Scott Parker's Story (Part 4)

Chapter Six: Two Mysteries

Scott Parker was in his tiny office at the Bentlyville McDonalds staring at columns of figures on a computer screen. During the past two months, Scott noted a troubling trend had developed. There were shortages in the sales receipts. At first, they were very small and infrequent, but as time went on, both the amounts and the frequency were increasing. Because the discrepancies were occurring on different days and on different shifts, Scott was sure at least two and possibly even three employees were helping themselves to some unearned pay.

Although he hated his job with a purple passion, Scott was an excellent manager. The tight-fisted franchise owners would never let Scott know it, but the Bentlyville McDonalds was their best run and most profitable establishment. As manager, Scott was easily worth almost twice what they were paying him.

As he continued to study the sales figures, Scott concluded that he could solve this mystery much more easily that the one he was dealing with at home. He had noted a distinct change in his wife’s personality. Mary had definitely become more self confident and almost aloof in her attitude towards him. He began to notice the change shortly after he had gotten her to agree to anal sex; however he was sure the personality change had nothing to do with that.

Scott had to admit that there had been a change in Mary’s attitude towards sex as well; although he was confident it also had nothing to do with the new direction their sex life had taken. Mary still gave a good blow job and let him fuck her in the ass on a fairly regular basis, but he could tell that she wasn’t as concerned with pleasing him as she once had been. It also seemed as if she didn’t particularly care if he did much of anything for her in return and this bothered Scott most of all. He figured that he knew Mary’s level of sexual desire better than anyone and he couldn’t believe that it had diminished as much as it seemed to in just a few weeks. It almost made him suspect that there might be someone else fulfilling Mary’s needs in that area, but then he was sure that was impossible.

Mary Parker sat in a reception area of the new Large and Lovely clothing store at the Eastland Mall in Munson. She was nervous about her upcoming interview, but she was also very determined to get a job. Large and Lovely was a very upscale plus-size women’s clothing store. Mary had glanced at the racks of clothes already on the sales floor when she was escorted to the office area and she was very impressed. Even a brief inspection told her that the merchandise was a cut well above average. The clothes she saw literally exuded quality. They were attractive and very stylish.

As she waited, Mary thought over the chain of events that led to her being here this morning. She knew her first sexual liaison with Dave Weston was a major turning point for her. The realization that another man found her to be very attractive and desirable changed her whole outlook on life and most importantly, her image of herself.

Since that first time, she and Dave managed to get together on several more occasions and the sex had just continued to get better. For the first time in years Mary was sexually satisfied and knew that she didn’t have to depend upon Scott to fulfill her strong desires in that area. As far as that went, she knew that she wasn’t dependent upon Dave either. Mary was now confident she could attract other men like Dave if need be, but for now she was happy with Dave and had special feelings for him. As far as Scott was concerned, she wasn’t sure. She still cared for him and even felt a little guilty about her affair with Dave, but she rationalized that she was giving him what he wanted and he wasn’t being hurt. Mary’s next goal was to attain a little financial independence as well and getting this job at Large and Lovely could be a first step in that direction. Mary had taken extra care getting ready for this interview. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse combination that she knew looked good on her. She was wearing nylons and high heel shoes and she spent over an hour with her makeup and hair. She was confident that she was looking her very best.

Mary’s thoughts were interrupted by the receptionist saying, “Mrs. Parker Mr. Fisher is ready for you now.”

As Mary stood up, she saw a tall nice-looking man, whom appeared to be in his early fifties, emerging from a door just off the reception area. He came over to Mary and took her hand saying, “Mrs. Parker I’m very pleased to meet you. Let’s go into my office and have a little chat.”

When they entered the office, Mr. Fisher closed and locked the door. Mary thought that locking the door seemed a bit unnecessary, but made no comment. Mr. Fisher indicated a large leather sofa and said, “Please make yourself comfortable. Would you care for some coffee?”

Mary replied, “No thank you Mr. Fisher.”

