Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter Fifteen

Burt was sitting on a large overstuffed sofa in Allison Chambers’ house. It hadn’t taken much to wrangle an invitation to come over for a little night cap. Now Allison was bustling around in the kitchen, preparing a snack tray to go with some wine. Burt hadn’t wanted her to go to all the trouble, but she insisted. It wasn’t like this was a date, but apparently Allison thought so. Burt was hoping she wouldn’t get any ideas beyond what this really was. He was looking for a one night stand; not a lasting relationship. Burt supposed he could do worse than getting a little involved. Allison had a very nice ass; her tits weren’t bad and those legs! How could he describe them? Sexy, shapely, hot; yes all that was true, but it didn’t go quite far enough. Anyway, the thought of getting Allison’s sexy ass over his knees for a good sound spanking, with those legs kicking in the air, was becoming more and more appealing. Burt hoped she wouldn’t ruin the effect by being in pantyhose. Those legs were made for stockings, with some nice plump thigh swelling out above their tops.

As she was placing slices of cheese and salami on the snack tray, Allison was thinking about Burt Hilbish. She had been hot for him for a very long time. That’s why she took that volunteer job as secretary for the stupid Planning Commission. She knew Burt was the chairman and she hoped their routine contact might lead to something. But until tonight, it appeared her plan had backfired. Burt had shown practically no interest in her, no matter how sexy she dressed.

When she first came to Hadleyville, more years ago than she cared to remember; Allison had noticed Burt right away. At first though, his movie star good looks made her suspicious. Most men that good looking turned out to be fags. But it hadn’t taken long to find out that it definitely wasn’t the case with Burt. Allison heard that in the early days, Burt had quite the reputation as the local stud. He had mounted more than a few of Hadleyville’s female population. If the rumors were true, he had the tool to get the job done in style. Allison’s gaze drifted down to the salami as she thought of this and a fleeting smile played over her lips. At the same time, she felt a little tingle in that special spot down below. However, it seemed that fate always kept her from getting involved with Burt. Although he had been divorced for years, it seemed that his time was completely devoted to his business interests and raising his young niece.

Allison did a bit of speculating on that situation. Here was this hot guy, living all alone in that big house with a teenage girl. Just what might that lead to? Allison knew that some men were very turned on by young chicks, no matter that they might not have much of a shape, which was certainly the case with Anna. To be fair, the girl did have a cute little ass, but she was far from having the womanly curves that Allison herself possessed. Oh yes, she knew that tight young pussy had a very strong appeal. Allison figured Burt was banging his niece and that’s why she couldn’t seem to get to square one with him. There had been plenty of times when she envied Anna. The thought of that legendary dong sliding in between Anna’s tight little ass cheeks had actually made her mad. What a waste of good salami!

Burt glanced at his watch, nearly 12:00 AM. What was Allison doing in there; fixing a turkey dinner with all the trimmings? At that moment Allison came into the room carrying the snack tray, a bottle of wine and two glasses. Now Burt understood the delay. Allison had changed clothes. She was wearing a very short black silk robe. As she walked to the sofa, Burt couldn’t believe his eyes. The robe hid virtually nothing. Underneath, Allison was wearing black stockings and the suspenders of a black garter belt were clearly visible. Now Burt glanced down and noted Allison had on black spike-heeled shoes. Burt felt his cock already rising to the occasion and thoughts of Samantha faded far into the background, like faint whispers from another room.

Allison bent low over the coffee table to place the tray on it. Her large tits partially slipped out of the top of the robe. She took her time arranging things on the table, so that Burt got a very good look at what she had to offer in that department. Allison stepped around the table and sat down beside Burt.

Indicating the tray, Allison asked, “Well Burt, what’s your pleasure?”

Burt said, “I had a big dinner.” Then he slipped Allison’s tits out of her robe and began sliding a hand up between her sexy thighs.

Allison cupped her big firm breasts and held them up to Burt’s mouth. In an instant, he was running his tongue over their taut nipples. Allison moved her legs apart invitingly and Burt slipped a finger into the crotch of her panties and the substantial muff there. When his finger tip encountered Allison’s clitoris, she closed her eyes and moaned out, “God yes!” Then she began to wiggle her ass on the couch. Burt toyed with Allison’s prominent clit for a while longer, but the thought of the spanking he wanted to give her, was upper-most in his mind. Burt pulled his mouth away from Allison’s big pink nipples and said, “Don’t go away.” Then doing a fairly respectable Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation he said, “I’ll be back.”

When she felt Burt getting up from the couch, Allison opened her eyes. Now where could that son of a bitch be going? If he had plans of ducking out on her now; there’d be another salami sliced up in this house, before the night was over! Burt came back into the room carrying one of the straight-backed kitchen chairs. He sat down in the chair and said, “Come over here.”

