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Hi everyone!

I’m Emilie. I just had to tell you about the chat that i had the other evening.

I went to the computer room at the University with my cousin. She was gonna meet me there after her course. I was sitting there alone and i wanted to check my e-mail, so there i went! I had a message from that chat room and it got my attention. I read my other messages real fast and went there(sorry can’t tell you where)and started with the submission part. It wasn’t too long that i was ready to start!!!
Had my name, password and everything so i went in to the chat room where 140 people online was waiting for me. Well, it didn’t take long before Brad got my attention.
He said «Hey pretty girl, how ya doin’?» in bright red.
I replied «Not much! Waiting for you i guess» in pink.
That’s my favorite color and everyone calls me pink. Anyway, Brad wanted me to go private. He wanted me to go to another room so we could chat alone. I was all excited even before we went to the room so you can imagine what the deal was.
He started to say how he was behind me breathing down my neck, kissing and licking and nibling my ears.
My pussy was already drenched with hot juice.
I could really feel him behind me and everything.So i simply repied «It’s feels so good i don’t know what to say!»
He said« Just enjoy Hun…»
That’s when it really started!
He said« I’m still behind you touching your body, your soft hair, your skin.MMMMMMM, you smell so good, can you feel my cock swelling on your ass. I,m pressing harder so you can really feel the size and how it’s so hard. I want you so badly! Where are you from?
I said« New-Brunswick, and you?»
« California!»
«Too bad i would really like to see you.»
«I’ll pay your flight if you really want to.»
« No, really i can’t do that.»
« I’m bending down to kiss you down your back and your ass. Turn over and gently whisper (i want you on your pussy) then open your lips with two fingers and see your swollen clit. I gently press it between my fingers. I can feel your body begin to shiver as i get closer and closer with my tongue but i stop before touching it so you can feel my breath again, so hot. I go back and jsut take a little lick.»
« Ouuuhhhh,please don’t stop!»
« Beleive me i wont. I wont stop until i make you come. I wanna see the river flowing down your pussy. And i will suck and lick you dry babe.»
« At the rate your going i’m gonna explode in a few minutes, ’cause my hand is down my pants right now and i’m really horny. My legs are shaking.»
« Well, i’ll pick you up hun and take you to the bed. Spread your legs open and start all over again. Licking and sucking on your clit. Sliding afinger in your hole. Feeling you from inside. Diping another one, i’m feeling you tighter so i put a third one. I wanna here you scream with pleasure. Your tits are really hard to so you pull one up to your mouth and start licking and sucking on it. Looking at me with those pervert eyes.
« Ooh my god, it feels so good…….

To be continued…

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