rompe with zoro

Jeez, today started out like any other day I got ready for work and got on the train as usual. How did it end up so weird? Will I ever get back? Do I want to go back?

My name is Kawahsi Mieko I’m 19 and I live in Japan. I am 5’5″ long black hair and brown eyes. I have a 38f cup and thick thighs.
I was on my way to work as an interpreter for an anime company, when it happened.

I was sitting in my seat reading my favorite manga One Piece, when all of a sudden there was a blue flash and I was sitting on the lap of Monkey D. Luffy. He looked very shocked. And I did too.
He said, “Who are you? How did you get here?”
“I don’t know.” I replied. “One minute I was sitting in my seat on the train and then next I’m in your lap”
I jumped off of his lap. Quite embarrassed, as I stepped off his special seat, the goat masthead of the Merry Go, the ship that he was the captain of, I felt a little awkward as I looked and saw the other pirates looking at me.
My god had I died and this was some kind of otaku heaven?
Zoro was the first to recover from his shock. With his hand unsheathing one of his three swords.
He said, “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”
“That’s what I said Zoro! Stop stealing my lines!” Luffy said.
Usopp looked quite annoyed “Why don’t you let her talk. She’ll know better than you what happened.”
“I don’t know I was sitting on the train and the next thing I know I’m in Luffy’s lap.”
“Hey! How do you know my name? Are you a psychotic?” the rubberman hollered.
“BAKA! The word is Psychic.” Zoro says.
“No I read a manga called One Piece. And you are all in it.”
You Luffy, and Zoro. Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Chopper, and Robin. Your all here in the latest volume of it.”
“What are you talking about and how did you know we were after One Piece?”
I’m telling you its right here. Showing them the book.
Let me see that robin says and I hand her the book.
“Oh my.” She giggles.
Zoro turns 3 shades of red “Its that kind of book?”
“Not at all”
“Then why are you laughing?”
“Cause it tells of when Usopp says he has an army of 8,000 followers”
“I do I really do” Usopp says
Nami smacks Usopp on the head “Always lying as usual”

Just then Sanji comes out from the kitchen.
“Everyone snacks are rea…. Mellorine!!!!!! Where did you come from?”
“Oi, love cook that’s what were trying to figure out.” Zoro says
“Shut up you marimo.”
Why you!” and they begin to fight. Nami glomps them on the head
“Will you two stop it?”
“Yes Nami-san anything your heart desires I will do” Sanji says
And Sanji begins to shoot hears from his eyes and shouts
“Mellorine, Mellorine!!!”
Robin looks at me and says, “I’d like to hear your story, and where did you get this?”
“Well I don’t have much of a story.” I said. “And I bought it back at a bookstore in Japan.”
“What’s that? Is it food? An island in the Grandline? Nami steer us to Japan right now!!”
“Luffy I’ve never heard of this Japan place.” Nami replied, looking quite annoyed.
I said, “You probably can’t get there from here.”
Chopper says, “Then how did you get here?”
“All I know I was reading the manga and here I was”
“Well that cant be helped I suppose Mellorine!” (Sanji clears his throat.) “Can I get any sweets for the sweet?”
“No. I’m alright but I have to get back I will be late for work”
“Well we will help you find away to get back to where you’re from as much as we can”
Sanji says as he walks back to the kitchen. “Oi, Usopp give me a hand.”

As we walk towards the rest of the ship, Nami gives me a tour, and says,
“So tell me about this Japan, What is it like? Is there a lot of treasure?”
“Are there many places for adventure?” Luffy asks excitedly.
“I don’t know about treasure and adventure but I do know it’s filled with a lot of people and all kinds of historical places, and cool stuff to see.”
“Sounds boring.” Luffy says and goes back and sits on his seat on top of the ships masthead.

I sat down and talked with Robin some about the things I had read about, and about Japan and about what I did for work. And what I did in my spare time. Usopp was very curious about my cell phone and laptop and my pda.
Everyone was utterly astonished when later I turned on my laptop and showed them an amv with them in it, and then an episode of One Piece (the one when Zoro Fights Mihawk in the Baratie arc.) And I admit that it’s my favorite one.
Zoro blushes a little and gives me a strange look.
I ignore it, but it still makes me nervous and kind of all of a sudden shy.

