Sally The Slave Part 1

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Sally Parkons was glad to be out of her office. Another day of kissing her bosses ass, another day of the sexual comments and another day of giving head to the hermaphrodite in the Art Department. Sally was an intern at GloboCorp., world’s largest corporation and known for their cruel deception, employees and their countless porno videos and toys sold underground. Above ground, to pretty much the entire population in the world, GloboCorp., was the military’s major provider in weapons and intelligence, they had created the cure to AIDS, cancer and other diseases that were incurable in the early 20th century. Oh yeah, good place to work. Sally was 5’5, light blonde hair that was practically white, bright blue eyes that were almost too blue to be real, she was a 36DD (all natural), had nice curvaceous hips and thighs that were made for being spread. Of course she was also no longer a virgin, who was a virgin down in Texas now-a-days? Sally was also 19 and her boyfriend was 24 but she wouldn’t sleep with him. Why? She didn’t know nor did he and that pissed him off but he never told.

Sally was walking across the street smoothing out her black business suit, making her way to her black corvette. A shadow in the alley across from her tossed his cigarette onto the dirt-covered asphalt and started to make his way towards Sally. This shadow had been watching Sally for two months now and it was finally time to make his move. As Sally reached into her purse to fish for her keys, something her mother always told her not to do, the man walked up behind her and just as soon as she found her keys he pulled out a handkerchief which had chloroform on it and put it around her mouth, just like the movies. However the movies never showed the victim fighting back, Sally did. She flung her fists and kicked her feet but the man kept his head back and legs crossed, he didn’t need to be kicked in the balls just yet. Finally Sally stopped fighting and crumpled to the ground.

The room Sally woke up I was average-sized, just larger then a prison cell. She was chained to a bed, the mattress was nice and clean though. Around the room Sally saw all sorts of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, lubricants and her personal favorite, whips. Sally’s cunt started to get wet just looking at the toys, she shook her head, this wasn’t the time to think about sex. A door opened, the only door in the room, and a man walked in. Sally couldn’t see him, she was facing the wall, but she heard his steps, slow and calm, he wasn’t scared of anything. The man walked around the bed and looked down at Sally, he smirked, she was better then her pictures.
“Who are you?” Sally asked when she could see the man.
“Your new master.” He said calmly. No Texan accent on this guy.
Sally laughed softly. “Sure, Herb, if it’s you this isn’t funny.”
“I’m not Herb and I’m glad that you know this isn’t funny because if you resist me then you’ll pay the dire consequences.”
“Like what?”
The man reached into his coat pocket and showed Sally a picture of a nude woman with her tongue and breasts cut off.
“Of course I’ll make sure you’re still alive and have you walk around like that, she is.” The man said.
“Please, mister, don’t hurt me.” Sally said, fear rose in her voice.
“It’s ‘master’ to you from now on.”
Sally swallowed her pride. “Yes…master.”
“Good slave.”
The man reached out and with one hand, as if it didn’t mean anything, he ripped off Sally’s business suit to expose her bare breasts and then the sexy purple silk thong and matching garters. Sally was embarrassed, she usually dressed like this because she masturbated in the car using the companies toys but seeing a stranger looking at her like this made her…horny. Her cunt dripped more and she crossed her legs, only her wrists were chained to the bed, thank god. The man had smooth hands, they explored her body, went down her face, down her neck, over her large breasts and finally in between her legs. She squirmed but he slapped her with his free hand.
“Don’t resist me or you’ll be punished.” He said.
“I’m sorry master.”
Sally opened her legs wide, though she wasn’t told to, and she allowed her master to probe her wet cunt. He pushed her thong fabric inside of her then when he came out part of his finger had her juices on it. He sucked on his finger and smiled.
“Sweet and tender, just how I like them.” He said.
He stripped off his clothing, a fancy black jacket, pants, white shirt and tie and got on the bed. Sally watched him in whatever light she could, she saw glimpses of black hair, green eyes, white teeth, a six-pack, muscles. God he was buff and hot, Sally said to herself. Then she saw his cock. That piece of meat was the biggest white piece of meat she’s ever seen, it had to be a good twelve or thirteen inches long and about five and a half inches in width.
“A-Are you going to fuck me master?” Sally asked, somewhat scared now.
“Don’t you ever ask me a question, you aren’t respected enough to ask me anything.” He said. His voice still calm.
“Sorry master.” Sally said, her voice dropping another tone, it was barely a whisper now.
The master slid Sally’s lingerie underwear to the side, exposing her wet and sticky cunt with its neat patch of black hair just above the slit, and without any hesitation he rammed his cock into her and it slid inside easily. Sally let out a loud scream and moan, both from pleasure and pain, her back arched in the air and her she pulled tightly on her restraints. Her master grabs her hips tightly and he starts fucking her, his cock penetrating her cunt, it feels almost like her first time. Sally doesn’t close her eyes, she doesn’t beg for him to stop, in fact she wants the complete opposite, she wants him to continue, to keep fucking her.
The master pushes up with his feet and that raises Sally higher into the air, it’s like he’s fucking her vertically now. Her cunt makes soft squishy sounds as he rams that cock inside of her.
“More, master, more!” Sally shouts, now enjoying this though she knows she should be screaming for help.
Sally hears her master groan and grunt, his orgasm is building but hers is already on the brink of explosion. Her master pulls out completely, no, no, no, Sally wants him to continue fucking her but he switches to a different hole. One Sally has rarely gotten fucked in. His cock head glides over her asshole, her juices lubricate the hole and soon she feels him slide inside of her slowly. Sally closes her eyes and grits her teeth, her asshole spreads open and it hurts like hell at first but Sally flexes her muscles and soon her master hits home, he is inside of her and it feels good. The master fucks her ass a few more minutes and finally he groans in satisfaction, Sally feels his hot cum shoot inside of her ass. The master stays there for some time, just letting the feeling settle then he gets off the bed and walks out naked. Sally can hear him and some other women in the halls.
“Master, fuck us please.” One says.
“Please master, we haven’t been fucked by you in a long time.” Another says.
“Another time, for now, leave me and don’t touch the girl.” The master says.
“Yes master.”

Sally stays on the bed still chained, trying to think of sexy thoughts so she could have her orgasm.
More to come…

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