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It’s 2 weeks before my wedding and both of our bachelor and bachelorett party’s are at the same hotel. But in different party rooms. Champagne and finger food and male stripper’s flowing in my party. And beer and shots and pizza, porn and female strippers flowing in my fiancee party. Both party are wild and everyone having a great time.

I have to pee and want to get my head together I’m quit buzzed from all the Champagne I’ve drank. So I look for a bathroom a little ways from my party. I pee and cool my face off. As I’m cooling my face I hear the bathroom door open. And when I look up WOW! I BLINK ONCE… TWICE… I’ve must have had too much to drink.She looks at me and stare. Hi I’m Bambi she says. Hi I’m Suzy we both look at each other and can’t believe how much we look like each other. The only real difference in us is age and bust size I’m 36 CC and she’s 36 DD and my hair is little shorter.

Bambi tells me she a stripper and just came from the bachelor party down the hall. I tell her I’m attending the bachelorett party. We both laugh. She drops 2 room key and the sink. I notice it’s room’s 214 and 325. Jim the best mans has room 325. And my fiancees is room 214. I ask Bambi if she’s going to use any or both of the key ?And she’s say’s she wish she could use both because both of guy’s were really hott! We chatted some more and then she said she was using key 214 my fiancees.She looked at me and said want the other one we look alike no one will know. My mind starts running a mile a minute. I tell her yes I’ll take it.She hands it to me we both smile and out we walk.

My head is still buzzing from the champagne I’m holding the key in my hand. How many times have I fantasized about Jim my soon to be hubby’s best friend. The time we all went camping and I came upon Jim and his gf at the time in the woods fucking. Jim fucking 2 women in his pool. the time I walked into the bathroom and caught him masturbating . I can’t remember how many times I thought about fucking Jim myself. I put the key in my bra and go back to my party.
I have a few more glasses of champagne and party some more. I look at the clock and it’s 12:10. I look down in my bra. the room key still there. It’s now or never I say. I tell everyone I’m too buzzed and going to my room. I walk back to my room and take a quick shower but on a skimpy sundress and no panties or bra. I walk up 2 flights of stairs not wanting to use the elevator and running into anyone. Jim’s room is 2 rooms from the stairs door. I slip the key into the lock and walk in I can tell no ones there. I debate if I should leave. But I stay I go sit out on the balcony and wait. 30 minutes later I hear a key opening the door. I step into the room.the room is dark except 4 the little light Jim leaves in as he opens the door. don’t turn on the light I say. Bambi? Yes. He shuts the door and walks over to me and kisses me…….mmmmmmmmmmm U taste good. he says.

He pins me against the wall and lifts my dress up only too find no panties. He slips a finger inside my slit and finds me wet, unzips his pants and thrusts his cock deep inside my wet pussy. He fucks me hard and fast bringing us both to a climax together. And then he says oh yes Suzy as he came. What I say stunned. I’m’ sorry Bambi Jim says. I’ve never done that before. He pulls out of me I miss him already.

Jim starts talking. Bambi I’m really sorry. My friends soon to be wife looks just like U and I’ve wanted to fuck her for a long time. Tonight with the drinking and U showing up looking almost like her. I’m really sorry. I’m stunned. I walk up to Jim and kiss him and tell him it’s cool. Tonight can be about fantasy I say. he pulls me too him and we kiss hungrily. He pulls my dress over my head and notices my nipple ring. I didn’t notice your nipple ring when U danced. oops…………I take it out we I dance I say. He tells me he really likes it and pulls it into his mouth and sucks and teases it he sucks on it till me makes me cum. I yank his pants down and tell him to sit in the chair. I crawl between his legs and take his huge cock in my hands and stroke him slowly. Feeling him grow bigger in my hands. I’ve wanted to do the 4 I tease him with the tip of my tongue he moans….around and around……I can taste the pre cum…I massage his balls…take them in my mouth sucking them….licking…..finally my mouth covers his cock………..mmmmmmmmmmm oh yes he says…he thrust ….I almost gag.he’s huge…..he tells me to relax……..he goes in deeper……he cups the back of my head I relax more…….deeper……deeper….oh yes he starts fucking my mouth I tighten my lips around him sucking ..sucking….licking…….I can feel his cock getting bigger……..another thrust…deeper… and finally he cum’s in my mouth spills his hott seed deep in my throat………

I straddle Jim lap and we kiss and touch. After a few minutes I feel Jim cock stirring behind me ready for round 2. I lift up and he slid’s into me nice and slow this time going in deep as he sucks my nipple ring. I start moving faster and faster taking him deeper inside my hot cunt. he grabs my ass and squeezes we fuck harder and faster…….and we both explode at the same time….

Jim carries me into the bathroom and we take a shower both washing each other…exploring…we finally make it to the bed and Jim starts kissing me starting at my toes…..mmmmmmmmmm I tell him I love my toes sucked…….and he sucks and nibbles…..he starts kissing up,,,,up………..up.till he finally kisses my slits……mmmmmmm U smell so good….he opens my lips with his finger and slips his tongue in licking and sucking until I cum in his mouth…….. he tells me to flip over and he starts to kiss my ass…he slips his tongue in my crack licking. then slips his finger in my already wet pussy and starts to finger fuck me as he eat my ass…….I can’t believe how good it feels…….Jim keeps both my hole’s happy…… he can feel my cunt tightening around his fingers and he pulls his finger out and slips them in my ass driving me crazy finger fucking my ass…. and at last slowly thrust his huge cock in my ass…..fucking me slowly…. the faster going deeper …. I start fingering myself rubbing my clit….Jim explodes in my ass and I get myself off ….

We fall asleep spooned. Jim awakes me as he slips his cock into me pussy from behind. He grabs my tits and pinches them. As he slams into me over and over and until we both cum again. I tell Jim how wonderful he is. But I hate to tell him I gotta go. Let’s just hug for awhile before U leave ok Bambi. Yes I say…he starts rubbing my back and the next thing I know it’s morning!!!

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