Scope Part 1 by Screw3 copy write 8/24/2004

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Through a Telescope by Screw3 Copy write 8/24/2004

Harold, a recent HS grad, was looking at Mars through a powerful telescope. The traces of what were once thought to be canals were visible. He made a note in his notebook of the settings then realized it was useless since Mars travels around the sky. He banged the book down startling his sleeping Yorkie who bounced off the leg of the tripod. He grabbed the falling scope and looked into the eyepiece and stopped. He estimated the angles that the scope was at and now aimed it at the high rise about twelve miles away. It took about five minutes to align the scope to the site he had looked at by accident He then noted the azimuth and angle, then patted the Yorkie. “Thank you Charlemagne.”
There in the lens looking like she was a foot away, was a woman with a luscious figure. The lights from her living room silhouetted her so all that he could see was an outline. That was enough for an eighteen year old boy to have him jerk off. After he came into a rag that he usually used to wipe the scope off when the wind drove dust onto the cover over the outfit. Harold now had to figure when he would be able to see this woman in daylight. She had gone back inside after doing her exercises. It was entirely possible that she had been wearing a leotard he could not be sure. It was Friday night so she might appear in the afternoon the next day. He kept looking at intervals while working on his laptop out by the scope. She finally appeared at three PM on Sunday.
She came out wearing a leotard as he had assumed but it was skin tight. She looked around as if she could sense someone looking at her. When she realized there was no way anyone could see her since she was on the top floor of the only building facing in this direction for miles. She unzipped the leotard and started to do her exercises by stretching and walking in all directions revealing a glorious body and long raven colored hair. Hal, what his friends called him, realized that he knew her, but could not completely place her. She had certain marks he memorized and thought of counting the few pubic hairs she had not shaved off. They formed a small triangle right above the promised land. She stayed out for forty minutes laying on both her back and stomach for twenty minutes each. Hal knew because he could see the time on her small kitchen timer.
The next day Hal drove his Porsche down to the library to return some books he was reading for his start in college and pick up some more. There at the library was the woman from his scope, Miz Brown, the head librarian of this branch. She was twirling her glasses in her hand. Hal had never seen her without them. The hardest task he had assigned himself was done with ease. “Er, Miss Brown, can you use another volunteer for the summer?”
“Well do you know the decimal system? Is there any reason you would want to do this?”
“You can test me on it if you want Miss Brown. I feel that we should give something back for all the gifts we get. I have always used the library a lot and I wanted to help at Habitat, but I don’t know my way around tools. They asked me not to come back, not exactly those words though.”
“How many days can we count on you?”
“How about Tuesday and Thursday and a third day as you need?”
“When can you start? Excuse me, I don’t even know your name. I recognize your face though. As you said you are here often.”
“Harold Stanley, but most people just call me Hal.”
“Ah, the young man from our High School that is going into college as a junior. I remember now reading about you in the paper. You will be a welcome addition. When can you start?
“There is no time like the present, is there?”
Hal now prayed for three things to happen, the weather report to be correct, that Miss Brown would ride the bus and not drive her car to work and that she would be leaving today at a time when he could reasonably leave. Miss Brown turned him over to Mrs. Phillips who had him fill out the same kind of papers you fill out for a paid job except for the W-2. She also showed him the schedule and added his name in for today, tomorrow and Thursday. Then she showed him his first job a cart full of books that had to go back in the stacks.
“Hal, speed is not important, but accuracy is. With nonfiction you have to be careful because it can go out to 4 decimal places. I am going to watch you on this first trip. You can break for lunch today, but I recommend bringing a lunch from now on. You can use the fridge in the employees relaxation room. Do you have any question?”
“Not yet Mrs. Phillips, but I am sure I will have some later.”
Mrs. Phillips watched him with the first dozen books or so. “You catch on quickly, young man. If you have any problems just look for me or Miss Brown.”
Hal had few problems and worked hard. To his surprise it was more fun than he thought it would be. It finally got to be 5:30 and Miss Brown started to leave so Hal who had wasted time got to the door in time to open it for her. “Why thank you, Hal. I hate these storms. Now I just missed my bus. I should leave by 5:15 to catch it.”
She turned around and started to go back inside. “Miss Brown, might I offer you a lift then. I enjoy driving. Where do you live?”
“I live way out at the end of the bus line in the Avalon Condos. Is that too far out of your way. I would not want to impose on you.”
Hal laughed, “I drive right past your house out in the hills.. My father was, well he still is, a surgeon, but he only works ER now. It is his way of giving back.” He did not mention that for the summer he was volunteering to work on an Amerind reservation and his mother was with him. Hal was a free agent and the family trusted him completely and with good cause.
“Then it will be my pleasure to accept your offer.”
Hal let Maddy, as she said he could call him, pick the radio station and she chose a station that played pop and show tunes. “I hope you like this type of music.”
“This type, jazz, blues and Classical are my favorites.”
Hal drove quietly until they neared her apartment “Would you like me to pick you up tomorrow and Thursday? It will let you leave a little later than the bus.”
“Well if you let me buy you gas to pay my way. That should be less and faster. We made this in about a half hour and the bus takes 70 minutes with all the stops and if the transfer bus is on time. Have the doorman call me when you get here. 7:30 tomorrow morning then.”
