Scott Parker's Story (Part 3)

Chapter Five: Another Turning Point

Mary Parker looked into the mirror as she brushed her long dark chestnut colored hair. Mary was proud of her hair. It was thick, silky and literally glowed in the sunlight. Mary knew that her hair was one of her best assets. As she gazed at her reflection, Mary thought that her face was attractive too. She had big blue eyes, nice regular features and an exceptionally nice complexion, without the sign of a wrinkle. She supposed this wasn’t too shabby for a woman past her mid thirties. Even as a teenager, she couldn’t remember having a single zit. As she continued her assessment, Mary concluded that her tits were particularly nice. They were big, well shaped and still stood up so nice and firm that she hardly needed a bra.

Mary had to admit that she was overweight. Maybe even a little more than just overweight, but then there were some men who found big women like her to be very sexy. When they were dating and first married; Mary had thought Scott was that sort of man. But after she had Samantha, she found out differently and it really hurt. After that first fight over her weight problem, sex had never been the same for Mary. Her husband had let her know that he didn’t find her desirable and she was never again completely happy with that side of the marriage.

Over the years Mary stored up a lot of resentment. Although Scott had a decent build and was reasonably good looking, he was far from movie star material. His hair was beginning to thin and his face was slightly scarred form his bout with acne during his teen years. Mary felt that his criticism of her physical appearance wasn’t justified. She wasn’t sloppy. She spent hours shopping the plus-size departments to find clothes that she thought complimented her and she did quite well considering the limited budget she had to work with. But in the final analysis, this effort was wasted. Scott had an image of her as being fat and unattractive. Mary was sure that in his eyes she was twice as big as she really was and her obvious assets weren’t noted or appreciated.

Mary did give Scott credit for being right about one thing. His favorite saying was very true. It seemed to Mary that life was specifically designed to be a pain in the ass. It certainly had been in her case. When she was around eight Mary was a cute chubby girl, but the ‘baby fat”, as her mom called it, didn’t go away. At thirteen, she had already started on the series of diets that would continue on through adulthood.

Mary was a very sensual woman. Thinking back, Mary remembered that she was curious about sex by the time she was twelve. When she was thirteen she was already touching herself and masturbating regularly. The stories her girlfriends told her about their sexual encounters only added fuel to the fire. Later on, she thought that they probably told her these things just to feel superior, because they figured it was unlikely that Mary would get a boyfriend. Now that she was older, Mary realized that maybe being so self conscious about her weight when she was a teenager had held her back more than anything else.

When she finally met Scott and he asked her for a date, Mary thought her life was going to take a new direction. Admittedly she had helped things along, but she figured that if Scott decided he wasn’t attracted to her he could break things off. When they went to the motel for the first time and Scott said that her being overweight didn’t bother him, Mary believed him. She did her best to please him and there was no doubt that Scott turned her on. He had a good sized cock that felt very good when he was pushing it into her pussy. Mary figured that as time went on their sex life would just continue to improve; she knew that she was really hot for it. But that just wasn’t to be. Early on Scott had become dissatisfied with her and their sexual relationship fell into a dull unsatisfying routine for Mary. Most times Scott just wanted a blow job and did the least possible for her in return. A couple of years into the marriage Mary had started masturbating occasionally.

The other night when Scott went out of his way to turn her on and the orgasm she had was the best it had been in years; Mary actually thought that maybe things were going to change. Now she understood that Scott had an ulterior motive. He had wanted to fuck her in the ass. In a way, she felt that she must have no pride to let him do that. But she didn’t want to lose Scott. She didn’t think she could make it on her own. They just barely scraped by staying together. She also rationalized that what they had done just might revive their sex life. Once she got used to it, she actually found herself getting turned on a little when Scott was thrusting his hard cock up her ass.

Mary’s reverie was broken by Samantha yelling from the living room, “Come on mom! We’re going to be late!”

Mary glanced at her watch and realized that Samantha was right. She was supposed to drop Samantha off at the Weston’s within fifteen minutes. Sue was taking Tracy and Samantha to a theme park over by Munson for the day. Mary had begged off going. She didn’t enjoy the rides or standing in line in the hot sun for hours on end.

As Mary pulled up in front of the Weston’s, Sue and Tracy rushed out and within minutes Sue was pulling out of the drive. As Mary turned back toward her car, the front door opened and Dave Weston shouted, “Hey Mary, what’s Scott up to today?”

