Paying The Bet Part Iv

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Tina’s eyes opened wide with realization. She had
a few inches of cum soaked cock in her mouth. And that cock
had more than cum on it. Tina tried to back away, then realized
the mayor had his hand on the back of her head, and she couldn’t
move away. Slowly, that huge cock was being moved deeper
down Tina’s throat. The taste was of cum of course.
With something else that was…stronger?…more…pungent?…than
anything Tina had ever tasted. As if it had a will of it’s
own, her tongue began to move around that cock licking everywhere.
Tina realized she was eating his cum and her…well, her

Looking to her left, Tina saw that the Redhead had moved,
or been moved, onto the floor next to her. She, too, had a
cock in her mouth. Tina realized it was the same one that
had so recently been in the Redheads ass. And Red was licking
and sucking that cock for all it was worth.

Figuring…’ well, what the hell, ‘ Tina began
a more active part in sucking and licking the pole in her
mouth. She moved her head back a little, not to escape, but
to tilt her head so that she could get more cock down her throat.
It worked, the mayor slowly moved his cock into Tina’s
mouth until a good 10 inches was buried down her throat.
For her part, Tina continued to lick the black dick for all
she was worth. After a few moments, the mayor smiled and
pulled his cock out of Tina’s throat. And again, Tina
felt disappointment at the loss.

Her disappointment was short lived. The redhead finished
cleaning the lawyers cock and laid back up on the table,
legs spread wide. Looking at Tina, Red said “You’re
not close to done yet, slut. I need my ass cleaned. Now. Get
up here, you cum slut and lick me.”

Tina shook her head. She looked at the redhead for a second,
then at the spread open pussy and asshole that were presented
for her. Smiling only to her self but looking reluctant
on the outside, Tina turned towards the Redhead spread.
She opened Red’s legs wider and positioned herself
between them…slowly, Tina bent her head towards the
tiny asshole with the small strand of cum leaking out. With
only her tongue, Tina licked slowly up and down, and all
around the redheads little pink rosebud. Then using her
fingers, Tina slowly opened that little jewel of a hole
and began to lick deeper. She placed her mouth over that
juicy asshole and began to suck and tongue fuck the Redhead
as fast and hard as she could. The taste of the lawyers cum,
mixed with the slightly pungent taste of that sweet asshole
was too much for Tina’s senses. She began to cum. Not
the mind blowing almost knock her out type orgasm. But the
steady small stream of little ones that were oh so satisfying.

“Oh, yeah bitch. Your tongue is sooo fucking hot.
Lick me good, get all of it out, slut.” The redhead
said, voice deep and Tina knew her orgasm was close. Tina
began to suck harder on that sweet tiny hole. Her tongue
was flicking in and out rapidly, deeper with each thrust.

After several minutes of this, Tina knew that she had licked
and sucked all of the lawyer’s cream out of the Redheads ass.
So did the redhead. “My pussy, slut, now do my pussy.
Hurry.” She was close.

Tina raised her sights and began to lick the redhead’s pussy.
First around the hole, taking the young girls lips in her
mouth and sucking them, then flicking her tongue around
the clit. Finally she placed her mouth around the redheads
fuckhole and began to tongue fuck the redhead. Tina’s
fingers began a circling motion around the redhead’s clit,
letting her thumb brush lightly against it. After a minute
or so, the redhead began to convulse in a huge orgasm. “Ohhhhh
god can you eat pussy, slut. Damn are you good.”

The redhead’s orgasm lasted for at least a minute,
with Tina sucking and licking that tasty pussy the whole
time. When it was over the redhead said, “Keep your
mouth on my pussy, slut, and…..surprise!”

