secluded lake part3:back at his cabin

The Secluded Lake: part 3
At his cabin

She lays on his shoulder for several minutes trying to catch her breath before he finally speaks, breaking the silence of the late afternoon air.
“Sooooooo…..Would this be the appropriate time for me to ask what your name is?” She turns bright red, suddenly aware of the totally uncharachteristic position she has found herself in.
“Umm….well, my name is Lara,” she says, chuckling nervously, feeling quite shy in contrast to the way she behaved only moments before in the arms of this blonde stranger.
“Well nice to meet you Lara, I’m Jake,” he stretches in the warm sunshine, completely at ease with his undressed state. Lara’s eyes inadvertantly travel down his body, making her blush furiously as her mind does its own traveling. She stands up a bit too quickly, trying to hide her embarrassment at the situation and nearly falls on him as her shakey legs refuse to cooperate. He catches her by the arm, his grip firm but gentle.
” Hehehe…..maybe you better sit for a minute till ya find your ballance hun,” she allows him to guide her back to the ground, still feeling nervous and more than a bit shakey. She reaches over to her discarded khaki shorts and slides them on, feeling too warm and chilled all at the same time. He watches her curiously as she finishes dressing.
“Wow…’re not just gonna run off on me are you?” She looks over at him, his eyes sparkling with amusement at her shyness.
“I ummm……I uhhh……,” she mumbles weakly.
He laughs, “It’s settled then, Ya gotta come to my house, at least let me cook you dinner to show ya I’m not totally uncivillized.”
She looks at him, hesitant.
“C’mon” he says, standing up and offering his hand to her,”I’m not taking no for an answer. Doing things a bit out of order for a first date, but I can work with it.”
She laughs slightly, some of her initial awkwardness banished by his warm smile and easy attitude, and taking his hand, lets him help her to her feet. She reaches back to grab her things as he makes his way along the shoreline when a thought occures to her.
“Hey, wait. Don’t you need to grab your clothes or something?” He looks back at her and grins.
“Nah…..I didn’t bring any. I live close to here, and it’s a perfect spot for skinny dipping cuz of how secluded it is.” He looks back and gives her a meaningful look, making her blush again. Throwing her pack over her shoulder and carrying her shoes in the other hand, she follows him along the shore line and up a small hill to a perfectly hidden rough log cabin she had not noticed before. She had been swimming practically in his back yard! She flushed again, glad he was not the sort to come after tresspassers with a shot gun.
She could not help but stare at his tight tanned butt as he climbed the hill ahead of her. Her eyes move their way up to his tanned, well muscled back to his broad shoulders, noticing little red spots where she had gripped him too tightly, nearly breaking the skin in her passion. Her breath catches slightly in her throat as she thinks of the heated encounter on the beach she had shared with this handsome stranger. He looks back at her,
“Gonna make it sweetie?” He reaches down and offers her his hand helping her up the last of the hill. He pulls her easily up, pausing a moment and capturing her eyes with his before releasing her hand. She feels hot electricity sizzle through her as their eyes meet, and pulls her hand away a bit too quickly, giving herself away. She hears him chuckle quietly as he opens the door to the cabin and walks inside.
Once inside, he grabs a pair of shorts that are laying over the arm of the overstuffed couch and slips them on. She watches him, feeling a bit better that he’s not nude anymore, but unable to get the mental image of his tanned skin out of her head. She lets out a shakey breath, feelin a bit dizzy. He walks over to the kitchen and out of sight and she hears him open the fridge and move something around. He comes back with 2 cans of soda in his hands and offers her one.
“I hope Pepsi is ok,” he says,”not too often i get visiters way out here. You should call next time so I know you’re coming and can get ya something diferent.”
She laughs at his teasing, feeling a bit more at ease and returns his easy smile with a smile of her own.
“Actually, I’m a Pepsi drinker too, you must have known I was gonna show up.” She takes the offered soda and cracks the top, taking a small sip. He walks back into the kitchen and she hears pans rattling on the stove. She follows him, curious to see whats for dinner. He’s standing at the refidgerator with the door open, rummaging through the contents.
“So what do ya like?” he asks suddenly, “I’ve got steaks, fish, chicken, are you a vegitarian?”
This makes her giggle slightly,”Nope, not a rabbit food person, and I like almost anything, surprise me.”
“Ok……….Jake’s beef especiall coming right up m’lady,” he shoots her a crooked grin, looking very rather boyish and completely charming, disarming her further. He pulls out two thick slices of beef and puts them onto a thick wooden cutting block. She watches as he trims the outer ring of fat off the pieces of meat, then procedes to pull about 6 jars of various spices and a bottle of cooking wine out of the cupboards. He seasons the meat and sets it to one side, putting the spices away as he uses each. Then he turns and walks toward her, startling her untill she realizes he is reaching for the fridge. He pulls out a paper bag of fresh green beans, looking at her with a sparkle in his eyes as she shifts uncomfortably.