Mr. Fisher seated himself on the sofa beside Mary and turning toward her said “Well then, first things first. I conduct my interviews on a very informal basis. However, they’re very important to me. I’ve told my secretary that I’m not to be disturbed for any reason. So for however long it takes, you’ll get my undivided attention. I’m Lloyd and I see from your application that you’re Mary. So it’s Lloyd and Mary from now on. OK?”

Mary nodded saying, “OK Lloyd.”

“Good! Now Mary let me start off by telling you a little about myself and then we’ll talk about the job you’re applying for. I’m the district manager for Large and Lovely. I’m in charge of all personnel matters. If you were to be hired, you wouldn’t work directly for me, but I would be in charge of every aspect of your career. I determine your starting salary, commission, employee discount, promotions and even what type clothes you’ll wear while on the sales floor. By the way, the job is not considered to be a sales clerk position. You would be a customer consultant and there’s a big difference. Do you have an idea what that difference might be?”

Mary replied, “I think I wouldn’t just be showing customers where various types of clothes are located or answering their questions. I would work with them to see that they got things that complimented them personally. I guess the most important part of the job would be determining what would look best on the individual so that she would be completely satisfied with her purchase.”

Lloyd smiled and said, “Absolutely right Mary! As soon as I saw you, I had a feeling you might be right for our organization.”

Lloyd moved a little closer to Mary and placed a hand on her knee, slid it up her thigh just a bit and gave her a little squeeze. Mary thought that this was certainly more than just a friendly gesture, but she didn’t say anything or try to push Lloyd’s hand away. As he continued to speak, Lloyd moved his hand a little further up on Mary’s thigh and began to lightly massage it.

He said, “Now Mary if I were to go strictly by your application I wouldn’t even consider you for a position here. You have no experience and virtually no work history. However, I don’t work like that and that’s what makes me very good at what I do. What I’m going to tell you now is confidential and that’s because I’ve almost decided to hire you. I’m looking for very attractive plus size women like yourself for my customer consultants. In other words, no size 10s or 12s need apply. You should also know that I personally oversee the selection of the clothes and accessories that are sold at Large and Lovely. The reason for this is that I find large women to be very attractive. I like being around them and working with them. I believe the models for our Large and Lovely catalogue are some of the most attractive women in the world.

By now Lloyd had moved his hand up to the bare skin above the top of Mary’s stocking and he was sliding a finger under one of the suspenders of her garter belt. Lloyd conti
nued, “To be completely honest Mary, big women turn me on and I find you to be
especially attractive. Now I have a few unwritten rules I go by and the more a prospective employee is willing to please me the greater the rewards can be. Now I judge you to be a very intelligent lady Mary. So I assume you’ll get my meaning, because I won’t spell things out. I will say that you can start to work here at a good salary, with a hefty sales commission and a significant employee discount on anything in the store. On the other hand, you can leave this office still looking for a job. How things turn out will be based upon how good I’m feeling at the conclusion of our little get together. I believe you’re the type of woman who could make me feel very good. What do you think?”

Mary didn’t reply, but she began to unbutton her blouse. Lloyd moved his hand further up under her skirt and Mary spread her legs to accommodate his exploration. Lloyd slid his hand in between Mary’s thighs and she felt his fingers slipping into her panties and then in between her pussy lips. In another moment Lloyd was gently stroking her clit and Mary felt her pussy juice begin to flow. By now Mary had removed her blouse and was unfastening her bra. When she removed her bra exposing her large beautifully mounded breasts for Lloyd’s inspection he said, “My God! You have the nicest tits I’ve ever seen.

Lloyd removed his hand from between Mary’s thighs and cupped her large firm tits in his hands. He raised them slightly as if judging their weight and began to suck on their nipples. Soon Lloyd put a hand back between Mary’s thighs and began to gently stroke her pussy through the thin material of her panties. Again Mary wished that she didn’t get so wet and so quickly. She could feel the crotch of her panties becoming very moist already.