Hal let her out, opening her door under the canopy. Hal felt very pleased with himself having made more headway with his plans than he thought possible. The following week Hal scheduled himself to work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This way they were both off Saturday and Sunday. Hal remained every bit the gentleman and when the days were sunny he left the top down. Their conversations were far more intelligent than Maddy had expected possible from someone as young as Hal. She had even remarked he was very wise. He had to work extra hard on the nights he worked and his days off to keep the schedule he had for the software he was writing to maintain his 6 figure income. Hal sometime wondered why he was going to college at all since he had already as much money invested as his parents.
That Friday finally arrived and when they had driven a little way Hal said, “If you don’t have a date would you like to stop for dinner?”
Maddy looked at he ingenuous lad sitting next to her. She had had thoughts about him as well, but had dismissed them as being impossible. She was half again his age being 27 to his 18. Deciding that he had to eat dinner too. “What about your mother, won’t she expect you home?”
“No Maddy, they are away. I have to eat out or cook for myself, or order a pizza or Chinese.”
Maddy said, “That’s a great idea Hal. Why don’t we pick up some Chinese and eat in my apartment? That is unless you would rather eat in a restaurant?”
Hal had to control his thoughts before he got too hard, but he had an erection that she pretended not to
notice. Maddy was stunned to notice that even through his slacks
she could tell that he was larger than any of her previous lovers. ‘Now Maddy, he won’t have the nerve to make a move. Older men than he have been frightened by your brains. Oops, he is at least as intelligent as you are.’
Hal pulled into a better than average Chinese Restaurant and ordered Mongolian Beef, Szechwan Prawns, Hot and Sour Soup and chopsticks. He drove to the Avalon and she gave him the card so he could park under her building. Coming in from down there the doorman would not see her guest. She had never thought of that before or Hal might not have been the first non-family or female friend to visit her in the three years she had lived there. He opened the door for her and then she handed him one of the packages to carry. They got in the elevator and Hal almost pressed 12 without asking then he thought and asked her what floor.
Maddy got out the dishes while Hal went to the bathroom. When he came back Maddy was smiling. “Do you expect me to eat with these miniature pencils?”
Hal laughed, “You mean you have never used chopsticks before?”
“I grew up in Nebraska, not here on the Coast. So Yes, I have never used chopsticks before. I guess you will have to teach me.”
First Hal divided the food using the ladles that Maddy had brought in. They drank the soup using regular soup spoons. Then Hal showed her how to hold the sticks, but she had a problem. He went behind her and took her hands and moved her fingers and she got the idea. Hal took some and fed her a little bit of the prawns. She tried herself and the sauce dribbled down on her blouse. She watched him shovel the rice into his mouth the same way the Chinese do and she then tried and the soy soaked rice fell onto her skirt. “Excuse me Hal, I am going to change to something easier to wash. Why don’t you play some music while I am gone.”
Maddy returned wearing the leotard never imagining that Hal would now how to unzip it easily. Hal played some jazz and some blues. He slid his loafers off and when they finished dinner he asked her to dance to a Billie Holiday song. Maddy had never turned the lights on full because the sun hadn’t set. The lights were very dim now that the sun had disappeared behind the hills to the West. They danced close together and when the song ended Maddy took a glass of wine and then they danced again moving less and she put her hands around his neck to see his reaction. He stopped moving his feet and just did movement around his hips and she followed his movements. Hal lowered his head about an inch and kissed her. She had felt his erection and was feeling very horny. She had not had a man in a little over three years.
When he put his hands on her ass she moved in and whispered, “If you can remove this in garment in less than a minute I’m your sex slave, otherwise you will do as I ask. Deal?”
Hal answered by taking her right hand and started unzipping the leotard. She was undressed in less than thirty seconds. Maddy went to her knees and unbuckled his belt. Then Hal said, “With your teeth unzipped the fly.”
Hal’s 9″ cock flew out of his pants and into her mouth. He reached his hands behind her head and loosened the pins and scrunchy holding her hair in a bun at the back of her head. Her tongue played with his cock licking the pre-cum off the head and then deep throating the whole dick. Hal was surprised because deep on her tongue was a silver ball that rubbed against his cock making him come quickly.
Maddy was surprised how quickly he became hard after shooting a huge wad of cum down her throat. Then she remembered he is only eighteen and she had only known older men before. He got hard by rubbing his cock on her tits after they went into the bedroom and they lay on the bed. Maddy felt very hot and took his hand and put it on her mostly shaved mons. He let his fingers roam into her cunt and began rubbing her clit with his thumb and felt the moistness.
“What do you want me to do now, Hal. I want that big cock of yours in me. Now.”
Hal said “First put your ankles on my shoulders after putting a pillow under your ass.” Hal was glad she blew him first or he would have cum just looking at her snatch. It looked even better up close and real than it had through his scope. He plunged into her moist, but tight cunt. Then he stopped and pulled out till just the head of his cock was in her. He was following a book he had read.
After 30 seconds she screamed, “Fuck me, you bastard. Stop teasing me like this. I am ready to cum.”
Hal laughed, “I won the bet if I want to tease you I shall.” He lowered himself into her very slowly and came back out and stopped. She started wiggling her ass to get him to start moving faster.
“Please Hal fuck me. Make me cum and cum again. Let me feel your cum inside me. Make me cum. Fuck me hard and cum in me.”
Hal did as she asked and when he finished he kissed her. She had cum twice. Then he got up and went to the bathroom. “Maddy, get me a glass of tomato or orange juice.”
She did as he asked and he drank the red juice down. “Maddy get me some baby oil or other lubricant.”
“Yes Hal, with pleasure.” Maddy had fantasized about being fucked in the ass and knew that was why he had to want lubricant.
To be continued

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