Pleasing my Master

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I decided to vist Graham in the country one day with my ex-husband. Graham is my lover and Bill is my ex. I wanted my ex to meet Gray (his nickname) because I love him so much that I wanted to share my relationship with Bill. Bill and I maintain a close relationship since the divorce and it was important to me that Bill approved of Gray.
Gray had invited us to his house for a drink and I was nervous, but excited.
Now, for a little background information…Bill, my ex, used to like to ask me questions about relationships I used to have before I met him. It turned him on.
Of course, I had filled him in about my new lover but had yet to give him any details.
However, Gray knew a lot about my sex life with Bill.
We got to the house about 7pm and Gray had candles going and music on the stereo. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the house looked cosy and warm in the middle of the woods. Both Bill and I were nervous, as it seemed kind of kinky that we should both be visiting my lover.
When Gray opened the door, I knew it was going to be ok. He was his usual polite and sensitive self and introduced himself to my ex. I knew they would get along well, as they both had much in common. As a matter of fact, part of me was worried that I would be ignored when they began to talk. You see, both are intellectuals and love intelligent conversation.
Grey sat me down beside him and put Bill in the chair by the door. He went to get us a glass of wine. He asked me if I had a joint and I did, so we passed that around as well.
After a little bit of chatting (they were getting on well, talking about sports, politics, etc.) Gray pulled me over closer to him and was running his fingers up and down my arm. I felt myself getting wet. I always get wet when he starts to do this to me because I know it means that something is usually coming. He had made a joke about a threesome before, but I had not taken it seriously. Now, I began to wonder. I was starting to feel a bit paranoid with these two attractive and intelligent men in the same room together. I wondered what would happen and suddenly I was scared.
I said that I felt that we really should get going, that we had a nice visit and now I thought it was time to leave. However, both Bill and Gray disagreed and felt that since we were all having such a good time that we should have a few more drinks.
I had told Bill about the lingerie that Gray had bought me and suddenly my ex brought it up!!! He said he would like to see me in some of it. They exchanged smiles and glances and I knew something was up. I was so nervous.
I ended up allowing myself to be talked into modelling some of this lingerie. The thrill of changing into something sexy and standing before those two very attractive men was frightening, since I had never done anything like it.
When I walked into the room, they both looked up at me and I could tell they were both getting horny because Bill was rubbing his crotch on the outside of his pants and Gray said ‘she is my slave now Bill.’ I thought I would pee my pants with excitment and I ran back into the bedroom to take off the lingerie. I still wasn’t sure about this at all. I heard Gray’s voice coming from the living room “come back here my beautiful slut.’ I couldn’t believe he was talking to me that way in front of my ex husband, but it was similiar to the way in which my ex talked to me when we were married because it turned us both on so very much.
I was filled with conflict. I wanted very much to have BOTH of those men, but I did not want to be bad. On the other hand, I thought, what difference does it really make, since they both care about me. It just felt so damn kinky. I didn’t know what to do, my heart was pounding wildly in my chest and I was so nervous I was shaking. Still, I could feel myself getting very wet in anticipation. Oh how did I get myself into this situation? A part of me was saying ‘too late, too late.’
Too nervous to walk out into the living room again, I decided to lay on the bed. My breath was coming fast and heavy and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.
I heard them talking in the other room and
footsteps in the hall. Bill came into the room and sat beside the bed and took my hand. “Are you alright?” he said. “No-one will make you do anything you don’t want to”
and I felt much better and safer.
I saw Gray standing in the doorway watching us. Bill leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “I still love you” he said. “You are a beautiful whore.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gray taking his belt out of his pants. I knew I was in for a quite a time. This was more than I had bargained for, but I guess deep down I knew that this could happen.
It was too late indeed to turn back.

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