Sisters Is life getting more complicated or not

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Sisters – Life is really complicated nowadays check out Sisters a new beginning if you’ve not already to catch up on this and it about to become even more complicated as you will soon find out.
we have moved into the Girls House, plans for when the babies are born are all sorted, Wedding sorted June should just be starting to get the baby bump by the time we are married and Jane has not changed her name and our agreement to become my 2nd common law wife is still a work in progress We have not checked up on the legal implications if any properly yet. We have even set up a set of rules for our new living arrangements.
The house has 4 bedrooms the 3 of us all have our own room; this is so we all have our privacy at the moment.
For Sex at the moment – I sort of flit between the girls rooms and mine at night depending which is in the mood for sex, mine if we all are, and they can get together in either of theirs if they just fancy a girly night if you know what I mean. Dress code is still the same undies during the week, naked at the weekend, this might change when the kids arrive we will have to see, we intend on bringing them up as naturists like we are. When we get the time we still visit the local club and have some very good friends. The last room will be for the kids when they are born. When the kids are born I will spend 2 weeks with my wife June, and 2 weeks with my 2nd wife Jane, my old room will be for guest.
Only one thing left to do have a house warming party even that’s be arranged for the weekend which is 3 days away, we have been in the house for a while now but want to have the party to let our good friends know our news about the babies and the living arrangements everything has been hush-hush up to now.
The day of the party the house is full of guests, the girls are mingling I answer the door to what must be one of our last visitors to arrive; yes its Steve an old school friend just back from the Australia “Hello Steve so glad to see you I thought you were not going to make it”. He drops his bag held out his hands and said “The bloody plane was late landing – some bad weather on the way over delayed things a bit” he gave me a big hug which took me by surprise a little I’m not one for hugging well not with men. “So you have only just got back into the country? When I bumped into your parents last week they said you were coming back to live and you would be back a couple of days ago?” “Yes I was going to be but some last minute stuff to sort out I’ll tell you later” We dropped his bag off in the hall and I took him to meet the Girls.
The night progress everyone was having a great time we had told everyone the news about the babies some were a little shocked and a little confused about our living arrangements it was a little odd but all seemed ok.
Steve came over to see me he had been chatting with an old flame he used to go out with most off the night,
“You lucky Bugger” he said “2 gorgeous looking women and a family on the way so which one is it that’s having the baby?” “They both are I laughed” “Bloody hell mate you have changed! You looked like you could run a mile every time a girl even looked at you when you were younger, I remember one girl ummm now what was her name errrr Brenda Jackson telling me you were gay” “She said what?” “Yes Brenda told me you were Gay” He laughed “She really was upset she had a real crush on you! – It really broke her heart though when she came onto me because I told her I was gay and fancied her brother Ha-Ha-Ha”. “You’re a rotten bastard, why did you tell her that? – She was a really nice girl, I did fancy her but I was shy back then and she had a really big brother”” yes and as I said I fancied him” “you really are gay then” “Bi but not been with a woman in age’s I do like men more Did you not Know? That’s why I remember Brenda saying you were gay because I was hoping you were”. I went to the kitchen for a beer when I got back Steve was with my Girls he was going but the girls had offered him a room for the night my room. “John!” said Steve was just going but he has nowhere to stay tonight he was going to go to his parents’ house but it’s a bit late and I said there are not that many descent hotels around here so I said he can stop the night do you mind if he sleeps in your room?” “What’s wrong with the spare room” I asked. “That’s taken Bob and Kerry are in there they’re stopping over, my rooms taken I’m with Sis because George and Sally are stopping over” both couples are friends from the local naturist or Sun Club as we like to call it. “So I’m where?” Steve gave me a little slap on the ass and Said “In me Silly – oops in with me I mean” he said with a big grin on his face. The party is coming to an end, the ones that are not stopping are drifting off the girls are showing the others where they will be sleeping. I’m getting some weird feelings in my groin, It might have been the beer I don’t know or the thoughts running through my head, I was thinking of our schooldays of seeing Steve in the shower after sports of him washing down between his legs and the sight of his huge cock oh my god he was built like a horse, why was I thinking of that I thought was it his comment earlier. June comes back first followed by Jane who said “ok guys we’re off to bed” she look straight at Steve when she spoke, to Steve and I we are off to bed, “be good you 2 she laughed no funny business up there in bed” she laughed again this time a bit longer and she was looking at again! I’m sure I saw her wink at him, what was that for I thought.
