Pleasing a woman

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My husband was out of town for training for the day and the kids were at school. It was finally a morning to myself. I had taken a wonderful bath listening to some music and was relaxing on the porch reading a book when I heard a car pull in the drive. I recognized the car immediately, and knew it was my fuck buddy from the past. I had not seen him in a while, and was taken by surprise. He approached the porch and I welcomed him and we exchanged pleasantries. I then asked what he was doing out here. He smiled and and said, I knew your husband was out of town and the kids would be at school. I was just hoping you were home and in need of some good sex. With that I smiled and said, that it had been weeks and I was in desparate need of some good sex. I always make my own orgasms but my friend always new how to make me cum hard.

With that, he took charge knowing how much I like it when he is aggressive. He pressed hard against me and kissed me. I nearly melted into his arms. He know just how to get me going good. Very little words were spoken that afternoon. This was not a love making situation, this was hot raw sex, and the only purpose was to cum. I was eager to be used like this and was already juicy with excitement. It was not rough sex, just sex with a purpose. He pulled at my clothes and I assisted him in removing them. He then gently pushed me back on the couch. He was pulling at my fleshy blood filled lips with his strong hands. He was moving quickly but took a moment to smile at me before placing his lips to my swollen region. Using his thumbs to spread my lips and expose my clit to the air and feel his breath against it causing me to loose mine. He slid his pointed tongue across my clit and I called out as lightning raced through my body. He was loving every minute. He licked and sucked my clit making me cum in his hands as he slid them in and out of my pussy. He continued to use his mouth to make me cum again. Then he stood up and undressed while I continued to finger myself with one had and roll my nipple around with the other. I watched with excitement as his hard cock sprung itself free. It has fluid already covering his erection, that made me even hornier.

“Roll over, I am going to fuck you from behind.” he said as he positioned himself and found his target. I was thrilled to be getting it this good and was looking forward to more fun.

He took no time and rammed the entire legnth in to my swollen cunt. It felt so damn good, he pushed hard and made sure to come all the way out on each stroke making it feel like the first time on each stroke. I almost lost my breath from the passion. While he was fucking my cunt he began to use his thumb to work its way around my ass. He knows how crazy I get when I get some ass play. Oh how I hoped he would not cum yet and we could keep going. I could tell he was getting close and was starting to slow down to keep from cummin. He ran his hand around my dripping pussy and got it all slick and went back to teasing my ass. Slowly he started applying pressure against my hole and I came loud as he finally pressed and let it enter me. It was like getting the best of both worlds. A hard cock in my juicy cunt and a thumb fucking my ass. I just kept cumming and knew this was just for my pleasure and that he was holding back so that I could enjoy it.

After I was to the point of exhaustion, I called out “Please fuck my ass, make us both cum, please” I was nearly begging. That was what he was hoping for and was glad he had me going that much. He made sure that his cock with slick with my own juiced and paused at my ass as I pressed hard but he backed off. I forget he was in charge and he would determine when he entered.

“Are you sure you want it, if not I will stop.” he teased

“Please, Now, I need it!” I pretty much yelled

With that, he pressed his head right up against my ass, his thumb had already relaxed the muscles and I was ready for fucking. At this one and only time he let me control the moment, he steadied himself and took a deep breath as I backed into him causing the tightness to force open and squeeze his cock hard. Once I allwoed him in my ass, he called out and for a moment I thought he might have cum. I was greatful that he hadn’t and I eased him all the way in. Once he reached the total legnth and new I was comfortable he took over again.

“You like it you dirtly girl, don’t you, you just love a cock in your ass” he said and the dirty talk made me hotter and I came once more.

Every few strokes he had to stop for a moment to keep from coming. I knew he was having a good time as well. The tightness of my ass made him push and and apply pressure heightening the intesity. After a few more strokes, the excitement became to much and he yelled.

“I’m cummin” It was too late, he came deep and the warm gushing fluid erupting in my ass made me yell something and cum one last time. We stayed this way and I milked every drop out and stroked him until he went back to his relaxed state. Now I eased forward and let him go free causing both of us to shudder.

Now it was time for niceness, We layed on the couch and he stroked my hair while we talked quietly. We stayed there for a while and made some chit chat and then we both new it was time for him to leave. I kissed him and thanked him for such pleasure.

“See you at work” I said as he headed to his car. I was physically exhaused and fell asleep quickly and looked forward to the next time even though I knew it would be difficult to exceede todays events.

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