Shower Time

This I can say is a true story ┬ábecause it happened to me several years ago. You see , I broke the law and landed in jail for a few years, although my time in jail wasn’t wasted as some might think.

Anyways, here’s my erotic story that took place in the shower area one evening.

It was after I came in from my work assignment and I was hot, sweaty, and tired. I wanted a shower and then to go to my room to lie down and relax.

I undressed in my room and wrapped a towel around me for the short walk to the shower area. Once in the shower area I hung up my towel, stepped in and turned on the water. It got hot quickly and it felt good; it felt so good that erotic thoughts kept playing through my head about the guys I’d had sex with before I’d gotten in trouble.

I guess my thoughts had me going cause I got an erection and next thing I knew there was like three guys around me and they had hard cocks, too. I was pushed down onto my knees by this one guy and I was looking at three large cocks in my face.

All I could think was, ‘man, I’m in heaven!’ One by one these guys feed me there cock in my mouth. It was hot, and not from the water! I could taste the manhood on these guys.

When one of them pulled my hips up to him I knew I was about to be penetrated – no waiting, no games. He sank his cock deep in my ass and began thrusting with gusto; his cock was big and filled my hole, it felt like I had a log stuffed up in me.

The other two guys were still feeding my mouth full of cock. Just about the time my rear guy slammed home and dumped his load of cum deep in my ass, my two face guys were feeding me loads of cum. I did the best I could to slurp up the the juice they squirted in my mouth.

After the shower I went back to my room, dried off and got dressed and went down to sit and watch tv. At lock down I went back to my room; as I entered my room there was a guy standing next to my door .

He said, “Thanks for the shower today.” And I looked him in the eye and told him, “Thanks for the load of cum in my hole.”

I figured that would be the only time this happened, but to my surprise about three days later as I entered the shower a guy was sitting outside the shower area waiting; he waved to me as I entered.

I saw three naked guys in the water as I entered. The guys converged upon me; I knew what was what and I was ready for the sex.

But this time I would know what it’s like to have three loads of cum in my hole.

After they were erect and I’d sucked them some, I was bent over against the shower wall and the first guy entered me with a soap lubed cock; his thrusting was awesome.

By the time the third guy pushed his way into my hole my own cock was rock hard and red. As he was thrusting I felt my cock pulse and realized I was shooting my cum out as he dumped his load in my ass.

Well, all good things come to an end, right? I was released in the spring of 2010, but oh what a time I had!


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