Rain Delay

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The race season had started and was to race #5 Bristol, short track: HELL. Qualifying had already been rained out; the summer showers were threatening the race. I, being a driver’s girlfriend, went to every race with my man Drew Combine, the bad boy of racing.

Drew dressed in jeans and his main sponsor polo shirt. All his clothes look so sexy on him. He turned the weather channel on, still raining. Drew was getting antsy, it had been raining all weekend. He starts Pole by right of point lead. With no practice, it would be a tough race.

By noon, the drivers were all sitting in their motor-coaches playing games and watching the pre-race on TV. Drew was so tense. The both of us were in our drivers’ suit. John, the race reporter, hadn’t come to knock on the door to talk to Drew, yet. Trying to get comfy Drew pulled his top half down to his waist, showing his shooter shirt. He pulled me to his lap, sat me down, and unbuttoned my top, pulling it to my waist. Then, he lifted my shirt off and my sports bra went flying across the coach, smacking the front window. His hands kneaded my breasts while he took turns sucking each nipple. He pulled my body to the side of him and laid me down on the sofa. Looking into my eyes, he unzipped my bottom half and pulling them down, “Oh, my boxers huh.” He smiled knowing I wore them every time I saddled on this drivers’ suit. He licked my skin just above my mound. He smiled knowing he could tease me forever. He licked between my lips with his hard tongue; flicking his tongue back and forth on my clit. He rubbed my breasts, squeezing, and pulling.
“MMM. Drew!” I screamed as the knock hit the door.
“Drew, can I ask you some questions?”
Knowing he couldn’t say no, he covered me up a with the couch blanket, kissed me and grabbed his sponsor polo and pit hat then walked down the steps to meet John. I watched him on TV, as he wiped my juices off his lips then licked it from his finger.
“Were you eating, Drew?”
“Yes, it was… it was a sweet pie, love to eat it during rain delays.” And the wink, I knew was for me.
The rain was pouring around the awning and a few more questions were asked then they let him go. Closing the door, he ran back to the couch. He clapped his hands together and said “Back to my sweet pie.” He flung his hat and polo off to ’bout where my bra had landed. I sat covered up on the couch. He tossed the blanket to the floor. Then knelt before me, flicked my clit with his tongue and slid his hands up to my breasts again. I started breathing heavy again. Wanting him in me, I told him to fuck me. He picked me up sat me long ways on the couch, pushed down his pants, gripped his dick in his fist, and jerked a couple times. He pushed slowly into me. He came down to lie just atop me, thrusting his hips to me slowly. I wrapped my hands and feet around his back. He jerked his head back with a tense look on his face. Another knock, it was Craig, his crew chief. Drew didn’t answer, Craig opened the door. Drew jumped up, covering me up again and quickly pulled up his bottoms, before Craig could see us.
“Damn it! I’m busy.”
“Rain stopped, bud. Twenty minutes ago, time to go!” Running to pit road and being the last to show up. John came over and asked Drew, “That sweet pie was just too good to leave, huh?”
“You have no idea.” He said laughing.

Four hours later, Drew won. First question, “Guess that sweet pie was good luck, what kind was it?”
Stunned by the question, he blurted out, “Cream pie.”
“Gonna have it before every race?”
He winked at me and said, “If I can.”

We finally made it back to his home throwing our bags in the doorway. Again, he took off his shirt, showing off his belly. He sat down next to me; I turned to face him, intertwining my fingers with his chest hair. Leaning my body into his, smelling his manly smell, I rubbed my fingers up and down his chest. He pulled his right arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him, nuzzled his chin to my ear, and whispered sweet nothings. I had stripped out of my clothing, lying on the couch naked, when he soon joined me. Lying back down on the couch, I let him take over again. He lay atop me, slowly pushing his dick inside me. I begged for more, wanting him deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him into me. He kissed my neck down to my breasts, licking my nipples; tasting me as he slid his tongue down my chest. He pushed inside me and pulled out. I felt his body tense up, and I knew it would be soon. I was ready for him. He pulled out, leaned down, and flicked my clit with his tongue. Then he wrapped his tongue around my clit and began sucking me off, pushing his middle finger inside my cunt, fingering me. His mouth pressed on my box, his breath teasing my pussy. I was ready to explode any minute. I screamed at him to fuck me. He sat back up, slowly slid his dick inside me, kissing me hard on the lips, his left hand rubbing my breast. His body tensed up again, and he let go. His hot jizz filled me. Our lips still connected, wanting to taste more of each other.

We stood up, and went to take a shower… which we knew would lead to another hot and sexy round.

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