Steve comes into the bedroom I’m already in bed wearing just my boxers; he strips off naked and says “I hope you don’t mind I sleep NUDE. He glides into bed besides me, I lay there stiff as a board wondering what he’s thinking, I’m thinking omg what a body he has he obviously works out what a six pack he has and his tan – he looks great; why am I thinking like this and why am I getting so aroused. I lay there thinking I do hope Steve does not notice I think I’m getting a hard-on down its making me feel really weird I think the thoughts of a naked man lay at the side of me is getting me horny, he’s lying on his back I give him a quick glance by the looks of it he is having some naughty thoughts as he is quite stiff by the looks of the tent he’s making with the sheets. At this point I don’t know what came over me I suddenly got the urge to touch him and I slid my hand over under the sheets and grabbed his cock. “What am I doing” I thought I have a guy’s cock in my hand, regardless of my thought and the fact that Steve just lay there groaning a little I surprised myself even more by going further I started to rub his cock with my hand masturbating him slowly. John I did not know you enjoyed men Brenda was right then all those years ago” “neither did I, know I mean this is the first time for me I guess I was a bit curious I have had some weird feeling about men before but that was it, when I saw you naked just before you got into bed those feelings came back and I don’t know why I started to think about what you said early when you slapped my arse “IN ME SILLY” It really turned me ON and I don’t know why. Steve at this point put his hand on my groin slips his hand inside my boxer and starts rubbing my cock up and down. Oooh this is so weird it’s not like I’ve had my cock wanked before I love it when the girls do this, the feeling is so different it’s more intense maybe because he has a tighter grip than the girls, they don’t know how much punishment a cock can take so always grip lightly; being a man Steve obviously dose his grip is quite firm and his actions are well more Masculine pumping harder than when the girl do it. I have let his cock go now, MY feelings are going wild I can’t carry on with the task in hand so to speak his task in hand has got me so close to Cumming I can’t concentrate. I tell him to slow down a bit I need to saviour this new feeling as long as I can, with this he pulls down my boxers to my knees and say well try this one then if you like that so much he stops wanking me and move down to my cock replacing his hand with his mouth oooh I grown I’m defiantly going to come Now. My balls feel like I’m about to explode Wow he’s got his finger in my ass that’s it I lose control – I shoot my cum into his mouth “Yes!!!!” he says “come on let it go I want every last drop” he quickly returns back to my cock sucking every bit of my seed from my groin that he could. “My turn now” he says I really need to come but not in your mouth, the girls told me a little secret about you” he pauses “you like it when they use a strap on and you liked it even more when they use it on you they tell me!! Well how do you fancy the REAL THING”. That’s what the wink was for earlier the bitch she was setting me up, I do like the feel of that strap on in my ass I thought what the hell I’ve gone this far and liked it. I position myself on all fours offering Steve my ass saying “Go for it” “Make ME YOUR BITCH – FUCK ME, give me some real meat in my ass FUCK ME HARD”. Having just cum my cock was going soft my body was so relaxed even my ass, I’ve noticed this before when the girls use the strap on or I enter their ass it’s so much easier after an orgasm apparently the muscles do relax more then, anyway back to reality. Steve positions himself behind me, pulling my butt cheeks open slightly he splits on my ass for lubrication he says; normally when the girls do me in the ass I’m covered in their juices so would not need this. He gives a big sigh and says Ummm that looks SWEET! With this he sticks his huge cock into my awaiting ass. Again this feels really weird but lots better than a strap on, he pumps into my body slowly at first then faster and faster, somehow he manages to reach around and play with my cock as he pumps away. OMG this feels Sooo good I’m going to cum again I take over the wanking of my cock he starts to really pump fast and hard now pulling me on to his cock with each thrust and by the feel of the twitching in my ass I think Steve is Cumming . I cum first but only slightly I feel the power of his seed as he’s filling me, one more final spurt powered by my feelings and I all spent I think so is he THAT WAS SOOO GOOD. I collapse onto the bed with his large cock still inside me and eventually drift off to sleep. I awake in the morning Steve is still asleep I need a pee I sneak off for to the bathroom. I hear the girls laughing they are in the bathroom already, I bet I know what they are up to I thought I sneak in, I’m wrong; Jane is in the shower and June is drying herself off.
