Pure Lust

” Pure Lust”

Across a lonely bar i sat siting and stareing off into space,thinking about how the love of my life and i had split up and how i was going to continue my life without him.I had been drinking a few gin n tonics and was beginning to numb the pain away which was my intentions for going to the bar to begin with, you see i wasnt a drinker,never drank,but this night i did and hell what at night it became.

As i sat there i noticed a gentleman across the room sitting at bar,nice looking man mid 40s dark hair,well lets just say the back view looked damn fine. Im sorry cant help myself im a ass woman,always have been and he had a damn fine one.So i motioned the waitress over to get me another drink,which she kindly did and i needed to go to ladies room which i had to walk past the gentleman at the bar,which i thought was great on the way back out i could get a glmps at the front,or so i hoped atleast. So i went to ladies room did my thing, freshened up and walked back out and noticed at bar he was gone,damn, oh well what u going to do it wasnt ment to be so i thought. I was sitting in a booth over in the corner of the room,back where i could see everyone but yet i was alone,like i wanted to be ,so back to my table i go. Can you take a guess at who was there? Yes your right the man from the bar.and damn a mighty fine looking one too,both front and back. He replied im sorry i could feel you stareing at me when i was at bar so i noticed you when you went to ladies room i thought id come over and meet you in person,hope you dont mind.he says. Well no i dont mind sorry i didnt think i was being so obvious ,what you got eyes in back of your head,no i was noticeing in the mirror behind the bar,he chuckled. Dang i knew i got busted,but i laughed and said,hello im Launa and nice too meet you. Im Miles,nice to meet you also. Thats a interesting name i replied,yeah my parents thought so too as he smurked. Well if its ok with you id like to join you for a few drinks,if you dont mind me sitting here with you i noticed you seemed kind of like your minds elsewheres. Yeah i replied,long term relationship ended,you know how it works come to bar and drown your sorrows or atleast im trying too. Its working pretty good,i replied. I understand he says ive been there about a year or so ago,did exact same thing as you.Well unforunately its all too common these days he said. So we sat there and chit chatted for while you know how it works how love goes wrong,then he did something i wasnt expecting ,he kissed me. I pulled back ,im sorry he said it was just a spontanious thing to do,i didnt mean to affend you and before he could get the you out I reached over and kissed him back.

So we sat there kissing and fondly each other in the bar ,thank goodness for dark corners of the bar but im quite sure the bartender liked the view in the mirror he was getting.He ran his hand up under my skirt and began to rub my outter thigh he had nice hands and they felt wonderful on me.He began to move his hand farther up my legs with each and every rub till he went over to my panties and ran his fingers over them, oh i knew you were getting wet baby i could tell and now i just felt it,he whispered in my ear. I was embarrassed and my face got red and he could tell,he removed his hand and said theres no need to be embarassed,please dont be he replied. How about we go some place more private ,if you would like too,he said. Well i dont know it was one thing being felt up by a stranger but yet another going any farther then we already had i was thinking. Okay lets go ,i need to get over this one way or another im game if you are,i replied. So off we went,told bartender good night,he replied have fun you two, we chuckled as we walked out bar. What he must be thinking at our age,i said,yes i was just thinking the same replied Miles.Well im in the motel down the street if you feel more comfortable you may take your car Launa,he said. Yes i will ,ill just follow you,so off to motel we went.Dont ask me what i was thinking,i wasnt ,i didnt want to think all the questions of why and how come this happened to me had drifted out of my head and i was glad they did. Im glad the motel was only a half block down street,because i dont ever drink and drive but i had to have my car with me just incase i decided to chicken out.So we both arrive at the motel,and he parks his car and i park next to him and get out. Im glad you decided to join me Launa ,really i am,replied Miles. I am as well Miles,it was in my thoughts but well im here now.Well im in E4 its the last one on the end,he reaches out and takes my hand and off to his room,well it wasnt a room,it was a whole suite,it was awesome. This man wasnt some plain dude i could tell that by the suite or his business put him up in some nice settings.

