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I had just acquired this job working as an assistant to a Real Estate Agent. My family had recently done some business with him, so I knew him. He was this sweet and respectable man. During my first week, I had learned to be at the office by nine-nine thirty, but work really didn’t start until ten-ten thirty. During that free time, I’d make sure everything was set up for the day. By the third day of just sitting and reorganizing my desk, I brought in my writing spiral to work. My fans had been asking when I’d be sending out my newest short story. It had been a good three months and they were anxious.

A few days later, I had everything set up. I sat at my desk and started the second page. My boss walks in, I’m writing away. I stop get him his coffee. He asks if he could read what I was writing. I was shocked; I didn’t know what to say. He said the title caught his eye. The title was “New Job; New Responsibilities.” I told him. Maybe when it’s done, but I had no intentions of letting him read it, and still didn’t. He went down the street for some breakfast; I declined and started writing again.

“As Josh stuttered on the phone to me “Please c-come in t-t-tomorrow. I k-know its y-y-your d-d-day off, b-b-but I n-n-need your h-help.” Lauren told her boss that she’d be in bright and early. He had been working a lot on this one land deal. The city had been giving him a hard time on it.”

The phone rang it was a client. “Yes, Mr. Freedman, Mr. Rubie is free for a few minutes.” Mr. Freedman is a sweet man; he’s brought me roses a couple times. After he tells me, “Sweetie lets make a deal. If I come in tomorrow with roses will you have lunch with me.” For four days, I’ve said No, and he hasn’t kept his appointment. I said ya, sure. He hung up. I still had time before work; I got back to my writing.

“The next morning Lauren arrived at the office early. Josh told her to come in comfy clothes. She walked in. Josh looked at her and stuttered out “Y-You l-l-l-look b-b-be-beautiful in j-j-jeans a-and t-t-t-shirt.” Lauren felt pretty, she smiled and giggled. She told him “You look nice.”

The phone rang again it was Mr. Freedman. “Hello, Mr. Freedman. How may I help you?” He asked, “What is your favorite flower?” I told him “White and Red roses. Just like the ones you’ve given to me already.” He said “Thank you, have a good day.” And hung up. I smiled and hung up. The phone rang again. As I said “Hello.” A client started to yell at me. “Look, it’s been three months and nothing is happening. What are you doing about it?” I politely told Mr. Pentel, “As soon as Mr. Rubie gets back, I’ll tell him you called and need to talk with him immediately.” My boss walked in, he motioned at the phone and he knew it was Mr. Pentel. He’s been calling a lot. He picked up the phone, “Hello Mr. Pentel. L-Like I’ve t-told you d-d-daily for about a m-m-month now, as s-s-soon as I k-k-know you’ll k-k-know. I promise. They s-s-still have another m-m-month until they have to g-give an answer. And as s-s-soon as I hear something, you’ll k-k-know.” Mr. Pentel was a grumpy old man he hung up. My boss walked behind me, put his hands on my head and kissed my head, “You’re so sweet, no one needs to yell at you.” I almost melted; I mustered out “Thank you.” He sat at his desk, “So, did Mr. Freedman call?” I smiled. “Ahh, a smile I take it he did.” I nodded, “Yes, he did. Again, he asked to make an appointment. I told him yes, if he comes with roses I’d have lunch with him.” My boss looked disappointed “Do you like him?” I didn’t know really. “Well, ya; he’s cute, sweet, and he’s a gentleman.” And I stopped talking because he swiveled his chair around and looked disappointed, and for some idiotic reason I couldn’t figure it out, and I quit talking. The rest of the day was quiet, not many people calling. I wrote some more.

“Lauren walked to the table asked Josh, “Ok, where do I start?” Josh gave her a list, a stack of paper, and she was off. Writing letters, copying pages and stacking them in their right orders. As she copied and printed, she walked back and forth from copier, printer, and table. She had a routine. Josh came in; he slid his hands in her back pockets. Lauren giggled and told him stop. She had a routine. He kissed her neck and walked back to his desk. He was setting up meetings for this signing. A couple hours later, Lauren was done with her job. As she clipped the last booklet together, Josh walked up to her, slipped his hands in her front pockets; she let out a soft moan. Leaned her head back and kissed him and she told him “You’re so bad.” They were startled by the phone ringing.”