The first time had been accidental, Tina was sure. Not this
time. A stream of hot pee began to pour from the Redheads
pussy, directly into Tina’s open mouth. Shocked at
first, Tina started to pull back, but a hand was placed against
her head, forcing her to stay where she was. And as that warm
stream filled her mouth, Tina was forced to swallow, or
drown. She loved it…it was so nasty and kinky…then
she came again. Hard. The convulsions started in her pussy
but flew through her body like an electric current. Tina
shook all over and collapsed to the floor. The redhead laughed
and lay back on the table, satiated.

But Tina’s ordeal was far from over.

Tina was exhausted. Sexually spent. She had had more orgasms
than she could count, and her body needed, demanded rest.
And, she really needed something to drink. She was sooo

Tina opened her eyes slowly, to find Micky standing over
her. She looked up at him and pleaded, “please, I really
need something to drink. I am really thirsty.”

Micky smiled….”No problem slut, here let me help
you up a bit.”
He took her hand and help Tina to sit up. She was now on her
knees, tired, her eyes half closed. “Bitch, put your
hands on your ankles and I’ll give you something to

Tina complied, eyes closed completely now. She couldn’t
wait. She was soooo thirsty.

“Ok, whore girl. Open your mouth a little.”
Without looking, Tina opened her mouth, waiting for a
glass to be served her. Not exactly.

A warm stream began to hit her face, then moved down until
it was pouring into Tina’s open mouth. Shock forced her eyes
open…to see Mickey’s cock pissing a stream…right into
Tina’s mouth. Tina didn’t dare close her mouth….she
was too afraid of Mickey. So she just sat there, while the
bastard used her as his personal toilet. The stream was
warm, salty, tangy….and to Tina’s total disgust….she
loved it. She couldn’t get it fast enough. She swallowed
as much as she could but some leaked from her mouth and down
over her body. To her total surprise, the redhead jumped
down from the table and began to lick Tina’s body where
the warm piss had dropped.

Smiling, the redhead said…”Don’t wanna waste
any.” And went back to licking Tina’s soaked
skin. When Micky was finally done, the redhead moved to
Tina’s mouth and began to kiss her deeply. Their tongues
meet, but the Redhead’s was moving all around inside
Tina’s mouth, trying to lick up all of Mickey’s pee that
should could.

That done, the redhead sat back, smiled, and licked her

“Good stuff, huh, slut?”

Tina had no answer.

The lawyer moved up in front of Tina. “me next”
he said.

To herself, Tina thought…’my God, how much more
do they expect from me?’

If she only knew.

Tina had been used unmercifully. She had been humiliated
and subjected to unspeakable degradations. Her body had
been tormented and abused. She had had so many orgasms that
she had lost count. She had loved everything. So far. She
knew there was more to come (cum?).

Smiling softly the lawyer gave his orders…”Red,
move over next to the slut toy…yeah in close.”

The redhead moved so close that the girl’s breasts touched.

With that, the lawyer took his cock in hand and aimed it at
the two girls. Within seconds, a warm stream was squirting
covering both girls, from face to legs, in a nice golden
rain. Tina noticed that the lawyers pee was less pungent
than the others. She couldn’t figure out why, but at
least none was aimed down her throat.

It didn’t take long until the lawyer was done. He then
took Tina’s face in his hands and said…”clean
up the redhead, slut. She really is a mess.”

Tina looked up at the young man for a moment in pure disbelief.
Then, resigning herself to the task, she turned and began
to lick the redhead clean. Surprisingly, to Tina, it wasn’t
all that bad after all. A bit salty, perhaps, but that was
all. Slowly Tina worked her way down Reds firm body. From
her neck down her chest to her rather full breasts. Just
in case they had gotten more of the ‘rain’ than
the rest, Tina paid special attention to the redhead’s nipples.
Back and forth several times, Tina let her tongue flick,
and her mouth suck those gorgeous nipples. The Redhead’s
nipples were as hard as tiny rocks…Tina could feel the
woman shudder as Tina’s warm tongue stroked the firm
nipples one at a time.
Slowly, Tina began to lick and suck her way down the rest
of the soaking wet body. To her navel, Tina’s tongue
lapping in and around it. Down lower…almost to her clit.