Mary replied, “He’s working Dave. Saturdays are his busiest day.”

Dave asked, “You got any plans?”

“No. I was going to do some grocery shopping and I have some laundry to catch up on.”

“That doesn’t sound too urgent Mary. Why don’t you come in and visit for a while?”

Mary was surprised by this invitation. Although she was good friends with Sue, she had had very little conversation with Dave and couldn’t imagine what they would find to talk about. She almost decided to decline the offer, but then she thought, what the hell and said, “OK Dave I guess I can keep you company for a while.”

When Mary entered the house Dave commented, “That dress you’re wearing looks very nice.”

This immediately put Dave in Mary’s good graces. She had spent a long time shopping for the dress. It was a dark blue sleeveless summer weight with a full flaring skirt and a top that was tight enough to emphasize her large tits. The first time she had worn it, she was very pleased at the way it looked on her and she had been very disappointed when Scott hadn’t commented on it. She prompted him by asking what he thought. His comment was a grudging, “I guess it’s OK.” It certainly seemed as if Dave was more appreciative of her efforts than her own husband and this very pleasantly surprised Mary.

As she followed Dave through the house to the family room, it crossed Mary’s mind that at least there were some men who might think she was attractive and maybe even desirable. When they entered the family room, Mary sat down on the large sofa and Dave asked “Would you like a drink?”

“I could go for a Diet Coke,” Mary replied.

Dave said, “I meant a real drink. I was thinking of a screwdriver, you know, vodka and orange juice with lots of ice. It really hits the spot on a hot day like this.”

Mary had practically no experience with mixed drinks. Alcoholic beverages were loaded with calories, so she rarely had them. But again she thought what the hell. So she said, “OK, that sounds good.”

As Dave left the room, Mary noted for the first time that he was a very good-looking man. He was a few years older than Scott, but he had a full head of dark wavy hair and Mary thought his mustache was kind of sexy looking. Dave was a small man. Mary estimated that he stood only about 5′ 5″ or 5′ 6″. He was wearing tight-fitting jeans and a tee shirt and the clothes looked good on him. Mary got the distinct impression that Dave’s body would be lean and hard. She felt a little ting
le between her thighs as she thought of this. Then she sternly admonished herself thinking
you’re a married woman and he’s your best friend’s husband. You shouldn’t be having such thoughts. He complimented you just to be nice. Don’t go making more out of this than it really is or you’ll wind up making a fool of yourself.

When Dave returned, he placed two tall glasses on the table in front of the couch and sat down beside Mary. For a while they sipped their drinks and chatted about the weather and various other mundane topics. Before too long Mary began to feel the effects of her drink and they were very pleasant indeed. A warm glow spread over her body and she began to feel very relaxed.

When she had nearly finished her drink, Mary placed the glass on the table and leaned back onto the couch with a languid sigh. Dave placed his glass on the table and turned toward Mary. He began to gently stroke her hair running his fingers through it as he said, “You have beautiful hair. It feels like silk.”

Almost before Mary realized what was happening, Dave was leaning over her and they were kissing passionately. As they kissed, she felt Dave slipping the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and then pushing the top of it down over her tits. Although her mind was saying she should stop this, Mary’s body over ruled her common sense and she didn’t seem to care. When she felt Dave moving his hands around behind her to unfasten her bra, she leaned forward to assist. The feel of his hands moving over her tits, once they were freed from her bra, sent a shock wave of desire through Mary’s whole body and she could feel her pussy becoming very moist.

As Dave gently caressed her nipples with the tips of his fingers; they became fully erect almost instantly. Mary slid a hand down to Dave’s lap and felt the bulge of his cock within his jeans. As Dave began to suck on Mary’s nipples he slid a hand down to her lap and then up under her dress. Mary spread her legs invitingly and his hand move up between her thighs. In a moment his finger was lightly tracing the outline of Mary’s pussy lips through the thin material of her panties and she involuntarily gasped, “Oh God!”

