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Hi fantasies readers,
I have been reading stories on fantasies for the past few months and am impressed by the creative work of great writers. in the below I will discribe how i want my first experience to be.
I am 24 and has never had sex or any contact with girls except a few kisses just have not had the rite person to have from. I;m a 5 11 with good physic with an about 8 inch cock for which i am really proud about. I wish to be a memorable experience the first time I can have sex. I love sucking the pussy and fantasize about it every day. I will give the person plenty of joy and complete relief and satisfaction for my first.
I fantasize how my 8 inch cock will explore it’s first pussy and i will be able to drive home my long desires. These thaughts itself get me excited the prospects of shooting loads of my saved come in the whole.

If any of the passionate girls wish to be my first write to me and I will give you the time of your life. my email is

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