“Now the back, bitch.”

The redhead turned around, still on her knees. Tina moved
her mouth to the girl’s shoulders and began to lick
and suck her way down that firm slim body. Reaching the redheads
firm ass,
Tina carefully, and slowly, licked down the crack of Red’s
butt. Tina tasted the golden rain the whole way, a little
here and there, but found it less unpleasant…actually
not bad…than she had imagined.

Micky moved next to the still kneeling Tina, his cock semi-rigid
once again. Tina saw him and figured she was about to be ‘graced’
with another shower. Not so this time. With the lawyers
piss still damp on her body Tina had hoped that the Redhead
would be given the same instruction as had Tina; clean her
up the same way.

Micky reached down and picked Tina up. He carried her to
the table and set her down on the edge. Gently but firmly
he pushed Tina’s chest until Tina laid back. She hadn’t
noticed, but the old fart had moved to the other side of the
table. As Tina lay back, the old fart grabbed her hands and
tied them together, crossed at the wrists. Finished with
that the old man then attached the handcuff to a chain that
seemed connected to something either on the floor on under
the opposite edge of the table. In any event, Tina couldn’t
move her arms.

The old man then climbed up on the table, placing his thighs
on either side of Tina’s arms. He then began to massage
Tina’s breasts with his hands, avoiding her nipples.
Gently, at first, he would squeeze them and release them,
followed by an almost tender caress of running his palms
over Tina’s breasts, but again avoiding her nipples.
The old man kept repeating this massage. To Tina’s
surprise, she felt her nipples getting hard under the old
mans soft touch.

While this was happening, Micky had moved Tina’s legs
in such a way that her heels were on the edge of the table,
her legs bent at the knee and spread fairly wide. This left
a fine view of her pussy to any watchers.

“OK, Red. Get started.” Tina had no idea what
was to come next, but was very pleasantly surprised when
she felt a warm mouth and soft tongue probing her pussy gently.
Tina lifted her head as best she could but all she could see
was a red head between her legs. It was enough that Tina knew
the Redhead was eating her pussy. Tina’s clit was quickly
responding to the Redhead’s head.

Without really noticing it was happening, Tina suddenly
realized that the old man’s massage had gotten firmer
with each passing minute. Each time he squeezed her breasts
it was a firmer movement. And now, instead of missing her
nipples, the old man was running the palm of his hand over

Tina felt the redhead move back from Tina’s pussy…’noooo,
don’t stop now….please???’

“She’s soaking Micky. I mean really wet.”

“OK, keep it up though.” The Redhead moved back
between Tina’s legs and began to lick and suck her pussy
with abandon. Tina, by now, was on the verge of another orgasm.

Suddenly she felt hands on her ankles. Slowly her feet were
lifted off the table and pushed back towards Tina’s
chest, then spread apart even more. She wanted to look to
see what was going on but couldn’t move her head because
the old man was now leaning over her more to get a better grip
on her breasts.

“Now, Red.”

Tina had no idea what that meant. For a moment. Then she felt
a finger gently enter her pussy and begin to explore Tina’s
depths. The probing finger moved all around inside Tina’s
wet pussy, and, . whether by accident or design, brushed
against Tina’s G spot for an instant. Tina’s hips
bucked in response, as though her body wanted more.

In reply to that, Tina felt another finger move inside her
pussy, alongside the first. The feeling of having two fingers
moving inside her pussy was incredible. The Redheads fingers
moved as though they had a mind of their own, with each movement
bringing more and more pleasure.

A third finger joined the first two, and Tina’s pussy
responded by giving mild mini-orgasms over and over again.
Tina couldn’t remember ever having 3 fingers in her
pussy before…but she quickly decided she loved it.
She knew her pussy was wide open in order to allow that many
fingers inside her, but it was in no way an unpleasant feeling.
On the contrary, it was driving Tina wild with pleasure.

