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Amy and I had a few sexual meetings since our first time in my basement. Each time, the sex got hotter and she wanted it more and more. Her husband did not satisfy her and i was more than willing to help her out. We screwed one afternoon in a hotel room and both went back to work, with huge smiles on our faces.
One night when her husband was away, she called me up after having a few drinks with her friends. She told me how she had a fantasy about fucking either in a car or at work, both of which she had not done. My wife was asleep so I said I would be glad to help her out. Little did I know I was in for a real treat.
I picked her up outside of her building and was very happy at what I saw. She was wearing a tight black mini skirt with a red sweater that hid nothing and black stockings. Her hips swayed and drove me nuts.
She got in the car and we went to find a dark place. She was stroking my cock and took it out while I drove. She gobbled it up in her hungry mouth and gave me a great blow job. I was in heaven and she tried to get me to cum but could not. When we parked, we moved into the back of my SUV and started fooling around big time. I quickly removed her silky black thong and rubbed her pussy, which was soaked. When I asked her how long she had been thinking about this, she told me since the first day we met. I went down on her and ate her shaven pussy like a champ. She orgasmed twice in a quick amount of time as her hips bucked and she shoved her pussy in my face. I fingered her pussy and her ass as I ate her.
After the second orgasm, she got up and started sucking my cock again, determined to get me off. As she sucked it, I started really fingering her ass. First one finger then two and eventually three. She loved it and begged me to keep going as she blew me. I asked her how much her husband fucked her ass and she told me never, which was a huge disappointment to her. When I told her I had not had anal sex in three years, she told me that she thought my cock was too big to fit in her tight ass. There is only one way to find out, I said, and pulled her up.
i sat up and she got on top of me, guiding my swollen cock to her tight ass. I fingered her as she slid the head in and screamed in pleasure. The pleasure turned to pain quickly. She tried to pull off but I held her on it and pushed deeper into her. She started yelling how much it hurt and how I was tearing her apart … but that she loved it as well. i banged her ass and sucked her tits for over an hour and shot a huge load into her tight hole. We both collapsed and lay in the back of the SUV for a bit before getting cleaned up. Needless to say, she has asked for it at least once a week since then and I give it to her any chance we get.

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