“My, but you are a skittish one aren’t you,” he chuckles, “I’m not going to bite ya know……”he pauses for a moment, a devilish look in his clear blue eyes, “well…..not unless ya want me too anyways.” She flushes bright red, feeling like her face is on fire as she avoids his eyes. He chuckles again, shaking his head and refocusing his attention on thier meal. He puts the beef steaks in the pan he has had pre-heating, and at his instrucions, she retrieves a fresh lemon, button mushrooms and an onion from the crisper. She watches him as he cooks, fairly impressed at the prowess he displays at the stove as delicious smells start eminating from the cozy kitchen. After about 10 minutes, he reaches into the cupboard and pulls out 2 plates, snatching silverware out of the dish drainer on his way past and sets them on the table. Not waiting for him to ask her, she sets the dishes out with utensils by each plate, tucking a paper napkin from the counter neatly under each set. She watches as he shuts off the pans and puts the finishing touches on the meal, grabbing a dish of small red potatoes he was reheating out of the microwave as he walks over to the table. Setting the potatoes down, he walks over to her, and with a dramatic bow, pulls out her seat for her inviting her to sit. Then grabbing up both plates, he goes back into the kitchen, coming back quickly with thier food: thick steaks seasoned and cooked with mushrooms in red wine, sauted green beans with lemon and onion, and the baby red parsley potatoes that he adds once he is back at the table. He sets her plate in front of her and takes a seat acrossed from her. She tries the steak first, immediately noting it is done to perfection, the spices tangy on her tounge.
“Wow,” she murmers, “this is truely awesome.You’re an exceptional chef.”
“I spent a few years in the buisiness,” he explaines,”ya pick up a few tricks”
Once the meal is finished, he gathers up the dishes, chasing her out of the kitchen when she offers to help clean up. She argues a bit more then gives up as he insists that she is a guest, her place is in the living room, not washing the dishes. So making her way to the living room, she takes up a seat on the overstuffed sofa to wait for him, wondering what comes next. After a few minutes, the kitchen gets quiet, so she wanders out to check and see how close he is to being finished. He doesn’t notice her at
first, so she leans against the refridgerator door for a mom
ent to watch him as he dries the plates and returns them to the cupboard. When he turns and spots her, he gives her another crooked smile, strolling towards her slowly.
“Well, well, well,” he says, ” see something you like do ya?” He continues to move towards her, tossing the towel onto the counter as he advances. She has a moment of panic as her feet refuse to obey her brain and back out of the kitchen. She tries to step back as he advances, only to feel the cold flat surface of the fridge connect with her butt. He walk towards her slowly, watching her eyes carefully as he slowly stalks her, taking care to scare her a bit, but not too much. Once he gets right in front of her he leans in, resting one hand against the fridge beside her head. Her eyes are closed tightly in preparation, her breath coming in litle pants, her cheeks pink as she holds very still, waiting for his next move. Her body feels foreign to her as she responds to his proximity.
He reaches out and catches a lock of her auburn hair between his fingers, sampling its texture before moving his hand up to caress the side of her face with the backs of his fingers.
“Open your eyes Lara,” he whisperes softly into her ear, sending little sparks through her whole body as his breath tickles her ear, “open your eyes and look at me……..I’m not going to hurt you and i don’t want you to be afraid of me.”
She opens her eyes and looks into his, surprised by the tenderness she sees there. She continues to watch his face as he strokes her cheeks and eyebrows with his finger, then running them lightly over her lips. Her lips part slightly at the touch and he leans down and captures her mouth in a slow, deep kiss. She feels his hands, warm and firm but gentle, as they trail down her shoulders and arms. By this point she is kissing him back eagerly and she slips her arms around his neck pulling him into a tight embrace as her tounge spars with his. He runs his hands down her sides, coming to rest on her rounded hips before circling around to firmly grasp her butt and pull her more tightly into him. She feels his shaft, already hard and hot, pressed into her belly and lets out a low moan. Then grabbing her hips, he lifts her and she wraps her legs around his waist, instantly wet as she feels his hard body come into contact with her hot core. He continues kissing her, deeper and harder than before and carries her into the bed room.
He lays her down on the bed and lays down on top of her, her legs still tight around his hips, never breaking contact with her heated lips. Pulling away from the kiss, Jake slides her shirt up, slowly running his hands acrossed every inch of skin as he exposes it. She is panting slightly now, feeling as if every nerve ending is tingling beneath his master touch. He pulls her shirt up over her head, but leaves it around her arms pinning her slightly.Using one hand to hold her arms captive, he moves the other down her chest and stomach, rubbing with his palm down to her belly button then back up to cup her firm breast, his mouth trailing close behind. She moans beneath him, using her legs to pull him closer, needing the heat and pressure of his hard body against hers to relieve the pressure she feels building between her legs. He rotates his hips against her making her moan again, and he feels himself grow even harder in response to her excitement. Letting go of her arms, he moves down, unfastening her shorts and sliding them slowly and sensuously over her hips and down her long slender legs, trailing kisses as he works his way down. As he moves back up, he can feel the blood pounding in his erection making it impossible to focus on anything but her. He slides his palms up her smooth legs, running up the insides of her thighs, parting them gently.