Well anyways would you like a drink Launa,yes thank you i replied gin n tonic,but of course i always have a full bar stocked when im here.He then handed me my drink and he had one as well and we went and sat on the couch. Wow this is a really nice suite,you said you had a room,i figured it was a everyday motel room not something like this,its really nice. Well lets say i do alot business and i stay here quite often so its more like my home then just a motel room. Oh i see, then what were you doing in bar tonite,you have a lovely one here,well the thing is im the only one here,he replied.Oh makes sense,im sorry i talk to much.No really Launa its fine and may i say that is a lovely name also,for a very lovely lady.Well thank you Miles,i replied with my blushing face.He then reaches over takes me drink out of my hand and sits it on table next to his and kisses me,long slow tongue protrudeing in my mouth kind of kiss. He pulls me closer to him i could feel my breast touching his chest as we kissed,he slowly ran his hand up my leg again. As i reached my hands around his back running them across it he was a nice built man.Slowly he begins to kiss on my neck,sliding his tongue over it and nibbling on my ear,whispering to me your going to enjoy this as much as im going too. I was so nervous yet relaxed as much as the gin n tonics had gotten me and he was right i was enjoying every bit of it. I began to unbutton his shirt and slid it off as he yanked on my panties remove them with one of his hands. He then stood up and raised my skirt and without saying a word,he sat me back down ,he postioned himself on the floor between my legs and shoved his face into my wet pussy licking and sucking on my clit exploreing his tongue inside me.Damn it felt so good i was running my fingers threw his hair as he continued to eat me,damn and eating he was i was getting wetter and wetter with every lick and suck of his mouth. He licked in and out along my pussy lips and flicked his tongue over my clit and stuck his tongue inside me ,oh he felt so good and he really knew what he was doing i was never this wet this quick with any other man,i could feel myself begining to cum as he continued to suck and lick me .Miles that was omg so great .He then said shhhh and put his finger over is mouth and grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom.He slowly removed all my clothes,the touch of his hands were so gentle yet so forceful,i loved every inch of every spot he was touching.

I reached down and undid his pants,i could tell he was hard and let them fall to floor and then i did same to his boxers,we both just staired in each others eyes and continued to undress each other.He began to kiss my neck and sliding his tongue over it and down along my breast,i felt his hand grasp it and suck on my nipples with his gentle mouth then sliding his tongue and kissing his way along to the other breast and doing the same ,sucking and nibbleing on my nipple,They were so hard,i always loved my tits played with and more then anything nibbled on,the harder the better. I reached down and slid my hand over his large hard erect cock slowly strokeing it,he wasnt a small man there either .I then grabbed his hand and asked him to come along with me and i pushed him down on bed and g
ot between his legs an
d began to place my mouth on his hard cock,slowly running my tongue over the head of it and down along the shaft ,up and down i could feel him getting even harder if that was possible. I placed my mouth on it and slowly lowered it onto his hard cock sucking as i drove more into my mouth.Up and down i continued to suck and suck on his cock as he began to moan with enjoyment he began to put his hand on my head and shove it into my mouth harder ,i was deep throating it and it felt good i love sucking cock and his was well worth sucking. He then reached over and pulled a condemn out draw and put it on with my help and shoved me down on the bed on my belly and came behind me and i raised my ass into the air as he mounted me with his hard cock into my pussy. I loved doggy style it was the best,the penetration was awesome,and damn his cock was penetrating me harder n harder. Oh oh that feels so good as he drove me hard with his cock i wiggled my ass takeing all of him inside me or as much as i could get.He drove his cock in and out in and out again,pounding my pussy deeper and deeper. He reached forward and grabbed my shoulders pulling me closer into him as he exsploded into my wet pussy and i came with him and then we collapsed on the bed next to each other. Covered in persperation from the enjoyment of a good fucking and yet i still wanted more and so did he it was only the beginning.

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