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Tina was a very petty woman, she had long golden brown hair, big blue eyes, a tiny perfect nose, full pouty lips and high prominent round cheekbones, her skin was flawless it was naturally pale with a hint of pink, in the summer she tanned a very coppery color. She was perhaps 5’4″ but with a perfect body, wide shoulders,very long slender toned arms, large firm very round breasts, a small waist, nice rounded tight hips, a perfect tight ass, long gorgeous tight legs.

In July of last summer she was out walking, she liked to do a good ten mile walk once a week.She was wearing tight stretchy hot pink shorts and a small pink and black striped tube top.She had on brand new white sneakers, her tan looked amazing, her skin was slightly shiny from the suntan lotion she was wearing, plus it was humid out so her perspiration was just glistening on her smooth soft hairless skin, between the thick air and that lotion her sweat had no where to go.

“BEEEP!” Tina practically jumped, she was wearing her ear buds listening to her Walkman and that beep was incredibly loud. She looked to her right and saw a greatlooking guy in a black Corvette.
“Hi! I’m sorry if I scared you.” he said as he flashed a very sexy smile, his white teeth practically blinding her as they stood out against his very tan face. “I just want to tell you, you are gorgeous!”

Tina smiled, she loved compliments they totally got her off. “Oh thank you, you are pretty nice-looking yourself.”

He smiled and pulled his car over to the side in front of her she walked by and stood by his door, “I think I have seen you before, last week were you wearing grey shorts and a white top?”

Tina laughed, “No white shorts and a grey top.”

“Ohhh sorry.” he said smirking sexily at her. He lifted up his sunglasses, “My name is Robert, what is yours?”


“Nice to meet you Tina.” and he extended his hand out to her.

“Oh I don’t shake hands.” she said.

“Germs? Are you scared of germs?”

She smiled and kidding around said, “No I only like having my hand kissed.”

Robert opened his car door and got out. Tina eyed him up and down and definitely liked what she saw, she got that sexy tickle behind her belly-button, she always got that when she was around any guy that turned her on, whether it was from looks or personality. He was tall and nicely built, long legs, really fit looking, wide chest and shoulders, he was just the type of guy that she found very physically appealing.

Robert held her hand and slowly rubbed it, almost in a sexual way like he was rubbing her pussy, he brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it like a sucking kiss in her palm. She felt herself getting super wet. He must had known it because, he took his tongue and swirled it back and forth on her palm, then one last time he kissed it.

She just smiled a contented grin.

“Can I see your eyes? Robert asked.

Tina lifted her pitch black sunglasses, Robert smiled when he saw her big
bright blue eyes. “Wow you have gorgeous eyes, you shouldn’t wear sunglasses to hide them.

“Well the sun can damage the delicate skin around the eyes so I always wear them.”

He smiled at her vanity, he loved high maintenance women, they just never looked bad and they were usually really horny.

“Hey are you busy? Would you like to go for a drive?” he asked Tina.

She put her sunglasses back down over her eyes, “Sure I’d love to drive around.”

He walked her over to the passenger side and let her in and closed the door behind her. He got in,”Oh I better buckle you in.” he leaned over his face was so close to her breasts as he reached around her hip and pulled the belt across her lap and over her shoulder, she could smell his cologne it was sexy and musky almost smelling like leather and sandlewood.

They drove off and he put in Led Zeppelin’s “Houses Of The Holy” cd. “Ohhh my gosh I love Led Zeppelin this is my favorite cd of theirs.”

Robert smiled.They drove on the expressway, Tina’s hair was whipping in the wind, it was long and shiny and it looked so free and sexy as it flew all around.

Robert drove to a narrow dirt road that took them to a secluded beach front area.
“Wow this is so pretty, do you live around here?”Tina asked.

” As a matter of fact, see that white house
over there?”Tina looked. “That is mine.”

“Lucky you, a water view huh?”

“You want to see my house?”

“Yes I’d love it.”

So Robert started his car,shifted the stickshift into drive and drove quickly to his home, stirring up clouds of dirt with his tires.

They pulled in his driveway and he parked,
Robert leaned over and unbuckled Tina’s seatbelt,this time his face just grazed over her right breast. “Oh excuse me.”he smiled at her.Damn she wished that he had really rubbed his face on her breasts,
but she just giggled and said, “That’s ok. Sometimes they can get in the way.”

“Yes but what a couple of beautiful objects to get in the way.” Robert sexily said.