Then Tina felt the redhead use her other hand to spread Tina’s
pussy lips more. Slowly, a fourth finger was being moved
into Tina’s now throbbing pussy. The Redhead had closed
her fingers into a sort of spear and was using the ‘spear’
to move in and out of Tina’s slit slowly. Tina realized
she was on the verge of a huge orgasm…but even so she also
knew her pussy was spread as wide as it had ever been. Tina
could actually feel the redhead’s knuckles push against
her pussy each time the fingers were pushed inside her.
Then, the redhead began to turn her hand sideways instead
of vertically. In doing so, the motion spread Tina’s
pussy even wider. By now, Tina was moving around on the table
top in spite of being secured by the handcuffs.

“Hold her, pops, or I could accidentally hurt her.”

The old man, who had continued to massage Tina’s breasts,
squeezing them very hard by now, stopped what he was doing
and placed his hand down around Tina’s hips. The pressure
of his weight was sufficient to all but immobilize Tina’s

The redhead kept up fucking Tina with four fingers for a
few more moments. Soon enough, she turned her hand back
vertically and pulled it all the way out.

“She’s really ready now.”

“Go ahead then…do it” Micky replied to the

Smiling softly, the redhead closed her hand, fingers extended,
with the thumb curled up inside her palm. She then placed
her fingers at the edge of Tina’s now widely gaping
pussy and began to push them in. The fingers quickly entered
Tina’s juicy pussy, all the way to the knuckles of the
redheads hand. With a firm push, she forced her knuckles
past the walls of Tina’s cunt until her entire hand,
up to the wrist
, was inside Tina.

The feeling was indescribable. Pure pleasure to Tina as
the fingers entered her. The pain as the hand was forced
passed her pussy walls, turning again into pleasure like
Tina had never felt before. There was more to come.

Gently, and slowly, the redhead turned her hand inside
Tina’s throbbing, wet pussy. As she did so, Tina went
into orgasm. Her juices flowed past the hand in her pussy
to soak the redheads wrist.

It was then the redhead slowly drew her fingers back, still
deep inside Tina’s pussy, making a fist. She then rotated
that fist inside Tina. Tina could actually feel the fist
inside her as it moved against the walls of her pussy. She
began another, milder o

The redhead, knowing Tina was into a nice orgasm, turned
her wrist the other way, sending spasms all through Tina.
Slowly, the redhead began to move her arm back, as though
to withdraw her hand. As the fist made contact with the walls
of Tina’s pussy, above her gaping opening, the fist
came into contact with Tina’s G spot.

The cry the broke from Tina’s mouth was anything but
anguish. It was one of total pleasure as a very large orgasm
rocked the impaled girls pussy like none she had ever imagined she could have. It was if an electric current had gone through Tina’s
pleasure center in her brain. And the redhead wasn’t
done. Not yet.

Red pushed her arm forward, moving her fist deep inside
Tina’s pussy. So deep that the fist made contact with
Tina’s deepest point of her pussy. Then the redhead
pulled her arm back, causing her fist to again hit Tina’s
G spot and again sending Tina into orgasmic bliss. And again
the Redhead pushed her arm forward. And pulled it back,
and pushed it forward. Over and over, each time just a bit
faster and harder.

Tina’s orgasms now were like the waves of the ocean pounding
a beach. One at a time, each a bit stronger than the one before,
each sending Tina into mind shattering bliss. Over and

Then, just to add to Tina’s orgasmic feelings, the
redhead leaned forward and began to lick, suck and nibble
at Tina’s clit. For Tina, she had never, ever experienced
anything like what was happening to her. This last pushed
her right over the edge. A huge mind blowing orgasm hit Tina
almost like a blow to the head. Pleasure such as she had never
known could exist racked her body with huge spasms. A second
orgasm hit, and a third. That was all, Tina’s eyes rolled
back in her head and…a few seconds later she passed out.

