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She knew she would pay for it in the end, she just didn’t know how she would have to pay..
After  all the stress at work she did the mistake of snapping at her Dom… Big mistake. He dismissed her and told her to go home and not leave her room till he called for her. He didn’t care if she missed work or anything of the sort. She disobeyed her master and she was to be punished for it. She went home and went to her room as her master instructed. She checke her email and she had received an email from him, it was titled “Until You are Free…” She opened the email and read it, it said..
‘You must follow these instructions until I call you back here. If you fail to do any of what is asked you will be punished worse. Is that clear?
What you don’t know is I can hear you and see you so speak up my slut!”
She stopped and looked around but didn’t see anything. Was he actually watching her? She continued to read the email
‘Take off all of your clothes. Pull the box of items from under your bed.’ She paused and looked under her bed.. She wasn’t allowed anything in her room besides her bed, her master wanted nothing to get in the way of his instructions, but there was this box exactly where her master said it was. She opened the box and examined its contents. She blushed at what she saw.
The email said ‘Take the nipple clamps and apply them to you nipples. Next insert the plug into your ass. No lube.’
She pulled the plug out of the box, she blushed again but she knew she had to do as she was told. She bent over her bed and slowly started to insert the plug in her ass, it was so big and she wasn’t allowed to use any lube but finally she got it in. She turned around and sat down and continued to read.
‘Now my slut, go to your kitchen and grab a tray of ice cubes. Insert one into your pussy.’
Once again she did as she was told. Pleasing her master is what she lives for.
‘Take the gag with the ring and fasten it to your mouth so it stays open nice and wide. Now close up the box I have had enough with you right now. Go stand in the corner facing the wall until I say otherwise.’
That was the end of the email so she did what she was told and packed up the box and she stood in the corner not moving a muscle. About 4 hours had passed and she started to sway her legs were getting tired and sore but she still wouldn’t move from her spot. Another few hours passed when she heard her notification for her email go off. She checked the email and it was indeed her master.
All that the email had said was ‘Stay the way you are and get to my place immediately’
Her heart sunk.. she had to go outside and drive to her masters naked and humiliated. She did as she was told, she walked out of her place and got into her car and drove to see him. She pulled up in the drive way and got out of her car she went to the door and knocked 3 times like she was supposed to. No one came to the door. She stood outside his door for sometime, it was cold and she was embarassed to be standing at his door the way she was, but she knew if she left there would only be worse punishment to come. Another 15 minutes went by when finally her master came to the door. He opened the door and she put her head down he motioned for her to come in. She dare not say a word, she walked in and went to the basement where she would receive her real punishment.
She stood in the middle of their sex dungeon with her head down and not one word to be uttered. He stared at her, examining to make sure everything as what he ordered her to do. After a pause he finally spoke to her. “Get on your knees.” As quickly as possible she got down on her knees for her master. He came up behind her and blindfolded her so everything would come as a surprise to her. This made her a little nervous but she knew she had done something wrong and she must suffer the consequences of her actions. Without any warning her master grabbed her by the head and slammed his hard cock into her mouth, causing her to gag. He continued to do it for a small period of time. “You aren’t worthy of my cock, my slave” and he pulled it out. She gasped for air, he grabbed her by the air and dragged her to his table and through her on it. She whimpered and he cuffed her arms in each corner and did the same with her ankles. She was on display for him, althought she couldn’t see, she could feel her face turn bright red.
“You have been a bad slut, are you prepared to pay for your actions?” All she could do was nod. All of a sudden she started to feel something cold on her body, but she couldn’t tell what it was. He started at her neck and drizzled it over each titt and down her stomach to her pussy and then her legs. He rubbed it into her skin as she lay there helpless before him. He slowly traced his finger arund her pussy lips and across her clit. “Hmm… you must be enjoying this my slut, you are all wet. That will never do.” He grabbed a riding crop off the shelf and started to whip her titts, soft at first but harder as he coninued. The only noise that filled the room was her moans of pain and the crop hitting her skin, once the skin on her titts went bright red and raw he stopped. He removed her nipple clamps, her nipples were swollen and red as it was then he started to pinch them. Everytime he did her body would jump and squirm and master didnt like that very much so he’d pinch harder. He stopped to gaze at his vulnerable slut and he loved what he saw. He took his finger again and started to trace her pussy lips and her clit, she was even more wet. She couldn’t help it, anything her master did to her made her excited, she wanted more. He didn’t want her enjoying her punishment so he decided to leave her in the dark for a few hours. Not knowing when he would come back to punish her killed her inside. Once he felt like had left her long enough he came back to see she was just where he left her and he started again. He came back with something very unusual, something she did not expect. He started to insert a huge dildo in her pussy, but this dildo was unlike any other, it was made of solid ice. The cold pain of the ice dildo in her pussy started to numb, he started to go harder and faster, her moans and whimpers were the ultimate satisfaction. Finally it melted, she was so thankful, she couldn’t feel her pussy anymore, only cold and wet. He uncuffed her from the table and dragged her by the hair again, he locked her head and wrists in the pillory. She was still blindfolded so she was unaware of what was going to happen to her. She was bent over in the pillory, with her ass exposed and vulnerable to whatever her master had planned for her. He started to feel and grab her ass as it was displayed for him. He started to spank her where the plug was inserted, her moans were loud and this only pleased him more. He spread her legs as she stood there and restrained them in place so both her pussy and her asshole were ready for her master to play with. He slowly removed the plug from her tight ass, she moaned and whimpered as he did so. He left her for a brief while but came back shortly after. He just gazed at his slut as he got ready for her next phase of torture, he loved this and he knew his slave loved it to.
