!” Before I could even get scared, he slammed the rest of his length in me, until I felt his balls slapping my pussy lips. I was screaming in pain, trying to wiggle away, but that just made him pound harder. Every time he was fully inside, he’d grind it in and get even deeper. I swore he was ripping me apart! Then he began to play with my clit while he was fucking my ass, and it began to feel good again. He took the other hand that was holding my arms back and lifted one of my legs up onto the table, giving him that much more access to my ass. This hurt again, and I tried to reach back and push him away so he couldn’t go so deep. That’s when he bent over me, putting his arm under my leg and up around my chest holding my shoulder so I couldn’t move away, and couldn’t possibly reach to push him away. With his other hand he grabbed my hair once more, pulling roughly on it and telling me my ass was his all weekend. I was so turned on I couldn’t help but cum as he was saying this and pounding into my ass. As soon as he felt my ass muscles begin to tighten around him he began pushing even harder and faster into me, and I felt his cock jerk and harden even more, and suddenly felt warm bursts of liquid filling me up. He lay on top of me for a few moments, and then pulled out slowly and helped me to stand up. We kissed and made our way to the shower, to continue our weekend…

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Paybacks hurt after a month of teasing.., 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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