Gently, the redhead stopped fucking Tina with her fist.
Slowly and carefully the redhead pulled her hand, now opened,
out of Tina’s red and wet slit. The redhead began to lap at
Tina’s pussy gently and softly, not on her clit, but
around the lips and over them. Tina’s pussy still gaped
open, testimony to the instrument that had been inside
Tina only seconds before.

Tina was out only a handful of seconds, thirty at the most.
A groan announced her return to reality. The old man had
already removed the handcuffs from Tina’s wrists,
but so out of it was she that Tina’s arms were still extended,
and crossed.

A second groan escaped from Tina. Then her eyes fluttered
and opened. She felt something soft lapping at her nether
regions but didn’t care who it was. Tina just knew she
didn’t want it to stop. At least not for the moment. She
was coming down from her multi-orgasms and felt totally
lethargic. She felt great, really. But totally spent.

After another couple of minutes, the redhead stopped what
she was doing. Tina was fine with that by then. Her eyes were
open and tracking. Tina noticed the lights were on in the
rest of the room. She tried to sit up but her arms were too weak
to support her. Tina felt hands take her wrists and gently
pull her to a sitting position.

Looking around the now lighted room, Tina finally saw her
husband. He was just setting a camcorder down on a coffee
table, a huge smile on his face. Tina smiled back at him.
She then looked to see who was helping her to sit up. Tina
smiled at the redhead.

“Feeling better Tina?” The redhead smiled

“Just great”. Tina’s smile increased.
“Thanks for everything, Sis.”

“My pleasure honey. Any time.” This with a grin.

Tina looked to her left and saw Micky standing close. “Hi

“Hi yourself, Tina.” Micky was smiling shyly.
Micky owned the real estate agency where Tina was his top

The young lawyer and the mayor came around the table and
stood close to Tina.

“Wow, Jack” Tina said to the tall very distinguished
black man, “you are really something.”

The mayor just smiled, saying nothing.

Looking at the lawyer now, Tina smiled at him. “I find
it hard to believe you were involved in this Bill. But I’m
glad you were.”

“No problem Tina. And thank you. I’m just glad
Jim asked me.” Bill was Tina’s husband’s law partner.

The redhead moved next to the mayor and leaned against him.
With his right arm, the mayor closed the gorgeous women
in tight against his side.

“Sis, thank you for bringing your husband. That was
very very nice of you.”

“Hey, not a problem. When my dear brother explained
what he wanted it was easy to talk ‘hizhoner’ into
it.” Tina’s sister-in-law grinned as she said

“Hey, what about me?” The old man chimed in.

“Thank you too, Harry. You dirty old man. I didn’t
know you had it in you.” Harry was the retired policeman
that lived two doors down from Tina and Jim.

“Had it in you, really, Tina. But many thanks.”
Harry grinned from ear to ear. From this day forward, Tina
would always call him Dirty Harry.

Finally, she looked at her husband again. She smiled a special

Looking at her, Jim said, “Happy birthday Tina. I
hope you liked everything.”

“Liked it? Are you kidding? You gave me almost every
fantasy I ever had all in one night. I loved it. Thank you
my love”

“Well, I know you had a couple more fantasies
that we had talked about. But I thought it might be better
to spring them on you after we discussed them a bit more.
After all, not all fantasies should become realities.”

“However…if you are still in the mood…???”

With that, the heavy door to the room opened. The door guard
stood just outside. Next to him was the largest dog Tina
had ever seen in her life. A huge Mastiff that must have weighed
close to 160 pounds at least.

The guard and his dog entered the room. Looking around the
man said…”Did someone call?”

Tina looked at the pair, and started shaking her head. “Ohh
no. No. Ohhhhh No.” She just dropped back on the table
saying ‘no, no way, unnuhhh, nope…no way…to tired.”

But that’s another story.


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