Prostate Exam

Prostate Exam

I accepted a job offer that would help me make about 20% more than what I was making. The offer was only valid after I passed a drug screen and a complete physical. The drug screen was no problem.

Unfortunately, the only doctor that could see me prior to the offer being voided was Cindy, a girl I had gone to high school with and had dumped so I could get laid in college as we never slept together. I told myself that it was no big deal as we were 28 now and that was long passed.

I accepted the Friday appointment and was running around so much that week preparing to quit my company that I was too tired to even jerk off when I got home.

I arrived 15 minutes early Friday to fill out my paperwork and was told the doctor would be with me shortly. I was escorted to a room and told to remove my clothing and put on one of the gowns they give everyone.

Cindy came in a few minutes later and we chatted about who we kept in touch with and the rest of the bullshit and I noticed she had really filled out. Her breasts were still perky but they were at least “C” cups now and probably bigger and her butt was more rounded even though she was still thin.

Cindy took my blood pressure and did all the regular stuff before asking me to bend over the table. When I asked why she laughed and reminded me about the prostate exam for my physical. I said “oh yeah, ok” and bent over.

She was really professional but I started to get hard as my balls were full from my no having relieved the pressure in about 10 days and usually getting off every day at least once.

I told her how great it was to see her again and she agreed and told me she’d love to grab a drink some time. Remembering how worked up she used to get when we made out and thinking of her great ass now made me start to get hard.

She lubed her finger and then stuck it inside me. I tried to think of sports or something but my excitement gave me away when she felt me getting hard. I apologized and she told me not to worry as would get the exam done quickly.

I was really embarrassed when her wrist barely bumped my balls and I took in a deep breath. She told me she was finished and asked me to turn around. When I did there was nothing I could do to hide my erection. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it started leaking precum and got the gown wet.

She stared at me and then asked if she should leave. I nodded no and she asked what I wanted. I asked her to lock the door which she did and then she removed her skirt and thong. She told me to remove her top with my teeth and if I could do that I could fuck her. I tried and tried but it would work. To make things worse, Cindy had a bra that hooked in front so my face was buried in those great tits the whole time.

She finally took mercy on me and stuck her finger back up my ass and swallowed my cock. I was groaning and begging her to let me cum but every time I was ready she grabbed my balls and stopped it.

Finally, I grabbed her and put her on the table and we fucked for about 30 seconds before I pulled out and she dropped down and sucked all my cum out. I didn’t even get soft before she hopped back on my and rode me until we both came.

I met her at her place that night and she showed me how doctors are taught to shave skin in medical school, but that is another story….

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