Pool Party Part One

I knew it was past curfew hours as I was sneaking down to the pool, but I didn’t care. If I was quiet, no one would ever have to know I went swimming this late at night, and I was so hot and sticky. This summer was unbearable and it was still just July.

Most of my neighbors and I knew each other, from passing each other at the mail box. Sometimes we even went to parties or out clubbing together. As I reached the pool area and quietly opened the gate, I glanced up at a window. I only knew the guy that lived that by his nickname, Zero. I had been trying to catch his eye for months, but I haven’t even been able to learn his real name yet. His blinds were open, and it looked like he left a light on in a back room, but no sign of the man himself.

Suddenly a movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. It was Zero, at his window watching me. He stepped back when I glanced around, so I pretended not to notice him. If he wanted to watch me at my illicit swim, I decided to give him a show to remember. Adjusting my bikini straps, I made a show of walking over to the pool and testing the temperature by stretching out one of my long legs and dipping a toe into the pool. Rolling my head around, acting as if I was stretching, I made certain he was still watching me.

Without looking around again, I made a show of slowing peeling off my bikini top, then wriggled out of the bottoms, and left them lying by the side of the pool. I stepped up on to the diving board and strolled to the end, making sure he had the time to admire my nubile body in the moonlight. I paused there a few moments before stretching my body out and diving in. When I broke back to the surface of the water, I made a point of flipping my hair back, using the opportunity to thrust my breasts forward to their full advantage. I could feel the cool water running off my hard nipples, and knew the moonlight was reflected there, and that Zero could see them clearly. In between the feel of the water caressing my body, and knowing that Zero was still there watching me, I was getting turned on.

I swam to the end of the pool and slowly walked up the steps. Looking out the corner of my eye, I made sure Zero was still watching. I didn’t see his shadow in the window anymore. Disappointed that I had lost my audience, I decided to give up on the pool and spend a few minutes in the hot tub before heading home.

Looking down at my swimsuit, I debated a minute before deciding not to put it on. No one was around to see my anymore, so why not just enjoy myself and relax? I stepped down into the bubbling hot tub, and allowed myself to sink down up to my chin. After a few minutes, I was actually starting to doze off, when suddenly a shadow moved in front of the moon, cutting off the light. Already trying to think of an excuse to tell the apartment manager which would explain my sitting nude in the hot tub at two in the morning, my eyes flew open. I saw a male figure crouching down, and suddenly a hand holding a drink was in front of me.

“Zero!” I gasped. I felt my nipples hardening while my eyes devoured his body as I accepted the drink. He just smiled at me, as I wondered if he could see my breasts through the bubbles in the water.

Standing up, he asked, “Mind some company?”
“Sure,” I replied with a slow smile. “Hop on in.”

I watched as the water lapped over his body, imagining it was my hands. I know he knew I was checking him out, but from the smirk on his face he didn’t seem to mind. I looked down, and saw he could tell that I did not have a swimsuit on in the water. I saw him staring at my bikini laying by the pool, as if to confirm this. The look in his eyes when he looked back at me made me catch my breath. As our eyes locked, I could feel my nipples get even harder as my heart started to pound.

Looking at him, I knew he wanted me as badly as I wanted him. “What am I waiting for,” I wondered silently. The answer came back to me….nothing.

Setting my drink down at the edge of the hot tub, I leaned closer to Zero. He started to say something, but I was not interested. I silenced him with a kiss, and pressed my bare breasts against his arm. I felt him gasp with surprise before he responded. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, and his arms came around me, swinging me into his lap. I swung my leg over, so I was straddling him in the hot tub, facing him. I reached down, and felt his hard cock through his shorts. He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him.

After kissing him for a few moments, I stood up, pulling him to his feet. Ducking underwater quickly, I pulled his swim trunks off and threw them aside. I pushed him back until he was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with his feet still in the water. Bending down, I took his hard shaft into my mouth. I heard him groan as I slowly began to run my lips down the length of his manhood. His breathing became ragged as I increased my speed, taking as much of his dick into my mouth as I could. When I reached down to cup his balls in my hand, he moaned and thrust his cock upwards, into my throat. I bobbed my head faster, licking and sucking. This was turning me on so much, so I reached down with one hand, and slipped a finger into my hot pussy. I pumped it in and out to the rhythm of sucking his dick.

He ran his hands through my hair, at first massaging my head, then gripping me as he moaned. I felt his balls tighten in my hand, and knew he was going to come any second. I increased my speed, sucking harder, until with a gasp he shot his load into my mouth. I held my breath, and swallowed as quick as I could, while I kept sucking his dick. I wanted every last drop. Finally his hands loosened their grip on my hair, and he was spent. Smiling, I leaned back away from him, licking my lips.

I got out of the hot tub, and went and sat down on one of the pool loungers. I leaned back and spead my legs wide, letting him see my glistening pussy.

“Now it’s my turn,” I purred.

to be continued….

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  1. Ramcharger

    Good story, but maybe you could have added a bit more to it, like him coming down earlier and kind of rough housing with you in the pool. Allows for a better climax in my opinion with a bit of rough housing..

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