Rick & Alicia ch3

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Chapter 3

Rick and Alicia was back to being friends, she forgave him. He took care of her that next three and an half weeks, and took her to school everyday.

It was Saturday, Rick had brought tickets for him and Alicia to go to the theater. Alicia was bored and was continuing to get over Rick taking her virginity. He was her friend and always taking care of her. She did not want his or her parent to have to go through that.

The movie was the great! He took her to an action movie, the fight in the movie was amazing. They stopped by a Red Box and got a horror movie for the night and a stop by a liquor store for some Amsterdam for Rick. He did this once every few months. Alicia got a comedy to watch after the horror movie.

When they got home Alicia made them a turkey and swizz sandwich with extra Miracle whip. Rick was sitting on the couch with the remote, Amsterdam on the table. Alicia sat down with the plate. She gave the other half to Rick. She stood up, bending over trying to find some candy in her bag. Rick smacked her on the ass. She was use to it so she just stood there still looking for the candy. He smacked her ass again this time gripping it. Yea! She found crunchy bunchy! She sat down popping Rick on the shoulder. He hit play on the movies.

The horror movie was good both of them laughed through most of the movie. The comedy was super hilarious. Rick had only taken a few sips of the Amsterdam. It was late and Rick was about to watch the special feature of the DVD. Alicia went to take a bath. She came out with her blue pajamas on (not the skimpy kind but the flannel).

Rick was flicking between Cinamax and some Showtime movie, he did not notice Alicia coming. The channel was Cinimax with two busty women rubbing on each other. That had Alicia remembering Rick kissing her tits. Rick still hadn’t notice Alicia. She reached and got the remote from his hand, her breast bumping his hand she had on no under clothes. She hoped Rick didn’t notice.

Rick felt Alicia breast touched his arm. His dick was already hard from watching the girls on television. He want to see and touch Alicia so bad. He stretched out and laid his head in Alicia’s lap, he looked into her face and smile. She laughed putting her hand over his face. She kissed his forehead, changing the channel to Sci-fi.

“Alicia can I ask you something?” Rick asked while Alicia moved her hand.

“Yes what is?” she asked.

“Please don’t get mad, but I need a release.” He looked so serious he could see her expression.

“You mean you want to have sex with me again?” she asked.

“Yes please I just need something,”he looked at her sitting up.

“Rick I don’t know, I think you’re too big for me,” she had been thinking about Rick kissing her body that felt so good. He was her friend and he sounded like he was begging.

That’s when Rick leaned over and kissed Alicia. He kissed her again. She was not moving he needed her, if she said stop he would. Rick kissed her again this time not letting up that’s when she opened her mouth. Rick sucked on her tongue, shoving his tongue into her mouth her jaws were open wide he was shoving his face into her mouth. He let up on her kissing down her neck.

Alicia could not believe she was letting him have sex with her. He sounded so desperate, how could she say no and she could feel her private place getting wet again. She could feel his mouth on her nipples sucking,biting and pinching. It was feeling so good she hoped he’d get his released before butting that monster into her again.

Rick now had Alicia’s pajama top off he was glad she wore no bra. He was kissing her brown globes and sucking her dark chocolate nipple. He was trying to get the whole thing in his mouth. He kissed down to her belly. He could smell her pussy, it was already wet. He got on his knees on the floor. He lifted her hips pulling the pants off he threw them across the room. He looked up at Alicia she had her mouth open and before she could say anything he spread her legs wide, pushing his face into her wet cunt. He pulled his face back and picks Alicia up wrapping her legs around his waist, her wet pussy was rubbing on his sweat shirt. He push open the door to his room and lay Alicia on the bed. He hurry to his dresser and puts on a condom.

Alicia had scooted to the top of his bed. She saw the condom. She started shaking. He was naked now. She was about to get up. She closed her legs tight and covered her breast.

” Rick I’m going to go to my room,” she was about to get up but Rick force her legs open, laying on his stomach . He lick her slits as she shakes. Alicia moaned.

“Alicia I promise,”lick, suck, ” I’ll be so gently tonight,” Another lick, another suck, then a slurp and more of her wetness went on his tongue. Another moan and whimper from Alicia.