“Hey, you gonna answer it. Hello!” I snapped out of it answered the phone “Good afternoon, Rubie Real Estate how may I help you?” My boss sat at his desk kind of smiling and giggling. I wrote a note on the paper, wadded it up, and threw it at him. My mom was on the phone. “Yes, mom I will stop by the store this evening. Thank you for reminding me I have to get back to work. Good-bye. Yes you too.” I hung up the phone; my boss is still laughing some. “Well, did you read it?” “Ya, I read it. You’re interested in someone that’s unavailable, so the available work. Ya so, what does that mean?” It made so much sense to me and he didn’t understand it. “Nothing, Never mind.” I started writing again.

“Josh told her “Don’t answer it. The machine will get it.” They looked into each other’s eyes, he passionately kissed her. Lauren unbuttoned his shirt; he was taking off her shirt. Her 34C breasts were unveiled, so round and smooth with the exception of her very erect nipples. Josh was stunned, “w-w-w-wow. H-h-h-how b-b-b-b-beautiful.” He quit talking, she smiled and told him. “Ya, I knew you’d like them.” She placed his hands on her large melons and she let out a tiny moan. He puckered his lips. Lauren pulled his head towards her and told him “you look hungry.” His mouth wrapped around her nipple and he twirled his tongue around her nipple. “Mmm, god that’s so good” she said. He suckled on her breasts and she slid her hand down his stomach and slid her hand down his pants, he moaned with every inch she moved. Lauren’s hand felt through his boxer briefs, slid her hand through the flap, and softly stroked his dick. He let out a soft, but loud moan and his body and mind changed from sweet and goofy, to something different, but he was so gentle and passionate. He pressed her up against the wall and still kissing her breasts, he fumbled with her jeans button and zipper.”

My boss tapped on my shoulder, “Hey it’s 5:30 time to go.” He startled me, “I’ve been writing a while.” “Ya, I had to answer the phones, talk with clients.” I started to say “I’m sorry.” He started laughing and said “No, I’m just kidding nothing happened.” I put my spiral in my desk and went home. The next day I arrived earlier than normal, I’d miss and hour or so of writing so I wanted an extra few minutes. After the morning routine, I started writing again.

“Trying to unbutton her jeans, he wanted in her. She undid her pants; they fell to the floor, standing in the copy room up against the wall, pants at the ankles. He pushed her bikini bottoms down. She was already wet and the natural aroma filled the room. He knelt down and inhaled her sexy fragrance. His hands softly spreading her lips open. He licked her pussy. Her body shivered when he licked her and she let a moan slip from her lips. He smiled and she said, “More, more, more, God. More.”

“More?” My boss had walked in, scared me. I didn’t know he was there. Shoot, I didn’t know I was talking; maybe I had been talking through the whole time I’ve been writing. I freaked out. I asked him “What are you talking about?” “You just said mmm god more. I was just wondering.” I shrugged my shoulders. Then, I got scared I didn’t know if anyone had called and I missed it. I looked at the clock it was only eight-forty five. So, I was safe. My boss went down to have breakfast. As soon as he left, I was writing again.

“Josh licked her pussy, her
body was shaking. Lauren had to sit down, when sh
e reached the couch and sat down. Josh knelt down before her, spread her legs and spread her delectable lips with his thumbs. Lauren moaned ever so delicately. Josh slipped his tongue in and out of her pussy. Lauren’s body slid down towards Josh, her body flopped around some. Josh grabbed her thighs and held her body. Lauren wasn’t quiet; she was moaning quite loudly and screaming at Josh “Josh! Josh! Josh! Fuck me Josh, Please!” He stopped licking and he fumbled to get his pants off. She lay down on the couch, spread her lips and slid her finger seductively through her pussy. Josh was rushing so fast he wasn’t getting anywhere with it. Lauren sat up slowly, she wanted it bad, “Hey, relax, take your time.” As she finished talking, she was kneeling in front of him. Lauren took his hands kissed and sucked on his fingers. Josh was trying to calm down, Lauren unzipped his pants, they fell to the floor, she pulled his boxer briefs off, he couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands, he kept fumbling them. Lauren asked “Are you ok?” He nodded yes. She put his hands on her back, he rubbed her back. Lauren wrapped her hand around his shaft, puckered her lips, and passionately wrapped her lips around the heard. Josh moaned “Oh god, come on.” She slid down his shaft up and down.”

