Prisoner of Lust

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“Did I ever tell you about my prison experiences?” Ella asked Andrea.

Andrea practically gagged on her croissant and started laughing. “You are so funny!” she said as she wiped the crumbs from around her mouth and caught her breath.

“No, I’m serious. I really was in prison. When I was 20 I got involved with a guy that dealt crystal meth and I got involved in it as well.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Looking at you I would never guess that you had been in prison much less done drugs. Please tell, do tell I am interested in your life.”

“Okay,” Ella said, “I was sent to prison for 6 months I cut a deal with the judge, plus I think my tight, sexy, black designer suit with my silky, blue blouse underneath it helped get me a lighter sentence.”

Andrea looked at Ella and could imagine her in that suit, her light blonde hair looking even blonder, her breasts standing out in the shiny blouse, her long, slender legs displayed. Andrea knew that Ella was not only her prettiest friend, but she was probably the prettiest woman she had ever met.

“So I went to prison, and Andrea it was so scary. When I first got there I was strip searched and deloused with at least twenty other nude women, now not to brag, but I had the best body and a few of those women were eyeing me. I was scared, you know you read about rape in men’s prisons, so I was scared maybe women do that to their own kind too.”

Andrea nodded sympathetically.

“So this big manly looking guard came right over to me and said, “Look what we have here, Barbie!”

“I was so frightened of her, she had a freaking moustache and sideburns for crying outloud!”

“Ewwww, that’s not good.” Andrea said as she made a sucked on a sour lemon face.

“I know, geez hasn’t she ever heard of laser hair removal or at the very least tweezers?” Ella chuckled and said.

“So I was bad then and I said,’Fuck off!’ Well big mistake. She got so mad that she told me I could walk to my cell nude. I refused, but she told me if I did not I’d go to solitary confinement, so I did it. As I walked she was whistling and saying, ‘Nice ass!’ and other female inmates were making kissing sounds and crude comments. Really crude remarks, I decided to give her a show so I quickly bent over and flashed my vagina at her from behind, she got very quiet and just walked me to my cell. I got in there and it was awful, a toilet right there in full view, anyone could watch me. She told me she was going to come by and check on me and she winked, ewwwwww!”

“Ewwww!” Andrea nodded and said.

“So I was lying there in this horrible big baggy orange jumpsuit and bad cotton panties, you know I only wear satin thongs so that was the worst!”

“Ugh they actually make you wear crap like that?” Andrea said.

“Yes can you imagine, in prison we have to dress like that, it’s pure evil I tell you.

So anyhow I was laying there when I heard big heavy footsteps and it was that guard, she had a big smile and she was dangling a thong from her fat finger, it was my thong, how she got it I don’t know.

She put it to her face and sniffed and smiled, ewwwwwww!”

“Oh my gosh what a pervert!” Andrea said.

“Yeah you know, I did not give her permission to sniff my panties…so I see her looking around and she takes out her keys and unlocks the door. She looks around again and comes in, she sits on my mattress and tells me to go to her. I did and you know what she did?”

Andrea looked quizzically and said, “No what?”

“She unzipped my jumpsuit, she undressed me down to my cotton panties.”

“Whoa the nerve!” Andrea said as she arched her brow.

“I know. She then rubbed my breasts over and over they were getting really warm, then she pulled those awful panties off of me, thank goodness those were gone.”

“Oh yeah, good thing she took those off.” Andrea said breathlessly, “And what else happened?”

“Well, she started, you know my vagina.”



“What else happened?”

“She pushed her finger inside me and started commenting on how wet, warm and snug it was in me. She told me to get on my knees on the bed. I did, I mean what else could I do?”

Andrea said, “In that situation that is the only thing you could do! Go on.”

” So there I was kneeling, totally naked in front of this manly woman, essentially giving my body to her, I mean who knows what she was going to do. I was wondering that as I knelt there. And then I felt it, oh I don’t know if I should tell you what she did.”

“No you need to tell me. It will make me, er you feel much better.”

“Okay. I am so embarassed…she started licking my, um, er my rearend!”

“OH MY GOSH!” Andrea yelled and the other patrons turned and stared. She cupped her hands around her mouth and said in a low voice, “Ooops! What else happened? Tell me!Tell me!!”

“She was licking my rearend, right on the opening.”

“There?!” Andrea quickly whispered. “Wow, unbelievable! And…..?”

“No one had ever done that to me before, all I could do was kneel there and feel that wet tongue licking and poking at my rearend opening. I felt my knees wobbling. Then she slid her tongue down to my, oh brother I am really embarassed.”

“No! No, don’t be embarassed you need to relieve me, I mean relieve you.Tell me the whole story. I am your friend I can handle it.”