Allison thought, what in the hell does he have in mind? Well there’s only one way to find out. She came over to Burt. He undid the tie of her robe and pushed it open. It slid off Allison’s shoulders and floated lightly down to the floor. Burt patted his lap and said, “Get across my knees.”

Now Allison understood. She should have guessed right away. Burt wanted to give her a spanking and she got a little more aroused as she got across his knees; making sure to get her ass centered conveniently. Damn, how long was it since she had been spanked? Hell, over twenty years at least! She’d been thirteen or fourteen. Her mom had just gotten married again. What was it; for the second or third time? Allison couldn’t remember. She remembered that particular step dad very clearly though. His name was Pete. He was the perfect stereotype of a biker; long dirty-looking hair, big and beefy with a beer gut and covered with tattoos. Allison went to the mall with some girlfriends and got home late. Her mom wasn’t there when she got back. She was probably out getting some more beer for her new lover boy. Mr. Macho Man started giving Allison some chin music about running around town at all hours of the night showing off her little tits and ass. Allison was in no mood to put up with this crap and she told Mr. Macho what she thought of him and where he could go. That turned out to be a big mistake. Mr. Macho was a lot quicker on his feet than Allison gave him credit for. Almost before she knew what was happening, she was across his lap with her short skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down. When Mr. Macho’s big rough palm started splatting into her bare ass, Allison dearly wished she’d kept her mouth shut. But the funny thing was, for a long time afterward, when she thought of the spanking and that rough hand on her ass; Allison would find herself getting a little turned on. Now the thought of Burt spanking her, was getting her very turned on.

Samantha had been staring out the window for at least an hour, watching for Burt’s car turning into the drive. She finished her shower long ago and since then, the time had begun to drag. Samantha glanced at the clock, nearly 1:00 AM. She was certain whatever meeting Burt had, must have been over long ago. Now Samantha was finding it very difficult to stay awake.
She had caught herself dozing off a couple of times w
ithin the past thirty minutes. Samantha sighed and turned away from the window. She paced the room for a while and then wandered out into the hallway. The open door of Burt’s bedroom caught her attention and she went inside. She switched a lamp on and looked at the big bed. She recalled how, earlier in the day, she had been in that bed sucking on Burt’s hard cock. She remembered straddling his body and guiding his large erect member into her pussy. Even now, thinking of these things made Samantha blush. It wasn’t so much what she had done, but how she had acted. She remembered moaning as she rode up and down on Burt’s hard cock, as if she couldn’t get it in deep enough or fast enough to satisfy her need. She had acted just like that woman in the porno movie she watched at Tracy’s and it wasn’t just this time. She’d done the same thing with Dave Weston. She probably would have done the same with Tom Gray, if it hadn’t been for her mom’s untimely intrusion. Samantha wondered what Burt thought of her after their session this afternoon. Samantha couldn’t dignify it by calling it love-making. There was no love involved, just lust. Samantha figured she had set the tone before they even got into the bedroom. Maybe Burt was having second thoughts about his involvement with her. He was probably staying away on purpose, hoping she’d be in bed, her own bed, by the time he got home.

Samantha went into the master bath and switched the light on. A big soaking tub dominated the room and Samantha’s thoughts went back to the tiny bathroom in the house in Bentlyville. She was just getting into the tub, when her dad came in. She remembered how she’d turned around and stood in the tub, hoping to tempt him, by giving him a good long look at her body. Well her strategy worked, but at what cost? Her dad was gone and her mom hated her. Samantha closed her eyes and that scene in the tub began to play out again; the warm soapy wash cloth moving slowly over her breasts, down her stomach and in between her legs; the feel of a hand gently caressing the slight bulge of her tummy. Suddenly Samantha was jerked back to reality. She looked down, and her hand was inside the front of her panties. She pulled her hand away, like she’d touched a hot stove. Now she heard the voice inside her head again, only it wasn’t talking. It was laughing uproariously. Samantha screamed and ran from the room. She raced down the hall, up the stairs and into her bedroom. She slammed the door, got into bed, buried her face in the pillows and screamed again.

When she heard Samantha rush up the stairs, Anna just barely stopped herself from screaming. She thought my God she’s finally coming for me! Then she heard Samantha’s door slam and her heart fell back down from her throat. Where in the hell was Uncle Burt tonight? Was she going to have to spend the entire night alone in the house with a serial killer? Well, maybe not a serial killer, but close and it was still a very long time till morning. It seemed to Anna that she’d been lying in this bed for days. Around 11:00, she heard Samantha listening outside her door and she’d almost had a heart attack then. Anna tried to tell herself that she was being silly. She hadn’t even confronted Samantha. Samantha didn’t have a clue that she knew anything. But then maybe Samantha sensed something. It was possible. Besides, what was Samantha doing with that knife earlier? Why had she been listening at the door? Why was she up wandering all over the house in the middle of the night? Anna thought Uncle Burt please come home! I need you!

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