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Strawberry’s Falling For The Green Part Two: What Now?

Hi everyone, I’m back and still pretty. Let’s get back to it. Many may remember part one of my story… Me falling in love with my pimp. Well, its been over a year since we first laid eyes on each other. And the sexual all the time phase was over and I could only be pleased by him whenever I pursed a client or he wanted me really bad. We still had routine sex off and on at least once every two weeks. E, he was the man. He made sure I was still being fucked.

But throughout this time his hoes had came and gone…mostly because I started fighting with them. Me and E had a lot of business, sexual, jealousy, and financial trouble but we kept it together. He now found a fat bitch he had a past with that used to fuck him. Of course, when I found that out I was about to punch the shit out of the bitch. But hey, a hoe will be a hoe. Even though they said it was in the past, I think he still fucking her.

The other night he fucked me like he was trynna heal all the pain he caused me that I didn’t have proof of.  After the fighting he always tried to calm me down with his big black hard cock.  The reason I was mad was because he was in the other room with the other bitch more than mines.  But he kept trynna get me to suck him in her bathroom every time I came in and out the other night. Then he came to my room and of course I wanted to get dicked down, so I let him slide his dick inside my wet waterfall pussy. As he was hitting it from the back I started to moan. He said, “Shut up bitch!”

Then he pulled out and sat down and talked to me about I wasn’t gonna beat his ass and all types of shit. I got mad and stood up and that’s when he threw me on the bed and got on top of me, strangling the life out of me. So of course I did him back. He stopped after 10 seconds and so did I. I swore under his laughing he said, “Aww, Strawberry I love you.” (P.s. he said it twice.) Anyways he looked in my eyes and started choking me again while he was on top of me; he had one hand around my throat and one was reaching down to unbuckle his designer belt and he pulled out the dick.

I felt him jam it inside of me. He asked me, “You can’t breathe, bitch?” Then once I started gagging he got off my throat he eased his hand off my neck. I got so fucking wet. Btw, I was already naked from earlier. Anyways, he pushed the dick in me as far as he could over and over in my wet pussy. Each time E pushed in and out I moaned. He said, “Shut up, bitch. You my bitch.” I was so horny he made me cum everywhere. Then he got up and told me to hold the ends of the dresser with the mirror and look in it while he fucked away all my pain and jealousy.

Each stroke made me reflect on a memory we had shared. I looked at him fucking me. I saw a whole other person in that mirror. I didn’t see my pimp, I saw my future. I begin screaming as he screamed, “Shut up, bitch!” He kept groaning because he was about to cum. Then I felt a pile of cream shoot off in me. I was fucked by the man I love. Everything else didn’t matter to me but my jealousy lived even stronger now because he hit me with the crazy dick. I hate to see what I will do if I catch him with a hoe. Its like cocaine, I became addicted.

*to be continued*

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