Perfect Night

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A small bead of sweat trickles slowly down my spine, as I caress his throbbing shaft back and forth between my soft, moistened clevage. HIs eyes seem to only briefly be able to leave the stare which is focused and locked onto my firm, luscious ass cheeks; as they slowly jiggle from the motion of every, single stroke. His steamy, deep eyes penetrate me to my soul; as if to express his desire for my glistening, curvacious body. Our lips meet, and he gently fondles my tongue with his own. Then with the most raw, wild passion; he forcefully throws me onto the Bear-skin rug beneath us. He moves his strong tongue down behind my ear, tracing the curves of my neck; stopping momentarily to taste my firm, supple tits. As he massages my rock-hard nipples moving in sensual perfect circles around my nipples. Nibbling them hard enough to send a shock of pleasure down my back, yet gently enough to ignite sheer ecstacy. Arching my back slightly with every wave of electricity his erotic nibbles rip through me. He moves the direction of his love-bites to follow the outline of my ribcage, until he arrives at the silky skin of my stomach. Softly kissing every inch, still moving; ever so gently; downward. Reaching his destination of the wet, inviting lips of my pink, warm pussy. He begins to flick my pulsating clit; slowly at first; then increasing his momentum, he slides a finger into my moist, perfect lil’ cunt. His rough 5 o’clock shadow rubs my tender thighs; which I find suprisingly arousing as my climax grows closer and closer. My fingers run through his soft hair, then tighten to give me two, handfuls to hold onto. Screams and moans of delight escape my lips as I finally explode, feeling a million tiny ice cubes move throughout my body. As I shiver, I open my eyes to find his strong, cut arms pressed down on either side of me. He Slowly slides his forearms beneath my thighs; deeply kissing my wet, full lips; loosing himself in the moment. My legs are lifted slowly, until he allows them to rest on his shoulders. Almost instantly, his huge, throbbing prick slides into my anticipating cat. I squeel with shock as he slowly moves back and forth; ever so often he rolls his hips, causing my eyes to roll. Faster and harder he pumps; but not before I flip over; my tight kitty never releasing its grip; keeping every inch of him inside me the entire time. I’m suddenly ass-up and shoulders down, my defined back muscles glistening in the candle light which has illuminated the tattoo on my shoulder blade. His strong hand gently wraps around my long, silky blonde locks. He thrusts even harder for the longest, when I feel his dick tense up, then throbs as its buried into the warm, wet folds of my majic pocket. He moans in utter excitment as he leans down kissing me before he begins to pull out of my ever-tightening clasp. I find myself holding him inside me; not wanting him out just yet, for he filled me like no other ever had. And as he removes himself from my grip, we both groan and shudder in unison, as we experience simultanious orgasms causing our juices to combine, and errupt out of me, covering my quivering thighs and ass. It was the best orgasm either of us had ever experienced, and the mere knowledge of us both nutting at the exact same moment, made it that much more incredible. When we both looked up, it was morning, the storms had passed, and the sun was shinning. Let’s just end it there and call it the perfect ending to the perfect night.

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