Paying The Bet Part III

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Tina was sucking the pussy clean of cum when she noticed
a slightly different taste. Just a slight change at first,
as the red head she was eating began to cum, hard. At first
Tina thought it was just more pussy juice, until she realized,
from the more pungent taste and aroma, that it wasn’t
cum she was eating. Then suddenly, she was drinking, the
pee flowing so fast Tina had no choice BUT to drink. And swallow.
Fast…or drown. The pee was….different, for sure.
Not good, not bad. And as she drank…she shocked herself
(again) by cumming. An orgasm hit Tina so hard she couldn’t
believe she didn’t pass out. Finally, both girls stopped
cumming. The redhead just lay back next to and slightly
on top of Tina. Both were satiated.

But Tina wasn’t close to being done yet. She was still
coming down from her awesome orgasm and thinking about
her reaction to having tasted piss for the first time. As
she laid there, her body feeling soooo good, she felt another
cock begin to enter her pussy. Surprisingly, it fit. Looser
than normal perhaps, but after the pounding Tina had taken
from the Mayors gigantic member she didn’t think any
cock would fit in her again. Wrong.

This guy was starting a steady pounding motion into and
out of her pussy. Tina glanced down and saw the young lawyer,
eyes closed, a soft smile on his face. He had taken hold of
the edges of the table and was using it as a brace to fuck her.
Nicely to, she thought. She laid back on the table and was
about to close her eyes when she noticed a long black object
pointed at her face. Without thinking about it, Tina opened
her mouth and began to be face fucked by the black monster
that had just left the red heads pussy. It was only semi-hard
now, but tasted of pussy. Tina concentrated on cleaning
the huge…weapon with her tongue and mouth. The cock was
slick with her pussy juice, the red heads pussy juice and
the cum from that black monster cock. Delicious.

The young lawyer continued to fuck her pussy as Tina sucked
the black cock clean. The red head had moved around and started
to lick Tina’s pussy even as the cock continued to move
in and out of her. The feeling was indescribably good. A
warm soft tongue licking her clit, and a nice hard cock fucking
her pussy, with another cock in her mouth. Heaven.

It didn’t take the lawyer long. Between the fucking
and the redhead licking his cock, he started to cum very
soon. As he did he Tina could actually feel the first spurt
shoot up her pussy. But only the one. As soon as he started
to shoot, the lawyer pulled his cock out of Tina’s slit
and spurted on her pussy. The red head dove right in, licking
the cum from Tina’s pussy as fast as the young stud could
shoot it out. As his spasms ended the redhead grabbed his
cock and licked it from head to balls, sucking off all the

The Mayor pulled away from Tina, his cock shiny with her
saliva, but clean now. As that occurred, Tina felt another
cock moving to her pussy. The old fart, hard on in hand, was
trying to put his old dick into Tina’s sopping cunt.
Quickly, he entered her and began to drive his cock deeper
and deeper with each thrust. It didn’t take but a few
moments until the old man began to cum. Spurt after spurt
of warm cum shot into her pussy. It was enough to send Tina
into another, gentler orgasm.

The old man finished and walked away, a satisfied grin on
his face.

Then, Micky walked up to her. “Damn are you sopping
wet. Look at that mess. I’m not gonna fuck you, that’s
for sure.”
With that, Micky grabbed Tina by the hips and rolled her
over onto her stomach. None to gently, he pulled her back
towards him until her feet touched the floor. Micky then
pushed her back until her breasts pushed against the table
top, forced her legs wide apart and pushed his hard-on between
her butt cheeks. Using his fingers, he spread Tina’s
cheeks far apart. Once he was satisfied that she was in the
position he wanted her in, Micky pressed his cock up against
her asshole. Tina braced herself for what was about to happen.
She had had anal sex a very few times with her husband but
didn’t much care for it. It hurt. But she knew she had
no voice in what was about to happen. She was simply a vessel
for these people. Something to use merely to satisfy themselves.