“Okay” Ella said and continued the story. “So she was probing my vagina with her wet and surprisingly very long and quite flexible tongue. I orgasmed right on her moustached face. She grabbed my hips to pull me tight against her and as I orgasmed she rubbed her moustached mouth on my vagina and rear-end. Suddenly we heard a cough and it was some male warden. He looked pissed. He told her to get the hell out of there and that she better pray that he won’t tell. She apologized to him wiped her mouth and ran/waddled out of there. He stood there staring at me, I quickly fell down to the bed and grabbed the blanket to wrap it around me.

He walked in and yanked it off of me, I was curled up in a fetal position and he was looking up underneath my thighs at my vagina and rearend.”

“Uh oh! That can’t be good!” Andrea remarked.

“Hmmm it was not good is right. Because he told me he was going to have to report me. I begged him not to. I told him I would do anything. He told me that he would think about it, but he told me to dress and watch myself, because ‘after all it was only my first day in prison.’

So I behaved myself, my cellmate left after that first week and I had the cell to myself. One night it was bed check and that warden came by. He looked in and smiled, you know Andrea, he had just the nicest smile. So he walked by. I got in bed and like 30 minutes later I heard something like metal on metal clanging , I sat up and in the darkness I saw the silhoutte of a man. I was scared.”

“I don’t blame you!”

Then I saw what had to be the biggest, um…oh I’ll just say it, ‘penis’ I ever saw!”

“Oh my gosh! No, you are kidding. How big?”

“Oh I think around 11 or so inches.”

“Ouch! That is big!” Andrea said as she wiped the corners of her mouth with the napkin and dabbed at her brow.

“Yes and it was very shiny, like there was oil on it. He stood sideways and shook it. I walked over, just to get a better look at it, that is all, I had no other intentions. and I heard in a deep voice, ‘Get all of your clothes off, you are getting,’ oh he was a pig, he said ‘you are getting fucked!’ I mean what could I do? I got naked and walked over to the bars.”

“I don’t blame you! You had to do what he said. What else happened?” Andrea asked very imploringly as she leaned in closer to Ella.

“He said for me to bend over and have my, as he put it, ‘pussy and ass’ in p
osition through the bars so he could give me a ‘good fucking’. I, of course, bent slightly over and pushed as much of my rearend and vagina as I could through those bars. Andrea those bars were freezing cold! An
d it was a super tight fit, you’ld think in prison they’ld make the bars wider just for occasions like that!”

“Yes what on earth are they thinking of making them so narrow!” Andrea said.”What else happened. Gee is it hot in here? My gosh I am perspiring, go on tell me more!”

“Okay so there I am nude with my rearend and vagina crammed thrugh the bars, you know it was a very tight squeeze, so it made my vagina lips elongate being squished in there, I could actually feel them pressed tightly against each other and under my bare backside, as well as my cheeks were pressed tight against each other. So there I was and I felt that enormous hard oily penis slide in my vaginal opening, it struggled to get in, but it made it, in and out it slid, over and over I put my hands behind me to hold onto the bars since I was scared I would be pushed out from between those metal rods grips. Then he inserted his full length in, I thought he was going to split me wide open, so he violated me, you know it was a violation because I mean we were not even on a date.”

“Of course, I agree. What a freaking pig he was! So what else happened, don’t stop go on!”

“So,” Ella continued, “he just pummeled my poor prisoner vagina , at one point I looked up to see his hands gripping the bars above me, I guess he wanted to be able to thrust as hard and as deep as possible. His knuckles got all strained and veiny looking like he was really struggling to get inside and plunge. I started moaning feeling that super long penis rubbing inside me, it was hitting my bladder or something because I simultaneously orgasmed peed. I wasso embarassed I urinated all over his penis and down both of our legs!”

“Oh my gosh that was some intense orgasm!” Andrea blurted out. “Oops I mean how humiliating, I am so sorry Ella!”

“I know, I was embarassed because my vagina was locked around his huge member and pulsating from that big orgasm and then to feel my warm urine coming out of me, drenching both of us, ahhhh, um I mean arggggg. But in his embarassment for me, he started as soon as I orgasmed and peed, he grunted like a bull and he ejaculated spraying his semen all deep inside me, I mean the guy was so huge I already felt his penis near the back of my belly button and against my bladder so when he ejaculated I orgasmed again. He started moaning and he half pulled out of my vagina, he just stayed like that, then he pushed back in hard, groaned and then halfway out again, then a slow back in thrust, then a very quick pull out and then he rubbed my rearend and vagina through the bars with his penis which was slobbery wet and very heated up, hot you could say and finally pushed my rearend and vagina back out through those bars and he left.”

“Wowwwwwww! Wowwwww!” Andrea murmurred as she again dabbed at her brow with the already very wet napkin. “Sounds like you got some real punishment while you were there!” she said as she sat back in her chair grinning and thinking.

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    Ha!Ha! I love your sense of humor! Oh, wait, this wasn’t a true story, was it? I feel so bad for laughing….

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