Later on that night, I was lying in a bed they made up for me in the dining area of the ship. When the door opens slightly. And a voice asks if I’m awake. I figure its just Luffy come to raid the fridge in the middle of the night (as is common for him).
“Yes I’m awake. Please come in.”
It isn’t Luffy but Zoro.
“I wanted to talk to you if you felt up to it.” He says
“Sure” I say, “I’m still too much in shock to sleep”
“It must be weird.” He says and leans by the door.
“Yeah. A little, I never knew a world like this really existed, or I may even be dreaming.”
“I’ve had a lot of strange things happen to me since I met Luffy, but I couldn’t even think of what it would be like to head one place and suddenly be in another”
“But Zoro, doesn’t that happen to you all the time?”
“Oh, you really do know a lot about us.”
“Not everything but some things.”
Finally he takes a seat next to me on the mat.
“W- what else do you want to know?” He stammers nervously
“I want to know everything I can. I’m not sure how long I am going to be here. So I want to know all I can.”
Suddenly he pulls me to him and kisses me. I’m a little shocked, but I don’t resist and when I come to my senses I kiss him back.
He pulls away from me.
“I’m sorry.” He says
“Don’t be.” And I lean in to kiss him again.
We begin to kiss, and its sweet and passionate. He begins to rub my back and kisses my neck and starts to move closer and pushes me down onto the mat.
He is making his way down my chest. Gently and tenderly kissing the tops of my breasts. Fondling my breasts and kissing my nipples I start to moan quietly as his warm mouth encompasses my nipples. As he sucks on them he licks them, and is running his hand down my back over my butt and to my pelvis he begins to slowly rub my pussy through my underwear. I begin to moan slightly as his kisses become more persistent.
I push him off of me and say. ” I need a minute. This is way to much and too fast.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to rush things.” He says.
“Its not that it’s I really can’t believe that this is happening.”
“Do you want it to happen?”
“Yes”, I say. “But it should be slower, more like this.”
I reach back to him and slowly kiss his lips, as I run my fingers through his thick green hair, completely changing the momentum of the pace.
He responds back just as tenderly and begins rubbing my back again as I kiss my way down his neck and take off his shirt and hiramaki that he wears.
I slowly and gently place kisses on his neck and chest.
“Yes”, He says. “This is much better.”
I slowly make my way down his chest to his stomach as I kiss his very taught muscular abs. I slowly and gently, rub my hands down his sides, gently leaning him back.
As I get closer to the top of his pants I unbutton them.

As I remove his bottoms I lean him lower to the mat, and I take his manhood into my hands. Gently and firmly holding onto it. As I lower my head down to his large cock,
He stops me.
“I want to know.” He says. “Before we start, is this what you really want? Its not to late to stop.”
“Yes, I want this very much.”
He pulls me to him for another kiss, and I lower myself to his cock. Taking it into my mouth. As I wrap his 9-inc
h shaft in the warm wetness of my mouth I hear him sigh and moan slightly. As I move my mouth up and down slowly and at the same time flicking my tongue as I go. Up and down I go repeatedly. As he gets
closer to climax, he stops me.
“Wait”, he says
As he pulls me to his mouth for more kisses, he begins to lower me to the mat and starts kissing my chest again slowly and massaging my breasts.
He kisses me again as he removes my panties; he puts them on the floor and spreads my thighs.
He begins to kiss my stomach and slowly moves down to my pelvis and my inner thighs kissing and massaging gently as he goes. I moan slightly as he spreads the lips of my pussy, and lightly brushes his thumbs against my now very swollen clit.
As he kisses my outer lips, I can feel his warm breath all over my wet pussy.
Finally he brings his mouth down to my waiting pussy and starts to flick his tongue back and forth on my clit.
“Oh, yeah, that feels good” I tell him.
As he sucks and licks my pussy till right before I am ready.
He stops and kisses his way back up. Slowly kissing my body as he goes. He begins to kiss me again. And I taste my self on his mouth.
As he lies on top of me his now throbbing cock finds its way into my hungrily wet and waiting pussy.
“Are you sure?” He asks again.
“Yes.” I say, “I need you to fill me up. Now.”
He responds by slowly and gently pushing his self further and further into me. Before pulling out again, to the head, and back in again. Over and over, his thrusts going ever so slowly and gently as we kiss, our bodies writhe together both with the rhythm of our lovemaking and the sway of the boat on the water.
Slower and slower it felt like beautiful torture. I begin to moan loudly and to scratch at his back, as he starts to step up the pace of his movements.
He begins to moan and to gently whisper my name.
“Mieko, oh Mieko, I wish you didn’t have to go back. I want you to stay here with me.”
“Please, Please.”
As his movements gets faster and more passionate, as we get closer to our climaxes. And the lovemaking gets more and more intense. I can feel him throbbing and thrusting and moving inside me and my whole body is tingling and I am moving my hips opposite to him. So that when he thrusts in he gets so deep I can feel him hit my cervix.
“Yes.” I say “I’ll stay here with you forever. I never want to leave your side.”
As his thrusts get more intense and deeper, it feels as if his cock will explode inside me.
As we kiss again more insistent this time as we get closer to climax. He begins to whisper in my ear. “I love you. I think I loved you the moment you appeared like an angel in a flash of white light.”
As I continue to get closer to my climax, I think could I love him this soon after meeting him? Could I really want to stay here with him?
Yes I really did.
“I love you too. I love you too.” I said as we both climaxed it felt like warm water rushing over me tingling every inch of my body.
The orgasm that hit us both was made even more intense by our professions of love for each other.
“So.” He says. “Are you going to stay here for real?”
“Yes. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”
“Good.” He says, and snuggles up next to me and falls asleep.
“Goodnight sweet swordsman.” And I fall asleep with him in my arms.

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