Micky rubbed the head of his cock up and down her rear slit.
After a few second he placed the head right tight up against
Tina’s little rosebud. He spread her cheeks wider
then began to push his rock hard cock into her ass. Micky
pushed slowly, feeling resistance.

“Relax your ass, slut.” Micky demanded. As
if to punctuate his words, he slapped Tina’s ass twice, once
on each cheek. Not really hard, but it came as a surprise
to her…and left an interesting tingly feeling that worked
it’s way to her clit. But, she did begin to relax her
Sphincter muscles. As she did, Micky’s cock began to enter
her slightly open ass.

Tina realized he must have used some kind of lube before
trying to buttfuck her. His cock felt…slippery. It began
to slid into her ass with an easy motion as Micky pushed against

The redhead waited until Micky’s cock was buried to
the balls in Tina’s ass. Then, she sprawled on the card table
in front of Tina, legs spread wide and pulled back. “Eat
me, slut.”

Tina bent her head to the pussy in front of her and began to
lick and suck it with abandon. Micky pulled his cock almost
out of her ass, then with one quick movement, slammed that
hard member all the way into her. Tina felt like she had been
hit with an electric shock. Micky started to fuck her ass
in earnest now, with long deep strokes. He would pull back
so just his head was in Tina’s still tight ass, then
slam his cock back into her as deep as he could get. And all
the time, Tina licked and sucked the redheads delicious

Her ass was tight, Tina knew. She also knew that Micky was
increasing his tempo, and grunting. He was close. With
a load groan, Micky began to shoot his load into Tina’s asshole.
Tina could feel it as spurt after spurt sent his load of cum
into her.
Micky pulled out, grinning almost evilly at Tina.

“Turn around slut and get on your knees…now.”
Tina complied quickly. “Open your mouth wide bitch.
You seem to like cleaning cock with your mouth…now…do
mine.” Tina’s eyes widened in shock. She looked
back at the redhead and found no help there. That girl was
just watching, licking her lips, and waiting for the show.
Which Tina knew she was going to have to perform in. She opened
her mouth and Micky stuck his now softening cock into it.
As soon as he did, Tina began to lick and suck it completely.
She was at first humiliated and repelled by this situation.
But after a few seconds she realized she was even more turned
on than before. Here she was, sucking a soft cock that had
just been in her own ass, and was turned on. She found the
taste…unusual but not bad really. She was a clean person
after all. Regardless, however, she sucked and licked
Mickey’s dick as well as she possibly could.

“You’re a pretty good piece of ass slut. So far
so good. But there is a long was to go to pay me off.”

Tina trembled at these words. She didn’t know if she
were upset by the thought of being used more, or excited.
Maybe a little of both?

Another voice spoke, a rich deep voice she kne
w. “Well,
slut, watching you perform is making me horny again. Why
don’t you just get back against that table again, just
like you was for Micky.” The Mayor said.

It took Tina a few seconds to realize exactly what the mayor
was saying. Then her eyes flew open and she voiced…”there
is no way in hell you’re goi
ng to stick that huge thing
in my ass. No way.”

Mr. Mayor just smiled, reached down and grabbed Tina’s
right breast and squeezed, hard. As he did, he lifted her
up. Tina grimaced in pain but gamely stuck to her guns. “No.
No. not in my…” At that moment, before she could
finish speaking, she felt something whip her butt like
never before. A pain went through her cheeks that cut her
words off in mid sentence. Tina looked behind her to see
the redhead with a riding crop in her hand, poised to strike
Tina again.

“Your choice slut. His cock or my whip. And I will use
it on you for as long as it takes to make you agree to buttfuck
the Mayor. So one way or another…just how much pain do
you want first?” The redhead smiled as she said this,
arm pulled back with the crop ready to strike.

Tina stared at her, looked back at the tall black man, down
at his huge cock…and dropped her shoulders in resignation.
She turned back to face the table. Grabbed the edges with
her hands, spread her legs wide, and lay down.

Surprising Tina, the redhead straddled Tina’s back
and slid down to where she was kneeling almost on the edge
of the table. She then softly rubbed Tina’s cheeks
for a few seconds, then slowly spread them…wide.