Mr. Freedman tapped on my shoulder. I was so into it, I jumped up and hid the book. Then I knew what I was doing. “God! Don’t you people say things before you tap people?” My boss was sitting at his desk, laughing. Mr. Freedman “So, what were you writing?” “That would be none of your business.” I told them. I looked at them both, “You’re not on the list so you don’t get to know.” “What list?” “The list from the publisher. So, drop it.” I sat down, “You’re early?” Mr. Freedman said “I never said what time lunch would be…” Mr. Freedman gave me some roses. “Thank you.” My boss had a pissed look on his face. “Ya’ll have a good time.” I told Tyler, I’d meet him at his car. I pulled my boss in the copy room, “Are you ok?” He looked at me and kissed me. “Now I am. Go to lunch. I’ll see you later.” I walked out. All through out lunch I was in a daze. We got back and Tyler said “You seem pre-occupied. What’s up?” “Tyler, I like you…” “But, a friend way. Ok. That’s fine. Tell Rubie, I’ll call for an update on our land deal.” “Ok. Sorry.” “If it doesn’t work with who ever…” “I would like to call you?” He kissed me, “I would love that. Maybe we can have a good time then.” I walked into my office, my boss was gone. I had a note on my desk, “Be back around 3 ish. Don’t worry about the phones.” I sat down and started writing.

“Lauren was making love to Josh’s dick. Josh pushed her back, she lay down on the couch, she put one leg on the headrest of the couch and the other on the floor. Josh leaned in on her, slid his dick in slowly, teasing her. Lauren wrapped her legs around him squeezes him in. He immediately explodes in her. Lauren keeps him close. When Josh goes soft, he rolls over, Lauren gets up. She turns the outside lights out and closes the copy room door. When she gets back, Josh is stroking his shaft slowly. Lauren smiles at him. He smiles and leans back, his dick standing at attention. Lauren walks over straddles his dick and slides her pussy over his dick starts slowly bouncing up and down. She gets so worked up; she’s bouncing up and down. Josh slows her down. “We have all day.” He messages her breasts, “MMM. Suck them please. Give them some needed attention.” “With pleasure.”

I looked at the clock and it was around 2:40 and it would be twenty or so minutes till my boss said he’d be back. I went to the copy room after locking the door; he had a key. I sat down on the couch and relaxed a little. I started to daydream about my story. Un-known to my self I was striping down to my undies. I slipped my finger in my slit, teasing myself. I had moaned a few times. Slowly caressing my pussy. I kept thinking about my story. And some one touched me, it was my boss. “Hey, let me help.” I jumped up. He put his hands on my shoulders asked me “Do you want to?” I nodded “Yes, Josh.” He turned on some soft music; I stood in the middle of the room. He took my hand and kissed me as he pulled me closer to him. We danced slowly to the music. He kissed me more, slipped his hands down my back. He took my hand, led me to the couch and I lay down. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. I laid back and he slowly put his body on mine. Kissing me ever so lightly. He took my shirt off and messaged my breasts and kissing them. I pulled his boxer briefs off, he tried pulling mine off. I stood up a little and they came off. We lay in the office copy room naked. He said, “The door is locked.” That was a relief to me, but I really didn’t think of it. “Good, now what?” I told him. He spread my legs and looked at me; I wanted it and nodded yes to him. He slowly stuck his dick in me. I inhaled and held my breath; his dick was a good size. He stopped “Are you ok?” He was so sweet. I nodded yes. “Come on please, do it.” I had to get used to his thick and long dick. He held himself up on the couch trying to go in and out of my pussy. I kissed him. “Stop. Let me get on top.” We stood up and he lay on the couch. His dick was at attention, wet and shiny. I grabbed his dick, slid my hand up and down on his shaft, and kissed the head. He pulled me up to him, I kissed him. I sat up and slid my pussy down on his dick. It took a few seconds to get used to his huge dick, but when I did, I lowered my chest; he grabbed my breasts and went to sucking on them. My body was grinding him slowly. I sat up and started bouncing up and down, I started slow, but I got faster and faster. I came first, shit I started before he did. I leaned back, I told him, “I can’t go anymore.” He looked clueless, and stood up. I looked at him and told him “Get your dick down here. It’s your turn.” He smiled and leaned back down. He slowly stuck his dick in me and started pumping his dick in and out of me and almost immediately, he came. He shot his seed up in me and lay down onto me. We kissed as he kept shooting in me. When he finally quit cumming, we kept kissing. He moved and lay up against the couch and I lay in front of him. He was still inside me and he went soft.

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