Rick & Alicia Ch8

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Chapter 8

Rick and Alicia were packing to go home for the summer. She was going to trial Rick home while Britannica ride with Alicia and Kyle Riding with Rick.. They had to drive to all the way back to Jasper County Missouri. That was more than a ten hour drive. They were more than likely going to break at least at some hotel tonight, Alicia didn’t like driving in the woods late at night.

They left on the road around three o’clock. What couldn’t fit in
Alicia’s trunk went into the back of Rick’s truck. They had been driving for seven hours when they finally decide to stop at a motel. It was almost eleven thirty at night. They went to the front window. They had decided to get a room with double beds.

Brit being Brit asked”Okay so who sleeping with who?”

“I’m sleeping with Alicia,” Rick declared

“Uh I think Brit and I should sleep together,”Alicia suggested.

“Really doesn’t matter to me,” Kyle said, he lived next door to Rick and Alicia. He was a cute white boy who ran track. He had blue eyes and black hair and a a crush on Alicia. He, Rick and Alicia had been friends since they were little. Then their was the rumor that he was fucking Alicia sister, Jasmine, but they were cool.

“I don’t care Alicia where ever you sleep I sleep,”Rick said rubbing his stomach,”Anyway let hurry up and order something to eat before domino’s close.”

Britt ordered the pizza,while everyone else got on the bed watching prom night. Rick was sleeping in the bed with Alicia while Kyle and Britt slept in the other. Alicia had dozed off a few minutes after they had checked in. Rick cuddled up with Alicia after he ate and went to sleep.

Kyle and Britt was on the other bed. They had been flirting since they had thought everyone was sleep. Rick was still cuddling with Alicia with his head laying on Alicia breast.

“Those two should be married, he need to hit already.”Britt whispered, sounded like Rick heard slurping noise. He peeks up seeing Kyle’s back.

Britt and Kyle was ready to have a good time. She was so fucking horny and love to fuck and it had been a minute, and she had heard Kyle like black girls meaning Alicia sister and was suppose to have a crush on Alicia. His dick was bigger than average felt like eight inches. He wasn’t her first white boy and he was bigger and thicker, Kyle had it going on and he was sexy.

Kyle and Britt looked over making sure Rick and Alicia were asleep. They just looked like a couple. The way they were together, even when they lived together. They acted like they were married. Alicia cooked, washed clothes and Rick took her out to eat at least once every two week and when they’re not dating they either went to the movies or had movie night at home.

“I hope he getting some,” Kyle whispered.

“Why?” Britt ask

“He pay for the movies and restaurant every time they go out.”Kyle said starting to squeeze on Britt’s tit.

“Well we know he’s not getting any that girl is stuck on saving herself until she get married nothing like her sister”

“Well let get back to us,” Kyle pushes Britt head down to his cock. Damn her mouth was so warm, she was sucking the tip of Kyle’s cock fondling his ball. She swirled her tongue around the head. Kyle was holding in a bad moan. She came back to the tip of his cock this time sucking it to the tip of throat. Her mouth was so warm and wet, her saliva was dripping rolling down his cock she was riding his dick with her mouth. She sucked hard getting him down her throat, she stopped midway giving her throat time to get use to the invasion of a cock. She was back to sucking his cock fast. Kyle stopped Britt before he came, he pulled her shorts off fast, pushing into her cunt without a condom. She yip. It hurts its going to fast, and she’s not that wet to take him. He pulls out and feels around under the covers finding her thongs and pushes them into her mouth. He push back into her. She groaned, she was about to get fucked hard, she had not had a good fuck in a while.

He put that big cock back into her again and damn it hurt. He was fucking her hard and she couldn’t stop they loud groan this time. He pushed into her hard and fast, she started massaging her clit. Oh fuck it was hurting and now starting to feel good. He he was pushing into her hard

“Oh fuck,” she could not help but to yell out loud “Oh Fuck,” He was now completely into her. He knew both Rick and Alicia was woke. Kyle enjoyed exhibitionist every chance he got. He saw Alicia get up and cut on the light, he continued to fuck Britt.

“What the fuck?”she was about to turn off the light when said,”Alicia leave the light on.”

“Britt and Kyle do you guys want to let me and Rick watch you guys fuck,” Alicia asked.

Britt’s mouth was stuffed, so Kyle answered, “Naw I don’t mind, I like to be watched.” He never stopped fucking Britannica. Brit was moaning and pushing her hips back to meet Kyle’s thrust. He was banging her hard, Brit looked be feeling so good then she started cumming. Kyle still fucked her. He slid out. He licks her pussy. Sending her into another set of spasms,he lick up to her pucker hole tasting more of his and her cum.

Rick knew Kyle was a freak. They had been in three or four gang bangs together. That guy like to fuck girls likes was running a marathon. He was always more than a little rough, but hey so was Rick.

He look back over at Kyle and Britt, Kyle was now positioning his dick to enter Britt’s ass. Alicia was on her way across the room to the bathroom. Kyle dick entered Britt and she tried to yell. He pushed in slowly easing into her ass an in at a time. He began to pump in and out of her, she was already cumming. He was almost the whole length in only two inches to go. Britt had a mouth of wet panties. Kyle was about to cum. He was fucking Britt’s ass fast and hard. They were both enjoying it. Then Britannica came and Kyle on her back shortly.

Britannica pulled her thong out of her mouth,”Damn that was good,” she laid down, “A little rough but good.”

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