“You’re gonna need a whole lot of lube for this
one, slut.” With that, the redhead bent down and began
to tongue Tina’s asshole. She covered it completely
with her mouth then used her tongue to open the little rosebud.
The redhead could taste cum from Micky that was still in
that tight hole. She worked her tongue in and out faster
and faster, forcing the hole open a little more with her

Tina felt as though a warm moist cloth had been applied to
her butt. The redheads tongue danced over and into her asshole
and with each stroke, Tina’s pussy tingled. And, after
only a few seconds, began to leak.

For some 3 or 4 minutes, the redhead rimmed and reamed Tina’s
tight ass. But, as has been said, all good things must end.
The redhead pulled away from her not unenjoyable task and
smiled up at the mayor. “It’s all yours, your

Tina heard..and was afraid. She knew that baseball bat
size cock was going to split her apart and ruin her for life.
She probably would never be able to have sex of any kind again,
not after taking that huge cock in her ass. She shivered
over and over. In anticipation, she realized, not fear.
Suddenly, being totally honest with herself, Tina KNEW
she wanted that huge cock up her ass. She wanted to see if
she could take it and was now dying to know what it would feel
like. And…slut that she was turning into, she was looking
forward to what might happen after the Mayor fucked her

The mayor placed his cockhead against Tina’s tight
rosebud and began to push. Tina realized it was a damn good
thing Red had lubed her asshole as well as she had…this
was going to hurt. She felt some pressure ‘down there’
and suddenly a wave of pain emanated from her rear…an
exquisitely good pain, however. That massive cockhead had
just pushed into her ass. Tina concentrated on relaxing
her sphincter muscles as an inch or so more of that cock entered
her. She wasn’t too concerned about the length…yet.
But the girth! That thing was so big around Tina couldn’t
reach all the way with her hand. She could feel that huge
monster sliding up her bum slowly, oh soooo slowly. Her
asshole spread wider and wider. Somewhere along the way,
the pain became pleasure, and Tina felt like she was going
to explode. And still the black man pushed more cock up her

The redhead began to massage Tina’s ass, helping to
spread it open at the same time. She also was running her
tongue up and down Tina’s back and ass crack. The sensations
of being filled by that huge wonder stick, and Red’s
hands and tongue were about to send Tina over the edge. Big
time over.

Tina felt a presence in front of her and opened her eyes.
The old fart had crawled up on the table and was positioned
in front of her face, legs pulled up his cock…and ass…right
in front of her.

“Ream me slut. Use that hot tongue and lick my ass and

Just to remind Tina she really had no choice in the matter,
the redhead slapped Tina’s ass, hard. Surprisingly,
that didn’t hurt. If anything, it added to the pain/pleasure
sensations coming from her wide spread and nearly full
rear end.

Moving her hands to the old mans ass, she bent spread his
cheeks wide. Gently, she licked his balls, taking them
into her mouth one at a time and sucking them gently. After
a few moments of this, Tina lowered her sights and began
to lick just under the balls. She let her tongue trace a line
down and over his tight asshole. Then, her tongue moved
around and around his hole, rimming the old fart. To her
surprise, Tina found the area very clean. A slight pungent
taste, but good. Going for more, Tina started to press her
tongue against that tight little hole, forcing it open
a little at a time. She used her hands to help spread that
little hole wider. As she did, her tongue began to fuck his
ass slowly at first, then as she heard his groans of pleasure,
faster and harder. Her hands moved to his cock and she began
to jack the still soft thing slowly.

The mayor had reached the halfway point. “Your fucking
ass is so tight I’m gonna have to shove this thing up
it harder.” Putting action to words, the mayor moved
is hips forward quickly. This forced his cock deeper into
Tina’s ass. As she felt that ‘thing’ shoving
up her ass harder, Tina’s reaction was to tongue fuck
the old man harder and faster. She placed her whole mouth
against the old man’s asshole and licked and sucked
as hard and fast as she could. Her hand worked his cock so
fast she wondered if she would burn it. She suddenly realized
that cock was now as hard as it could be and standing up proudly.

