Sam my love.

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slowly I walked into my apartment sighing as I went…my life sucked. I worked my ass off from 8 to 8 as a public worker at my local power plant. Today I was feeling really lousy with my self after I had to shut down 2 power grids in the local town resulting in 20 family’s without power. Slowly I made my way into my livingroom throwing off my tie and shirt as I went.
Suddenly as I was checking myself out in the reflection of my window (not bad looks 6 ft almost a 6 pack with black hair and green eyes)I saw her.
Sam the love of my life…though she didn’t know that yet she stood about 5.3ft tall with long brown hair that trailed down tho the supple curves of that wonderful ass and although she had gained a few pounds she was still very curvy. For months I have been hitting on her, you know helping her out here and their with a few things slowly dropping of hints of my love for her, witch she seemed to take no notice of.
Well there I was gazing out my window with aw at her beauty witch was intoxicating she was slowly taking off her top after what I assumed was a hard days work also. she slowly lifted her top off over her head reveling what appeared to be 36c tits witch were just right for me. slowly I pulled out my dick witch was slowly growing in my hand to become its full 8 in as I slowly jacked myself. praying silently to myself I was waiting for that lovely moment when she would unclasp her jet black bra to release those sexy white mamas but it never came, because suddenly she turned around quickly and looked straight into my eyes. Hurriedly I stuffed my meat back into my pants and kneeled down out of her field of view.
After what seemed like hours I slowly looked out my window into hers expecting to see a vary angry women standing there but instead I saw that her light was turned of instead. Slowly I breathed out a sigh of relief (she hadn’t seen me) but suddenly there was a loud series of knock’s on my front followed by the door bell ringing. rapidly my erection went away as I ran to the door. when I got there I threw open the door only to see my sexy neighbor standing there only in a bra and panties (also black)
“ liked what you saw” she said through an angry gaze.
“I have no idea what your talking about” I stammered as she slowly backed me into my house closing the door as she went.
Suddenly my feet went out from under me as she pushed me down onto my couch where she then planted a firm but gentle kiss on my lips. At first I was amazed by these turns of event but slowly I parted my lips allowing our tongues to explore each other. as this was going on I felt her hand slowly reach down and grab my balls in a tight grip causing me to regain my once hard erection.
“hmmmmm….it appears we are both pretty happy tonight” Slowly she undid my pants releasing my manhood from my pants. I slowly stretched my hand down and pulled off her panties in one smooth motion. Her pussy was already nice and wet and I knew I was all set for a wild ride.
She slowly dropped to her knees and gave my penis a soft little kiss on its purple head before wrapping her cherry lips around the hole head.
“oh god” I moaned as she started to move faster and faster taking more of my meat inside her small little mouth each time.
‘OH YES” I cried as I was nearing my end.
sensing this she let my cock fall out of her mouth and unstrapped her bra. After letting that fall to the floor she slowly straddled me placing my cock inside her tight wet pussy.
“oh god your so big” she cried as she lowered her self onto it.
she then started to slowly rock back and forth on my cock as I reached up and tweaked her already hard brown nipples sending shock waves through her body making her pussy tingle and clench tighter around my cock.
“oh shit” she cried out as I placed my little finger up her ass hole. she suddenly started to scream out as she came witch caused me to cum deep inside her at the same time. “hmm” she said as she slowly climbed off.
after she put on her panties my cum slowly sliding down her leg she turned and slapped me.”And if u ever look at me naked again she said in a whisper “I will hurt you” quickly she turned away and went right out the door.

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