Shadow of Desire

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Shadow Of Desire

It was dark in the room as I got home from another day at a shitty job that I couldn’t give a dam about. Another late night away from the things I cared about! As I walked into the dark room I could see my wife lying on the bed the light from the window just barely making its whey it thought the space between the window & shade. It was a hot night & she was above the covers in just a
t-shirt & a pair of sheer white panties. She was on her stomach with her legs open slightly. She looked a goddess in her sheer white panties that ass was more than I could take. I slowly got into bed; I started to run my hand across those sheer panties into the crack of her ass. She moaned… I could start to smell her fragrance emitting from her hot body. I slowly caressed her ass with my hand & fingers, stopping for a moment at her pussy & her asshole, she was beginning to move, oh so slightly bringing up one leg closer to her torso; I watched her sleep as I was caressing her, I could see dampness around her pussy thru those oh so sheer panties she was getting aroused.
I began to move her panties to the side to reveal that sweet ass & pussy. I started to lick her from her lower back to the pubic mound as I touched her ass with my tongue she let out a gasp, she was awake now. As I began to tongue that sweet asshole
She started to spread her ass cheeks with her hands.
Stick your tongue up my ass… she moaned. I put two fingers up her asshole and spread that ass open as I let my tongue dive into her parted asshole.
She let out a sound of pleasure & began to move her ass up & down to the rhythm of my tongue.
I started to finger her pussy first one finger than two; she was humping wildly on my tongue with her ass, spreading her ass apart even more with her hands. I love eating her sweet asshole.
“I want your cock in my mouth” she said. Breathing heavily as she came.
As I stood up from the bed she grabbed my rock hard cock & started to jack me off, licking just the tip of my cock
Than just the sides, very slowly, as she was doing this I noticed she was fingering her pussy. My cock got even harder seeing
My wife finger fuck herself, that was always a turn on for me. Now she started to suck my cock with gusto milking it with
Her hand… I was going to explode, & than she stuck her index finger up my asshole and Instantly I came in her mouth, cum gushing from the sides of her mouth, it was a huge load and she could not swallow it all although she tried.
I jumped back into bed & grabbed her, and turned her on her back and spread her legs started to finger her again.
One finger in her pussy and one up her asshole as I licked her clit with my tongue.
She again started to pump her body unto my fingers & tongue. I could hear her faintly saying” I want you to fuck my ass”. I was thinking the same thing bitch! I said. As I put my cock deep in her cunt with one thrust. She let out with a loud moan
“Yes Fuck My Cunt You Bastard” . I put that cock into motion and fuck her harder & harder …
Than, I took my cock out of her cunt & turned her around and said lick your pussy juice off my cock before I Fuck your asshole.
I started to pull her hair as she licked off her juices from my cock. Holding her head so she would just start to choke on my cock
Before I let breathe again… After Cuming in her mouth a second time.
I flipped her over on her back and started to tease her swollen pussy lips with my cock. Sticking it in her cunt slowly & taking it out. Slapping my cock on her clit before sticking it back in & out of her cunt again & again. She was ready for a good ass fucking now.
She was begging for me to fuck that beautiful asshole. “Please Fuck My ASS” she said
I said “Beg for it Bitch”
“Tell Me how much you love my cock in your ass”
“Yes, she said I love your big fat cock up my ass” I love cocks in my ass” Put it deep in my ass.
Yes I will but, first, tell me how much of a little slut you are.
Yes she said “I am your little cock sucking slut, bitch & I love sucking your cock after you fuck my pussy so I can lick my pussy juice off your big cock. I love it when you cum in the mouth so I can swallow it. I Love Your Cock In My Cunt, I can never get enough of your big dick.
And I love it when you put your huge cock up my tight little asshole. Deep in my asshole. Fucking my asshole hard.
Well that was about all I could take my cock was harder than wood & looking forward to fucking my wife’s ass
I turned her over on all fours, buns up belly down. I put my cock back in here pussy hole to lube it up a bit. No KY tonight this bitch was getting it raw. Just the way she liked it. Hot & Nasty!!!
My wife grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart reveling that asshole that I was going to stick my rock hard cock
Said said “Fuck My Ass Now!”
I was more than happy to oblige, I line up my cock with that tight little asshole and stuck it in slowly getting the fat head of my cock
Into her tight asshole, once the head of my cock was in, My wife bucked her ass back into my cock taking the whole length of it up her tight velvet ass.
She moaned yesss, as it hit home “I love your cock in my ass. ” Now Fuck It Hard!” I pushed away from her ass almost taking
My cock out of her ass and I thrust it in deep I could hear her gasp with pleasure & pain at the same time, her body started to tremble she was coming hard, harder than she ever had before. She was moaning Yesss “Fuck my ass” “Make Me Cum “
I was next, My body felt like I was in a ten rounder with Mike Tyson, Sweat pouring off me. My body arched, than my cock released what must have been a pint or two of cum into her ass.
We both laid there exhausted, motionless except for our heavy breathing
Than my wife of 18 years said Honey, That was the best ass fucking I ever had. We have to do that more often.
How about tomorrow?
I said “That’s the little slut I Love
Tomorrow it is!!!!”

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