Alicia could not understand how Rick could make her secrete place so wet and get her breast to feel so heavy. He could make her body start dripping. He seem to love the taste of her he slurped and sucked on her she was a sweet cake or something. She could feel his finger enter her. She was feeling that same feeling as to when her body he make her body go out of control from head to toe and she felt the wetness flow from her secrete place. She felt her body hot her hips starting to buck on their own he inserted another finger have the wetness come out like a flood.

Rick felt Alicia cum, her body shook so bad he had to hold her down. Her hips go so out of control he had to hold her afterward, until she calmed down. He got on his knees straddling Alicia’s chest. He rubbed his dick on her lips, while she looked confused.

“Alicia open your mouth,” she does, he full lips allowing his cock to enter.

The condom was strawberry flavored. She sucked and licked tasting the condom. Rick was pushing in and out of Alicia’s mouth she would gag when he went to her throat as it contracted around the head of his cock. Rick stopped pulling completely from her mouth. He started kissing and sucking her breast again. His fingers enter her pussy. He could still feel her getting wet again, her pussy seemed like was trying to hold its finger she was about to cum her hips were rotating on his finger as he sucked her tit and pinch the other, her fingernail were sinking into his back while her other hand was rubbing his head.

“Oh Oooh Rick Rick Rick RIIIIIIIICCCCCKK!” Alicia yelled.

Rick felt her pussy trying to suck his hand in. He pulled his hand from her cunt. His hand had her juice dripping from his hand. He got his KY gel and rubbed it on the condom and into Alicia’s pussy hole. He put the tip of his dick into her and entered slowly. He could only get an inch into her . Her pussy was so tight already with just the head being in. He pulled out and pushed in again. He looked at Alicia she was just laying there gripping the cover with her eyes close. He pulled out and went in slowly again. He cunt muscle were still working and stretching to accommodate him. He was half way into her pussy. He pulled out and pushed in again. Damn her pussy was still tight. He only had three inches to go He pulled out to the tip and pushed all the way into her to the hilt. He stay in her not moving but its so hard with pussy trying to suffocate his cock. He looks at her she is staring at him. He massages her breast. He lifted her hip slowly as he sat on his knees, his cock still inside her. He pulls her up by her arm,she is straddling her thighs. He was in her at a deeper angle now. He tits were near his lips. He put his hand behind her back and began to suck her tits. He could feel her pussy adjusting to his dick. Alicia moved her hips a little, Rick groan and moan. She knew he liked so she moved some more looking at him. This time she lifted her hips, he moaned again.

It did not hurt so much now she would still be a little sore, but no pain like last time. Rick slides his hand to her hips and begin to slide her up and down, up and down on his cock. Her pussy was so tight so wet. She griped him like a tight glove. He could feel all of her pussy muscle tightening and gripping his cock. He heard her moan.”Rick, Rick, Rick!”

Alicia now has a rhythm, riding Rick in a slow pace. She is on edge again so close, she grabs Rick’s face kissing him swirling her tongue around in his mouth. She sucks his tongue as Rick is sliding her up and down that huge cock. The more her cunt muscles clenched his cock the harder she suck on his tongue. She then nips his lips, she puts her hand on his should. She is about to cum and he can tell. Her nail sinks in to his shoulder and she bites his bottom lip. Her pussy pulled Ricks dick further into her cunt. She falls back.

Rick speed up now pounding into the tight cunt. Alicia withering, moaning and bucking. “Oh Rick Rick Rick, OMG, my pussy,” that turned Rick on her tightening muscle slowing him down. He was close now his balls were getting tighter Alicia was cumming again. Her back arching at what seem like an impossible angle for the human body.”Damn Alicia” he moan he pushed in to her hard twice and came. He pull out of Alicia and look at her tired body not moving. He spread her legs apart just looking at her amazingly tight pussy it still look so small. She tries to close her leg. He didn’t let her, he laid his dick with the condom still on, on her pussy he pull the condom off watching the warm cum run over her pussy and into her slit. The amazing thing afterward was when she began rubbing it in then licked it off her fingers. She turned over and went to sleep naked in his bed.

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