As Dave continued to touch her there, Mary began to feel a bit embarrassed. She was sure the crotch of her panties was becoming wet from her pussy juice. Dave moved his mouth away from Mary’s taut nipples and nuzzled her neck. Then he said, “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Dave got up from the couch and held a hand out to Mary. She took his hand and got up from the couch holding her dress up with her other hand. Once they were in the bedroom, Dave took Mary into his arms and began to suck on her nipples again. Then he guided her back to the edge of the bed and she sat down. Dave quickly got undressed. His cock was standing straight out like a steel rod. Mary noted that it wasn’t quite the size of Scott’s, but she expected that it would do quite nicely and she was gratified seeing how she had turned Dave on.

At this point Dave had a big advantage over Scott. He had made Mary feel attractive and desirable. Right now she was hotter than she had ever been and she was willing to go a long way to please the man who had made her feel this way. When Dave came to the bed, Mary took his hand and pulled him around to stand in front of her. She grasped the base of his stiff cock and in the next instant the head of Dave’s cock was sliding in between her lips.

As Mary began to suck on his cock Dave realized that he just might be in for the best blow job of his life. He had figured Scott’s fat wife was one hot number, but apparently he had miscalculated just how hot she was. He wondered why Scott wasn’t attending to his homework. This seemed strange to him, since he thought Mary was really nice looking for a fat babe and she had a great set of tits.

As he looked down at Mary’s bobbing head Dave saw that her long dark silky hair had fallen forward covering most of her face. Dave reached down and pushed it back to get a better view of the action. By now Mary’s lips were sliding all the way down to the very base of his cock as she took it into her mouth. Dave thought my God I must be going half way down her throat. As he continued to watch Mary’s lips sliding up and down the entire length of his stiff cock Dave suddenly realized that he had made another miscalculation. Mary was just too damned good. He knew that he was going to cum way too soon and there was no way to stop it. In the next instant he had an orgasm that was so intense it was almost painful. Dave almost screamed as he shot his load into Mary’s sucking mouth and she kept going down on him. Dave was afraid that his legs were going to buckle under him as Mary sucked every last drop of cum from his throbbing organ and then let it slide out of her mouth.

Dave looked down at Mary and said, “Jesus Christ baby! That was too good to be true!”

Mary smiled up at him and lay back across the bed. Dave knew what Mary had done for him was going to be a tough act to follow, but he vowed to try his best. Dave pushed the skirt of Mary’s dress up around her waist and then slid her panties down and off.

The lush dark bush of hair covering Mary’s pussy got Dave turned on all over again. He knelt down by the side of the bed and in an instant his tongue was exploring Mary’s hot wet pussy. When his tongue encountered her swollen clit, Mary cried out “God yes!” Dave began to tease Mary’s clit by lightly running his tongue all over and around it. He moved in closer and brought his lips down and began to suck Mary’s clit as he continued to run his tongue all over it. Then he slipped a finger into her hot dripping love tunnel. By now he had Mary moaning in pleasure. When his finger was thoroughly drenched in Mary’s hot pussy juice, Dave moved it lower in between her ample butt cheeks to seek out her ass hole. He began to gently massage and probe there until the tip of his finger slid up into Mary’s tight hot ass. He gently rotated his finger pushing it in deeper as he continued to stimulate her throbbing clit. Within a couple of minutes Mary cried out as her body stiffened and she reached her release.

Dave got up onto the bed and pulled Mary into his arms. As he gently stroked her long silky hair he asked, “Was it good for you baby?”

“It was a lot more than good,” Mary replied.

Dave glanced down at Mary’s tits and saw that her nipples were still hard. As he began to run his tongue over them and suck on them again, he felt his cock becoming rock hard and he thought this fat chick is making me as horny as a teenager. He also recalled how Mary had responded when he had shoved his finger up her ass and he wondered if he dared to try for something else. He had always wanted to fuck Sue in the ass but she would never agree to it.

Dave continued to cuddle Mary for a while longer and then he asked, “Mary would it be OK if we did something else? There’s something I’d really like to try.”

Mary asked, “What is it Dave?”

Dave said as he slid a hand down to lightly pat Mary’s big butt, “Well I’d like to do it, you know, back there.”

Mary said, “OK Dave, just take it easy at first.”

Mary rolled over onto her stomach and Dave moved into position behind her. When he pushed her dress up to her waist, Mary brought her hands up behind her back and spread her big plump butt cheeks. As Dave guided the head of his stiff cock into Mary’s tight hot ass, he thought Scott Parker is one lucky son of a bitch.

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