“John you pervert you could have knocked” Jane said. “I wanted to see what you were laughing about I thought you were showing together and having some fun you know I like to watch”.
“No we’ve already had the fun” ” we were laughing because we were thinking about you sleeping with Steve and wondering if you had a Good Night – Sleep that is” June added. My reply was “I think you already know the answer to that from what Steve said, YES I have had a Very GOOD Night and I don’t mean sleeping; I then told them the whole story of what has happened. June Laughs “It Sounds like everyone has had a good Night, I spotted Kerry and Sally in the passage earlier having a quick snog “I overheard Kerry say thanks for a good night I hope you had a good Night – was BOB a good Boy? I Hope he played nice for you?”; me and sis had a great night she had the strap on out the vibrating one that you like Ha-ha-ha.

Bob, Kerry, George and Sally have all gone before leaving they all thanked us for a great party, they had enjoyed it, Kerry was a little embarrassed as she had seen June while on her way back to Bob, yes they had been doing a bit of swapping we told them “No worries we all had a good time last night even Steve will agreed I think? That’s the main thing” I said.
A little later we are all sat down having lunch oh it is the weekend so the no cloths rule applies even Steve is naked he said “I always follows the house rule’s while stopping with good friends”.
“That’s good” I said “Because I have an Idea, No a proposition I would like to put to you I’ve spoken to the girls and they are fine with it if you are.
As if our lives here in the house were not complicated enough I had a plan I started to explain.
This only thing that worries me about our present plan is how is it going to look when only the 3 of us on school parents day and they as one of the kids where is your daddy today could he not make it? How do we get around that? What is the kid going to say? – “Yes he’s over there with my other MUM” even worse can you imagine the teachers face when Jane answered I mean she could say “My Ex is over there with his Wife my Sister” most know the girls are sisters and the name would be the same so I could we could get away with it. I just can’t get my head around the sister relationship how would people think about this it does not feel right. Steve “Well how would you like to be the father of my child in name only of cause and live here with us? I know you need a place to live – It would make things look a lot better for all of us especially the kids.
“Well” Said Steve after some thought “On 1 condition that Jane will marry me” It seems for some while Steve has been pondering his life as a Bi/gay male he does sleep with women but mainly men, For a while now he has been feeling a bit broody as he calls it He wants a family kids of his own not adopted but from His Loins, with him fancying men so much more this had been a problem” “I would Love to become part of your Little family here. I’m Willing to take on your child as my own for reasons affor mentioned, allowing full parenting rights to you John if Jane was to become my wife and be the mother of my child also. I would not demand any sexual gratification other than that of what is needed to sire my child. All sexual activity between the four of us can stay the same you and the girls the girls alone and as I am hoping you and I John, hey maybe me and the girls maybe even all four because you never know trying to become a daddy might make me enjoy women some more”. “I look at Steve and say great well I’m fine with all of that if the girls are even the ME and You bit, I look forward to our next time together. Jane looks a Steve well more at his monster of a cock hanging between his legs “Well on the condition that I can try that out before we get married, errr like right now ; Yes I will gladly become you wife maybe we can have a double wedding if it’s not too late to change the plans” Jane says. June also staring at his huge cock says I like the sound of the foursome I want some of that beast also! John how are you feeling could you manage some more of that right now or have you got Plans he-he-he”.
Well I’m feeling a little sore from that pounding last night but with a bit of lube I think I could go another round with the beast between Steve’s legs

“Has things in this house got easier or more complicated?” I ask “WHO CARES” said June “LETS FUCK”
Well who am I to argue with the future Wife
“OK! Dear do we have to toss a coin for who gets to go first with Steve Though?”.

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