Rich 30's hot lady is fucked hard after long wait

I was married briefly in my 20’s and my husband traveled too much on business so he gave me a very nice sum of money and we parted friends. While we spoke occasionally, we went our separate ways and I started doing charity work as I had enough money to insure I never needed to work again and my husband had advisors to simply handle all the money his company made.

A friend of mine had set me up on a few dates in my early 30’s but nothing really ever worked out so I hadn’t been laid in about 15 years when I showed up at Patrick’s house in order to help him decorate as he had just bought a new home and wasn’t married. We toured the home and I gave several ideas and he appreciated each of them.

Pat told me he’d love to thank me by buying us dinner at a local restaurant that was very exclusive. We talked openly about marriage and I admitted I hadn’t been on so much as a date in over 5 years. He teased me about being pent up with sexual energy and we laughed. We enjoyed dinner and he drove us back to his home so I could pick up my car. When we arrived he told me he’d like more help with decorating the home and I readily agreed as I hadn’t laughed that much in a long time.

He invited me inside for coffee and I teased him for trying to use my pent up sexual energy. He laughed and we entered the home. I went to the bathroom and realized how wet I had become when I took my skirt down. I was surprised that I was so excited by the thought of Patrick and I together physically.

I exited the bathroom and Patrick asked if I’d like to watch a movie or talk and I still don’t know why but I walked over and kissed him deeply. We kissed for several minutes before he started removing my clothing. Then he placed me on the thick carpet and bit my nipples and inserted a finger inside my wet hole. I was panting and felt feelings I hadn’t dreamed of in years.

My clit was pulsing hard and when Patrick lowered himself to tease it with his tongue I lost any inhibitions I had previously and humped his face like I had been in heat for a decade. He ate me to three thunderous orgasms before climbing back up and inserting his rather large cock inside me.

He pumped me slowly and I grabbed hold of his ass and started forcing him inside me faster and faster. I bit his shoulder and begged him to make me cum again. He did – twice more – then he turned me over and got on his knees behind me and inserted his cock deeply into me. My breasts swung freely as my nipples rubbed the carpet and I came again.

Then Patrick picked me up and placed my legs over his shoulders and held me up with his arms as he fucked me while I was in the air. I told him how great this was and how I needed it more than I had realized and he told me he was going to cum.

I urged him along with dirty talk saying things that should never come from a ladies mouth and he placed me back on the floor. I was on my knees and immediately took his manhood in my mouth and pumped it. His cum was sweet and warm as it went down my throat. I continued caressing his balls until he got hard again and we rolled around wildly for another hour or so before falling asleep in each others arms.

Patrick invited me to move in with him and has since taught me a lot about each of our bodies I never knew…like how licking under a man’s balls near his prostate can make him cum quickly and how being tied up can totally release your tension. I never thought rich girls could love getting fucked this much.

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Rich 30's hot lady is fucked hard after long wait, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. tinyboy

    I jacked off to it, very nice story.

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