He got out of the car and quickly went around to open her door.They went in his house. She folded her sunglasses and stuck them in the top of her tube top. His house was magnificent, it was so masculine, lots
of leather seating, heavy dark wooden furniture, it almost reminded her of a hunting lodge with it’s woody manly feel.

“I’ll give you a tour, this room is obviously my den.” He took her throughout the house showing her his office, the dining room, the kitchen, where he mentioned he was a great cook and if she was a good girl he might cook her a meal, she felt herself get excited when he said that;he showed her another den/library room, two bathrooms, “And here is the best room, my bedroom.” She looked in and it was really sexy, a huge heavy dark mahogony framed bed, big heavy dressers, a long leather trunk, an enormous painting of a very shapely, nude woman her back to the viewer, a huge patio that one got to through French doors.

“Wow what a nice bedroom!” Tina exclaimed she was heating up between her legs and getting very moist.

“Sit on the bed, it is really comfortable.”

“Hmmm I don’t know if I should.”

“Oh come on, I won’t bite, I might nibble, lick and taste, but bite, well okay yeah I might bite too.” He laughed a deep sexy chuckle.

Tina’s nipples just went rock hard. Robert saw that and felt his own cock stiffening, they both knew that they were going to fuck there was no doubt.

Tina got on the bed and sat there. “Lay back, put your head on the pillows.” Robert said.

She did and she curved her torso for him, sticking her hip out, narrowing her waist, arching her breasts up, lengthening one leg out while the other was bent slightly. And she smiled at him.

“Now Tina are you trying to seduce me?

“Is it working?”she grinned as she asked.

“I’d say so judging by what I’m feeling here.” and he grabbed his stiff cock in his pants.

“Purrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrr purrrrrrr.” Tina responded.

“Shit! I love a woman that purrs. Are you a feline?”

“Purrrr purrr purrr.” Was the only sound she made.

“Wait here.” Robert said,

He came back carrying a bag, he laid it by the nightstand and got on the bed with Tina.He pressed his body on hers and kissed her, he delicately parted her lips with his tongue and found hers and rubbed around her tongue, her pussy was going wild, she was turned on by his kisses and by his stiff
cock that was in his pants. As he was rubbing against her he pulled back and took her sunglasses out of her top, placed them on the nightstand and pulled
her tube top down, revealing her perfect bare tits to his eyes, the fabric rolled over her hard nipples, it felt so good, rough but sexy. He pulled her tube top down to her waist, and he ad
mired her round full tits, they turned him on, they were so feminine so full, first he felt them in his hands,surprisingly her nipples felt almost
cold,as did her areolae,but the rest of her breasts were very warm
. He suckled on her hard nipple, first the left, holding it between his lips and lightly rubbing his tongue back and forth on it, then on her left nipple doing the same thing,she rubbed his hair.

Her nipples sure warmed up from his mouth and saliva on them.”Hey where is the purring?” he asked.

“Purrrr purrr purrrr.” she vibrated her tongue and purred.

“Mmmmm my sweet beautiful pussy cat, nice pussy cat!” Robert said and he rubbed against her.

Robert got up and kneeled and pulled her shorts down just to her knees, she had on no panties, her pussy was gorgeous, minimal golden hairs, perfect puffy pink lips, redness peeking out in the slit, but the lips were closed hiding her clit, he parted them with his fingers and saw she had a clit piercing. When he saw that he gooed his pants a nice dollop of precum.

“Damn! That is so fucking sexy, that is hot!” he said as he flicked her clit ring, “Ohhhh purrrr purrr purrrr.” she moaned. He took off her sneakers revealing her petite well pedicured, soft feet.
He removed her shorts all the way off, he pulled her tube top down over her tummy, her hips, her thighs, her knees, her shins and then right over her little bare feet.
She was now nude tan with tan lines, hard nipples and her clit ring, her pussy slit was gleaming with her juicy wetness, her pussy was so horny and ready to feel his fat hungry cock. He stood up and looked her up and down and he removed his clothes. “My sweet pretty pussy cat!”

“Purrrr purrr purrrr,” she said and
she rolled over on her tummy showing him her bright white very round tight ass,”purrrrrrrr, purrrr, purrrr.” She lifted her hips up showing him her now red pussy lips hiding under her ass,”purrrr purrrr.” She rolled over to her back, but stopping first so he could admire her pussy from the side, those lips looking out at him between her thighs and under her ass,
she was drenched her pussy was so tight and excited, her pussy was so horny.

