Poker Party


A few months ago I was doing some yard work. I t was kinda hot and I
was dressed in a pair of shorts and skimpy t-shirt. The bra I was
wearing started to chafe so I went inside and removed my bra and
returned outside wearing just my t-shirt, when my neighbor Joel waved
from his front yard and came over. Barbie, he said………I was wondering
if you would want to join us for a poker game tonight. One of the
guys can’t make it and we need a fourth. Joel was staring at my chest
(I was sure he could see my nipples beneath the thin fabric) and I
couldn’t help but feel he had more on his mind than poker. Poker? I
said, well I dunno, I’m not much of a poker player. That’s o.k., he
said, it’s pretty low key………just a friendly game….we play for
quarters, with a dollar limit. Usually the worst you can lose is
$20-$25 in an evening. Well, I said, I’m kinda low on cash right now.
Listen he said, if I don’t find a fourth, we’ll have to cancel, Jen
is out of town and the guys were going to come over…….we were kinda
looking forward to it. How about I spot you $20, if you are a winner,
you can pay be back, if not don’t worry about it. I thought about it
for a minute (Joel is really cute and I’ve always kinda had a thing
for him), I said, sure why not? Great!, he said…be there at 7.

I finished my yard and hit the shower………thinking about Joel staring
at my chest earlier made me all wet and horny and I couldn’t resist
the temptation to “relieve” my tension in the shower. I worker a
couple of fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit under the spray of
the shower, cumming a couple of times. I finished showering and put
on a little makeup and went to my closet and looked for something to
wear. It was still summer and it was a hot and steamy evening so I
selected a pair of shorts and a fresh t-shirt and a pair of flip
flops. I took a look in the mirror……..well maybe I could improve my
odds that evening, I thought if I gave the guys something to look at
that evening, maybe I could distract them from the game somewhat. I
took off the shorts and t-shirt and put on a low cut bra and selected
a skimpy low-cut top. I put on a little red thong and picked out a
wrap around black mini-skirt and pulled a pair of black heels from
the shoe rack. Returning to the mirror I took a good look………my legs
were tanned from the summer and in that little mini-skirt they looked
long and slender. Yeah, I thought….that along with the low cut top
would definitely cause some distraction!

I walked over to Joel’s house and knocked on the door right at 8pm.
Joel opened the door, took one look at me and said………Wow,
Barbie…… sure clean up well! I gave him a “look” and he
said…..”I mean, you look fantastic!” That’s better, I said. Joel
introduced me to Tom. I had seen Tom on a couple of other occasions,
he was in his mid-30’s and really cute. I could feel Tom’s eyes
roving over my body as he extended his hand and said…”nice to finally
meet you”! “Oh, the pleasure is all mine, I replied. Hey, where’s the
fourth?, I asked. Oh that will be Glenn, Joel replied, he always runs
a little late. Glenn? I said. Yeah, you know Glenn, Barbie your
neighbor behind you. (oh no!, I thought). Now Glenn is in his mid
50’s, balding with the beginning of a potbelly. He always comes over
to talk to me when I’m out in my yard doing yard work and has made
passes at me in the past, which I’ve always brushed off. He would
absolutely go nuts seeing me dressed like this…..well, I
thought…… was going to be an interesting evening!

Glenn showed up a few minutes later and after he got his eyes back
into his head, we went out into the screened in porch where Joel had
set up the poker table. The guys bought in and Joel set us all up
with $20 in poker chips. The guys were drinking beer and Joel asked
me what I wanted to drink. A GT, I replied. After Joel had gotten my
drink he sat down and explained the rules. The dealer would rotate
clockwise and would select the game. 25 cents was the ante , with a
50 cent bet and a dollar raise limit. We started off with Joel
dealing and we opened with 7 card stud. How appropriate, I thought.

I won the fist few hands (undoubtedly because the guys were a little
distracted by the outfit I chosen and after the first hour, I was up
about $10. When I got up and went to the bathroom, I could feel their
eyes follow my across the room. Their minds were definitely not on
the game……at least not the poker game!

