rey's love

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rey sat in his locker room holding the cruiserweight title but his thoughts were not on the title but on one certain girl he remembered how angie divorced him cause he wasnt always home but he let that slide and decided to go find the girl that caught his eyes he got dressed and walked out he waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her.

mandy and her friends walked out of the arena talking until her friend sean said ” mandy look at the guy he is looking at you”. mandy looked and istantly went shy she and her friends continued walking down the stairs and stopped at the guy mandy said ” yes can i help you”. rey said ” yes can you tell me if you were the girl that was cheering for rey when he won the title”? mandy said “that was me my name is amanda smith and you are”? rey said” rey mysterio”.

mandy istantly shut up as she looked at rey her heart fluttering softly remembering how her ex broke her heart she looked at rey and offered for him to go to dinner with her and her friends and he accepted.

later that night mandy and rey went to rey’s hotel room and sat and talked as they talked they begin to feel hot and begin to kiss heavily rey’s strong yet gently hands roamed over mandy’s soft yet beautiful body as mandy moaned soon mandy found herself on the bed moaning as rey licked her wet pussy and as she orgasimed rey drank her juices.

soon rey got the ok to enter her as he entered her he went as far as he could until he felt her virgin barrier he slammed past that as she screamed as he went slow her hips begin to rock with his thrusts and soon he was going faster than ever and mandy moans filled the room and were soon joined by rey’s moans as he cummed deep into her pussy and her muscles milked his cock of the cum and then the collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms both realizing that they loved each other and later they married had 1 child.

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  1. tgrpws

    Your story is in the wrong category and you really should write it in Word to correct your spelling and sentence structure before you submit another one.

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