He grabbed the largest paddle they had and he set himself up so he had a clear shot of her ass. He caressed her ass once more and then he swung. The noise that came from the paddle hitting her ass was alomost as loud as her screams. He spoke “How bout we do one for every year you’ve been alive, shall me?” She squirmed and moaned in pillory, but nothing she could so would help her escape. Each time he swung the paddle at her ass he used more force so her moans and attempted screams got louder. Once he finished he put the paddle away and started to spank her ass with his hand, he moved his hand down her ass and towards her pussy, she was dripping wet. He knew it wasn’t time to torture her pussy just yet, so he teased her instead by sliding the tip of his cock up and down her pussy just to get the tip wet, then he inserted his cock into her ass. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting showing no mercy to her ass, he just gave it to her until he blew his load in her ass. He pulled his cock out and walked to where her head was and inserted his cock into her ready and waiting mouth, she cleaned his cock. Once again he left her there, he went for a shower and went to bed for the rest of the night.
He woke up around 10 and walked into the basement to see his slut still in the pillory, she was sleeping so he decided to wake her by slamming his cock into her tight wet pussy a few times, this startled her but aroused her at the same time. He pulled out and released her from the pillory. She fell and layed on the floor, her ankles still restrained in place. She sat up but he quickly pushed her on her back and put her arms flat at her sides the he staddled her so her arms couldn’t move then he started to play with her titts and pinching her nipples. He grabbed her titts firmly and wraped them around his cock and he tittie fucked her till he blew in her face, he moved down and started to suck and nibble on her nipples he restrained her arms above her head he grabbed a clit vibrator and teased her clit with it, once she was about to cum he stopped. He took his fingers and inserted them into her pussy, he let them play inside he and she moaned and started to breath heavier. He removed his fingers from her soaked pussy and started to slide his cock up and down her pussy, he slide the tip of it in a few times to get it wet then he climbed on her in a 69 position and she started to suck his cock as he licked her clit. They were both enjoying immensly, but he didn’t want her to cum so he stopped but let her keep going on him, when he started to feel like he  going to cum he took his cock out of her mouth and cummed on her face.
He removed her restraints and attached a pinch collar around her neck, he took the leash and started to pull her along, not knowing what was going on the collar started sqyeezing around her neck, noce she realized what was going on she started to follow and her master dragged her along. He brought her to an empty room with a contraption in the middle of the room. He left the collar on her so she knew her place, her wrists were retrained to the floor, her stomach was propped over the contraption so her ass was once again on for her master then her ankles restrained to the floor. She was in the doggy style position, he started to insert his cock in her ass again, grabbing her hips he thrusted harder and faster than he had ever done before, her moans just made it that much better to go harder and faster. He was about to cum so he pulled his cock out and came all over her back, he spread her legs and started to lick her pussy a bit and tease her clit, once he knew how bad she wanted to cum he stopped and got up and locked her in the room. 5 or more hours passed until her master returned, he walked up behind her and started to spank her ass with the riding crop, once her ass was bright red he asked “Are you ready for this to all be over my slut?” and she nodded and moaned.
A clit vibrator came out of the contraption that she was leaning on and he pressed it on her clit, he took his cock and started to tease her pussy with it. Once he could feel her pussy dripping he slammed his rock hard cock into her pussy and started to fuck her like there was no end, 20 minutes passed and finally they came together. He removed her restraints and started to pull her by the collar, he brought her to a cold empty room. There he inserted a bigger plug into her ass and made her straddle another contraption that looked like a saddle but there was a clit vibrator on it. He cuffed her hands behind her back and removed her gag, he quickly came in her mouth and put a ball gag in so she couldn’t spit it out, he tied it tight to her head he cranked up the coldness in the room and turned the light off and left her there until he was ready for her again.

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