Pool Table (part 2)

Pool Table (Part 2)

As Sir ran his hand up my leg I felt this crack on my buttocks he started to spank me at the same time with every blow of his hand on my check I was getting more excited once the pain started to linger more and more I could feel my ass getting redder and with every blow, The excitement started to get deeper and deeper in my stomach it started to turn I felt sick and begged him to stop, He just kept telling me how much of a bad bad girl I was and how I needed to be punished, He came around and unbuttoned his jeans he pulled out his semi erect penis and started stroking it he grabbed my mouth and stuck his fingers inside pushing them in and out while he was getting harder and harder, then with one blow he pushed his big hard cock into my mouth and there was nothing I could do, it was going so deep down my throat I was going to throw up, He just kept saying you like that you fucking little slut don’t you, I just nodded my head as his cock kept fucking my mouth. As I felt like I was getting scared then this sensation just clung to my ass as he had grabbed the whip on the floor and he cracked it so hard on my ass I felt this wet running down my ass cheek I and I knew it was blood he had broken my skin, But fuck it felt good all off a sudden I started enjoying it again the pain felt so good running up my body fuck I wanted more.

He then took himself out of my mouth and went around to the back off me he was running his hole hand all over my body the blood was going everywhere. He asked me if I licked it and I said yes Sir, Well bad little sluty girls deserve what they get don’t they? I said yes Sir I want more please I want you to fuck me sir, He just laughed and said oh don’t worry slut you will be fucked like you have never had it before. With this he walked over to his jacket and got his phone out dialled a number and all he said was this one is ripe and ready come over as he made me tell him my address, fuck I thought this is getting to weird I could feel tears well up in my eyes he just looked at me and started to laugh, Oh don’t worry sluts like you will lap what’s coming up and fucking enjoy it!
I watched him poor himself a drink as he put some music on and started dancing around the pool table every time he went around he slapped my ass just saying call me sir bitch call me sir. There was a knock at the door he opened it and I could here another guys voice, How is she Oh she is so fine and I have slapped her up some to give her a taste off what is coming. By the way I am Sir and tonight you can be Master they both stood in front off me laughing saying I was so close to feeling so good they would split me in two, Now I was scared they had there hands running all over my body I could feel something cold and harsh on my skin it was a knife they where cutting my clothes off mw and ripping at them, I could feel them pulling on me slapping me biting me fuck it felt good what’s wrong with me how can I like this its wrong but it feels so good.
Then I felt Masters hands on my ass running around grabbing a whole hand full and just pulling my cheeks apart, Call me master bitch yes master I said softly not loud enough say it again louder! Yes master I screamed as he started laughing oh we have a wild one here Sir I think she need to be tamed don’t you? Oh yes said sir let’s get started! With that Master came around took his clothes off and rammed his cock so far down my throat I was choking Sux it bitch as he slapped my back I felt Sir running his hands on my ass, what a beautiful sight he said fucking brilliant. He had grabbed a bottle of whisky off the shelf and opened it as he started poring it over my ass I tried to scream as It was burning from being whipped before the open wounds started to burn fuck it hurt, then Sir started slapping me at the same time my god a new pain factor I have never had before.

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