He feels her hesitate for only a second before her body’s passion forces her submission, and she opens her legs willingly, allowing him full access. He kneals between her parted thighs and, using his forearm acrossed her pelvic bone to both restrain her and hold himself up, runs his other hand up the inner part of her thigh to her hot wet center. As two of his fingers penetrate her tight pussy, he watches her face as she throws her head back, lips parted and starts gripping at the bed coverings. He continues to watch her reactions, stroking the inner parts of her wet tunnel, rotating his fingers in a circular motion to ease his entry later. Shifting his weight a bit so as to free up his other hand, he uses his thumb to pull back the small hood of skin, exposing her glistening nub. Leaning down, he flicks his tounge lightly over the tip of it, feeling her hips come off the bed as she whimpers and moans deep in her throat. Hearing her excitement, he gives her the full measure of his mouth, sucking the little bud into his mouth and making it swell as he runs his tounge firmly acrossed it. He hears her moan again, louder this time, and inserts a third finger to stretch her a bit more, remembering the small wince of pain he had seen earlier when he had penetrated her. As the third finger slips in to be drenched in her moisture, he hears her issue a small cry that could have been pain or pleasure, so he slows his fingers and continues to work her over with his tounge.
Her breath is coming in rapid shallow gasps, and her hips are moving in a motion of primal invitation as she tenses from her impending climax. He centers his lips around her little nub and sucks it in hard, sliding his fingers the rest of the way into her. He feels her body arch up off the bed as a ragged cry of passion fulfilled is torn from her lips. He fights to hang on to her, continuing to piston his fingers in and out while his tounge works her clit and is rewarded by another orgasm, stronger than the first. She bucks wildly under his mouth and hands, uttering a loud scream that makes him glad there aren’t any neighbors close by before her whole body goes lax, and her last moans of ecstacy fall silent. He raises up on one elbow to look at her, he face glowing from the exertion and her hair an auburn mane among the rumpled blankets of the recently neatly made bed.
He moves up a bit to straddle her hips, kissing her slowly before placing one hand on her hip bone,encouraging her to roll over. As she takes up position on her hands and knees, he kneals behind her, reaching up to massage her clit for a moment to relax her. Then he grips his shaft, already glistening on the tip, and rubs it between her wet folds, lubricating it thoroughly to ease his entry. She drops her head down and pushes her butt into him curving her back and chest down towards the matress. He gives a low throaty growl as her motions cause the head of his shaft to slip past the breach point. Unable to hold back or be slow about it, he rocks into her, burying himself fully with one deep stroke.
“Oh God yes,” is what escapes her lips as he penetrates her, driving any concerns that he may be hurting her out the window. He follows her physical cues, giving her everything he has, pounding into her tight little body at a brutal pace. With in just a few moments he feels her muscles contract even tighter around him increasing the friction as she reaches again for release. He continues to hammer her, clamping down hard on his need to ejaculate. When the scream erupts from her, he is ready and surrenders to his body’s own realease, climaxing with such force the moment is almost painfull as he adds his own voice to her cries of passion. As the spasms subside, he lays down gently on top of her, holding his weight on his elbows so he doesn’t crush her, their bodies still joined. He looks deeply into her eyes before capturing her mouth in a sweet, tender kiss, brushing her lips softly with his own. She opens her eyes fixing him with an intense gaze befors closing them again and turning her head to one side, too repleat to want to move, too drained of energy to move if she wanted to. He colaspses on the bed beside her as his shakey arms refuse to support his weight any longer, pulling her into a warm embrace as sleep drifts over them both, as swiftly and sil
elently as the apr
oaching night……………TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Dung30n

    all 3 parts are wonderfull, keep it up :)

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  2. kagang

    very nice story. i hope it’l have part four. i am looking forward to it. i actually saved and printed part 1,2 and 3. thanks for such a tightgripting story

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  3. Chell

    I love the story but where is part four? I would love to read that one.

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