Robert held his hard cock stroking it as he
watched her perform for him. He walked over to the nightstand and opened the bag
and removed two pieces of black leather with silver studs. It was a collar and leash. He put the collar around Tina’s neck, “Purrrrrr purrrrr purrrrr,” he then hooked the leash onto it, “purrrr purrr purrr.” Tina murmurred getting totally turned on by his collaring and leashing her. He ran his hand up her pussy and ass since she was now with her back to him again, his fingers were soaked. He felt her soft satiny pussy it was so warm too.

“Ahhh my pretty sexy kitty, I need to walk you.”

Tina knew to get down on the rug on the floor and on her hands and knees and with Robert behind her,she walked wiggling her ass every so often and purring merrily away. Robert would tug on her leash to bring her to a stop, she would obey. ” What a well-behaved sweet kitty you are.”
Robert said. “Purrrr purrr purrrr.” Tina said as she lifted her ass up higher by pressing her breasts into the rug fibers.

Robert smilied loving the view. His cock was horny for her tight naughty snatch.

“Kitty needs her pussy to be mated by a big Tom’s cock doesn’t she?”

“Purrrr purrrr purrrr.”

Robert tugged on her leash and knelt behind her, his cock was stiff as hell, he got near her pussy and it was like his cock was just sniffing in her scent it poked at her wet slit and rubbed it finally it plunged in her tiny red wet hot pussy hole deep and hard, he felt her super tight silky wet hot insides, he pulled the leash and pressed it in between her ass cheeks and the handle just dangled right above her pussy from behind, he pulled out of her pussy and put his hard cock through the handle, it was near the base of his cock, he was able to tighten it around his shaft,he kept it tight like that around his cock and also pulled it tight through her ass crack, then he fucked her pussy hard, she had to dig her palms into the rug he was pushing her, he really pumped her pussy, he would get in deep and do a series of tugs on her collar by leaning backward and by using his hand to tug on it under her ass, they were moaning at this sensation, the leather was rubbing in her ass crack aswell as rubbing around his shaft. When he yanked on her collar by using his hand on it by her neck, she arched her back and he was able to get in a little deeper into her dark hot hole of lust and that caused the leather leash
handle to really tug on his cock, which pulled the strip in between her ass cheeks.

“Purrrrr purrr purrrr.” she moaned as his cock just pressed very deep in her pussy, and that leather leash rubbed in her ass,
it almost hurt her, and his cock was getting so far in her he was almost pushing her clit out in front, her clit was very thick and swollen and slippery wet, her clit ring was giving her unbelievably sexy sensation like a constant tugging feeling as her clit expanded yet was constricted by the ring. And that leather leash was giving the backside of her body incredible sensations.

Robert got into a rhythm, hard pumps, then deep inside staying still in her pussy holding tight on her hips with his hands, pulling her very tight back against him, her tight, very round, silky soft skinned, ass cheeks pressed tight against his groin, the leather leash rubbing and tugging on them both,he would wait a second then do an
achingly slow withdrawal and equally slow reentry.Then back to the hard thrusts and short tugs on her collar and the leash.

The lust between them was very intense, some
sweat, mostly from him, pussy juices, silky skin contact, tugging of the collar,skin being rubbed and pulled by the leash,
purrs and moans and slapping fucking wet sounds were heard. Finally Robert’s cock could take no more, he was feeling the pulses of Tima’s pussy around his cock inside of her and he slammed deep into her, but he pulled downward so the leather strap
it was really tight inside her ass cheeks and really tight against the base of his cock shaft,he bit her shoulder holding her still as he shot his cum inside her, “Purrrr purrr purrr purrr.” Tina moaned feeling her pussy overflowing with his cum and being stretched wide open from his still fat hard cock.

Robert let go of her shoulder with his teeth and nibbled her shoulder and pushing her hair to the side her neck,he sucked nipped at it, “Purrr purr purr.” He humped her ass tugging the leash but there was more slack now, but it still rubbed in there. He pulled his cock out,she moaned as her wet pussy released him from her inner grip. “Purrrr purrrr purrr.”

He stood behind her pulling back on that leash, he looked at her very red soaked pussy lips, they were shining all over with that wetness, they were parted almost like they were so excited and full of lust they could not close,her ass and thigh skin was pretty dry but her pussy it just shined.

He unleashed her and took the handle off of his cock, he also uncollared her and turned her around, he put the now wet leash and collar between them and he pressed tight against her and they kissed.

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