Suddenly Lloyd got up from the couch and slipped off his sport coat. While standing directly in front of Mary, he unfastened his belt and dropped his dress pants and under shorts to his knees. Mary had only experienced sex with two men in her entire life, so she supposed she was far from an expert in the size department. She always thought that Scott’s cock was big and she knew it was larger than Dave’s, but Lloyd’s member was something else again. Mary guessed that they might come bigger, but she didn’t think she would care to encounter one bigger than Lloyd’s. She was already desperately hoping Lloyd didn’t have plans to fuck her in the ass with that thing. Then she thought I’ll worry about that later. Mary knew what Lloyd wanted now and that she thought she could handle.

Mary scooted forward on the couch and grasped Lloyd’s stiff shaft near the base. Until she actually got a hold of it, Mary hadn’t fully realized the true circumference of this monster. She thought again Jesus Christ it will probably take some stretching for this thing to fit in my pussy. Mary began to run her tongue over the head of Lloyd’s cock and down along the shaft. She moved back to the head, took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide. She let Lloyd’s huge cock slip into her mouth and began to suck. She was hoping to satisfy Lloyd with an extra good blow job, but her mouth was so full she found it difficult to move her tongue around the head like she usually did. Mary went down as far as she possibly could and continued to suck on Lloyd’s cock. Once she found her maximum depth, she began to let slide in and out between her lips. Mary didn’t know how long she could keep up the pace, because keeping her mouth open so wide was becoming a bit painful.

As Lloyd looked down at this pretty fat chick sucking his cock he thought she’s really good. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of Mary’s mouth was getting him very hot. But the thought of laying Mary back on the couch, pulling her panties off and sinking his cock up to the hilt in her hot pussy was even more appealing. He was already imagining the sight of her nice plump nylon encased legs and high heel shoes waving in the air as he drove his cock home. Suddenly Lloyd realized that he was getting ready to cum and he pulled away from Mary just in time.

Lloyd gently pushed Mary back into a reclining position on the big leather sofa. Then he finished getting out of his clothes. He reached down to the hem of Mary’s skirt and she rose up a little as he pushed it up above her waist. Just the sight of the dark nylons, garter belt and high heel shoes had his cock literally throbbing. Mary was wearing white satin panties and Lloyd just had to run a finger up and down the crotch of them again to feel the moisture there and the outline of Mary’s prominent pussy lips. He thought my God this is one hot babe. Her panties are soaked in pussy juice. Lloyd now grasped the waistband of Mary’s panties and she rose off the couch a little as he slowly slid them down over her thighs, on down to her knees and then off.

Lloyd dropped Mary’s panties to the floor and climbed onto the couch between her legs. He grasped her legs just behind the knees lifting them up and pushing them back toward her chest. Mary held her legs in this position as Lloyd guided his cock into the entrance of her pussy. As he began to push into Mary’s pussy Lloyd thought it’s a good thing she’s really wet. It’s going to be a tight fit. As his cock began to sink in Mary cried out and Lloyd saw her pussy lips gape open to accommodate the girth of his rock hard member. Lloyd continued to push forward and Mary let out another little cry as his balls came to rest at the entrance to her pussy.

As Mary gazed up at Lloyd she thought, thank God it’s all the way in. Mary knew that her pussy had never been filled like this before. She hoped that Lloyd would give her some time to adjust before he started driving it home. In this, Mary’s wish was fulfilled. Lloyd was an expert cock’s man and knew what he was about. He waited for a while and then slowly withdrew. Then he gradually increased the length of his strokes. Within a few minutes he was driving his cock home at a rapid pace and Mary was enjoying this fucking more than she had anything in her entire life. A short time late both she and Lloyd reached orgasm at nearly the same time and their mingled cries of ecstasy rebounded off the office walls.

Later when they emerged from the office, she saw Lloyd’s secretary give her a knowing look as he instructed her to give Mary paperwork to fill out for employment.

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