Deeper and deeper that 14″ monster moved into Tina’s
ass. And with every thrust, Tina felt like she was being
split open. And with every thrust, Tina’s body became
more and more turned on. It felt like hours but was really
only a matter of a few minutes, but the mayor’s cock was now
completely buried in her ass. She could feel his balls against
her pussy. And she licked and sucked the old mans asshole
faster and harder. Still jacking his cock.

The mayor pulled back, almost completely out of Tina’s
ass. Tina groaned, not in pain, but a whimper of disappointment.
She didn’t want it out of her. Nor was that monster leaving.
Instead, the mayor rammed that cock back up Tina’s
now wide spread ass as hard as he could. She was completely
impaled by that dick….and loved it.

Tina heard a female groan next to her and looked as best she
could to her right. The redhead was bent over the card table
much as Tina herself was. Looking behind the Redhead, Tina
saw the young lawyer moving his hips against the redheads
butt. It took her a second, but then Tina realized that the
lawyer was fucking the redhead up the ass.

Red looked at Tina with a glazed expression and smiled,
saying nothing. But the look she gave Tina was statement
enough. She was in ecstasy as well.

The mayor now had a good rhythm going. He would pull his cock
back to the head then shove it all the way in again. With each
stroke, it became easier to move his cock deep into Tina’s
sweet a
ss. And as he got closer, the mayor increased the
tempo. Faster and faster that huge member slammed up Tina’s
now well fucked asshole.

Suddenly, the old fart sat up and moved so that his cock was
aimed at Tina’s face. He began to cum. Hard. His first
squirt hit Tina in the nose and cheeks. Tina quickly opened
her mouth wide an
d closed her eyes. Just in time, the second
spurt hit her on the lips and chin. The next landed perfectly
in Tina’s mouth. She would have caught more of the old
guys cum in her mouth, except for the pounding she was getting
from the mayor. His thrusts up her ass moved her so that she
wasn’t in one place much. She kept moving forward and
backward. Still, she managed to catch part of the last wad
on her tongue. The rest hit her cheeks. Before she could
do anything else, the old guy stuck his softening cock in
Tina’s mouth. The rocking motion from being assfucked
caused her mouth to move up and down on that cock, her tongue
dancing around it. When it was clean and soft, the old man
pulled out of Tina and sprawled out on the table, totally

And still the mayor fucked Tina’s ass. Tina looked
back to her right at the redhead. Red’s eyes were closed
and she had a big smile on her face, as the lawyer continued
to plunge into her ass. And the mayor continued to fuck Tina’s
ass, faster and faster.

When he finally came, Tina could feel his cum splatter the
walls of her asshole. Over and over again as the black man
shot wad after wad into her ass. Suddenly, Tina’s entire
body went into convulsions. She started cumming like she
never had before in her life. Wave after wave of pleasure
moved up and down her sweat drenched body. Tina thought
she was going to pass out from the waves of pleasure.

Next to her, the lawyer began shooting his load into the Redheads
ass. Red began to groan as her own orgasm overtook her,
and she began to feel the waves of pleasure throughout her

The mayor had finished cumming in Tina’s ass. Tina,
for her part, was still having one orgasm after another.
She had lost count at 6 and still they came. Each a bit softer
than the one before, but still goooood.

After a few moments of resting, the mayor began to pull out
of Tina’s ass. Tina felt a sense of disappointment
that that huge wondrous cock was leaving her butt. At the
same time, it was all Tina could do not to fall asleep. But
that wasn’t going to happen for her any time soon.

Having pulled all of the way out of her ass, the mayor turned
Tina around, and pushed her into a kneeling position on
the floor. Tina was so dazed by her massive orgasms that
it took a few seconds to realize what the mayor had in mind.
By the time she did, it was way too late. Gently, the mayor
took Tina’s jaws into his hands, and forced her mouth
open. Tina went along still not understanding. Once her
mouth was open, the black man began to feed his cum soaked
cock into it.

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