The second hour, I didn’t fair too well. The guys were paying more
attention to the game and by the end of the hour I was down to just a
few chips. Joel opened up the next game and, I was dealt what I felt
was a pretty good hand. Jim had a pair of kings showing and was
betting the limit. Glenn raised him 50 cents. I had 2 10’s showing,
but 3 aces buried, so I was pretty sure I could beat him. I bet the
last of my chips. Joel dealt the last card face down and bet 50
cents. Glenn matched that and raised a 50 cents and looked at me.
“That’s $1.00 to you Barbie he said. I looked down in front of
me…..I had no more chips and looked at Joel…….he just shrugged. Well,
what am I supposed to do, I said……I’m out of chips! Jim piped
up……well you could always bet some of your clothes! “What?! I said.
“Yeah, Barbie…………..Glenn chimed in…….items of clothing will work! I
looked at Joel and Jim, they both nodded with a wicked grin on their
faces. So, you boys want me to get naked, huh? Well, O.K., I said.
How does this work? Glenn said he thought each item of clothing was
worth 50 cents, the guys agreed with him. So, I’d have to bet my top
and miniskirt to stay in the game. O.K., I said I’m in……….call! Glenn
said, not so fast Barbie……you have to remove the clothes you are
betting! Joel and Jim agreed those were the rules. I had a full
house, Aces over 10’s…I thought what the hell! I stood up and stepped
out of my miniskirt and took off my top and threw them into the pot.
I sat back down in nothing but my bra, thong and heels. Joel and Jim
folded……they had been bluffing and just wanted to see me take my
clothes off! Glenn said, well I have two pair! I turned up my aces
and confidently proclaimed………Ha!…a full house! Not so fast Barbie,
Glenn said as I reached for the pot with my clothes……..I said I had a
2 pair.a pair of kings and another pair of kings and turned up 2
kings……………the bastard had been sitting on 4 of a kind!

Joel said the next hand was the last, with no limit………..he asked me
if I wanted to stay in the bet! I said. Well……ante up then,
he said, we’re all in! You wouldn’t! I said………..oh yeah!, he replied,
if you want to get in the game you have to ante up! But I’m down to
my bra and panties!, I wailed. Well, life’s a bitch! He replied…go on
ante up! I took off my bra and threw it on the table! The guys
oggled my breasts. Joel had again chosen 7 card stud and I was dealt
two aces in the hole with another ace showing. None of the other guys
had any thing higher than a 9. The bet’s to you, Barbie………Joel
said. You’ve got to be kidding!, I said. Nope………bet or fold, those
are the rules! I got up and took off my thong and said, o.k. I bet
$20, this should cover it! The guys oggled my naked ass and smooth
shaved pussy……Glenn almost drooled on himself! The guys looked at
each other and all
agreed my thong ( or the removal of it) was worth
$20. Another card was dealt all around and Joel bet $10 looked at me
and said…….you’re a little short of items to bet with, Barbie! Well,
what am I supposed to do now? I
said as I sat there naked in a pair
of heels and nothing else. Jim was the first to answer and
said……..well, you could always bet your ass! What?! I said. Jim
replied……well if it’s agreeable with the other guys……… can bet
you ass against the pot……if you win, you get the pot and your clothes
back…….if you lose…well, you ass is ours for say the next couple of
hours! You can’t be serious, I said! Oh, yeah, he
said……….completely serious. It was agreed that my “ass” would cover
all bets and raises for the last hand…….If I won then I got my
clothes back and the money in the pot, if I lost..well, then I had to
put out for the guys……….all three of them for the next couple of
hours. Cards were dealt and bets were made, Jim raised twenty five
dollars Glenn raised another twenty five, by the time the betting was
over there was nearly $150 in the pot. This time, I had 4 of a kind
2-10’s showing with 2 -10’s buried……none of the guys had even a face
card showing…..I was pretty sure I had the high hand. Jim called and
I revealed my hand. Glenn had a flush, Joel had a full house and Jim
turned up a straight flush……..5,6,7,8,9 of clubs! The bastard had
beat me with a straight flush! Well, Barbie……….Jim triumphantly
proclaimed..”I guess it’s time for you to pay up,Barbie!”

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  1. Party poker

    hey how are u. loved your story can i hear more about it

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  2. PirateJennie

    I LOVE the Barbie stories! Please write more! I cum sooooo hard after reading them!

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