~Slave Dominance~

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You will obey me *pushes Dev down with my spiked boots on his chest and takes my 4 inch leather whip out slapping it across my hand* *like my outfit* *spikes and leather baby* does that sound submissive?????

*grabs a chain and some handcuffs and cuffs Dev’s hands to the bed and a chain to his leg*

Excellent for those who love leather and intimidation, the Dominatrix look can truly frighten people, especially if you carry a whip around with you.

To truly pull off this look, you must be in shape, and it also helps if you have buff and toned muscles, as this will exude an aura of power and domination.

This is one outfit where you can get truly creative. Using leather or metal cuffs, straps, metal studs and spikes, and lace-up parts of the outfit you can make a leather outfit that is completely you, plus the black of this outfit can be intimidating. A mask is optional, but can complete an outfit, as well as the appropriate boots. Footwear is very important to the Dominatrix look, and you want to make sure to choose the appropriate boots, preferably ones with thick soles or spike heels, and accents like steel buckles or spikes helps.

as Angel pushes me down her spiked heel poking int my chest owww*
wondering to myself what happened to her lol….but damn she is such an eye candy in that out fit

My jaw drops. My dick throbs. I can hardly manage to force myself to breathe. My eyes explore her body only to be trapped again by her eyes. She walks forward to me slowly, in a controlled manor, as though she is paying attention to every move she is making. One hand slapping that leather whip across her hand repeatedly.

Then she pushes me back onto the bed, her hair draping around my face as I am pushed on my back, grabs my hands and pins them and suddenly I find myself to the bed and b4 I could protest my legs are chained.

Just one more question…whats my next command mistress?

*Quiet SLAVE* as I pull out a black silk scarve blindfold and slide up letting my legs straddle my slave while I tie the scarve around his eyes. “Smell the leather Slave?” Doesn’t it turn you on the way it does me….My long hair brushes his face… All the while my slave is asking for “the next command” I think I want to torture you a bit slave before I let you loose to do my bidding…

*Slides my leather whip across your chest and traces a imaginary line down your body, allowing the frayed end of the whip to caress your exposed cock*

“From now ON you address me as Mistress”

My sense of touch and smell becomes highly enhanced as my eyes are covered, I see blackness. But I feel her, sense her, the smell of leather and her perfume mix together and intoxicate me. I feel her whip sliding across me sending shivers down my spine.

My mouth is open, gasping at the sensation. Taking in sharp breaths. I feel my butt tighten in a mock of what my body wants to do so bad to her. My erect dick thrusts forward up into the air, my stomach muscles clench as I feel the frayed end touching my cock. I realize my back has arched and I am thursting up towards her, humping the air. I hear her giggle obviuosly she is enjoying the show. I feel her climb on top of me her naked thighs sliding against my body as she straddles me.

I have been enslaved by her and when she orders, like the Dominatrix Mistress that she has become, to call her Mistress…I comply..”Yes Mistress…I’ll do whatever you say”

Yesss Slave as my body slinks and slides over yours as my breasts touch your chest, my hands slide over your arms.. as I pin them over your head and pulling out my handcuffs and cuff them together.

Biting and clawing your skin until I leave red marks on your skin.. I draw blood as i suck and nibble on your neck. Biting you very hard that you let out a sharp gasp as my teeth sink into your flesh.

“Do you like pain my submissive one?” as I arch my back as my nails slide over your chest and down your abs… My hips straddle your hips as i feel your hardened manhood poke me as your hips gyrate in the air.

Pulling out a pair of nipple clamps I fasten the ring onto the slaves erect and hard nipples as I tighten and squeeze the clamps into place causing a piercing pain as I pull on the chain connected to the tight clamp squeezing my slave’s nipples even tighter.

“Throwing back my head a slight smile comes over my face” as I bite my lower lip.. knowing what I have planned next for my submissive one.

Just feeling her body…her breasts glide over me was a powerful aphrodisiac. I moaned and growled inchoherently as my mistress clawed, bit and nibbled on my flesh. Her teeth and tongue grazing my body sent tingles down my spine.

I kept thursting up, grinding into her lower body, poking her with my throbbing manhood, her naked thigh sliding next to mine. I coudnt see her but I was sure she had a smile on her face, seeing how much she had turned me on.

And then suddenly I felt the cold metal clamping my erect sensitive nipples..aaahhh..I gasped, taking in a sharp breath, my teeth gritting, as I tried to keep myself from screaming out loud. I felt a piercing pain as she pulled hard on my nipples hoping she woudnt pull so hard again. I struggled to move, but found it difficult as the handcuffs kept chaffing my wrists.

And when she asked me I replied to my mistress straight away..
“Yes, I like it….but only when its u who gives the pain mistress..”

I wondered what else she had in mind, how else was she going to torture me…

Leaning over to his clamped nipples I gave a quick swift pull on both ends of the chain and my slave let out a deep growl and groan as I kept pulling tighter on his nipples. Swiftly as the pain came to him I bent over his naked body and flicked my tongue over and over his erect nipples. The clamps squeezed his titties tightly and I licked and sucked the very ends of them causing him increased sexual pleasure. I felt his hard throbbing cock push along the backside of my black leather thong I had on. His hips continued to sway up and down and wiggle under the pleasure I was giving him. I wanted him to know who was in control here and it was me.

He began to speak as he thrashed around on the bed….

“Ahhh My Mistress, such pleasure you give me” he whinced again as I bit down on his hard nipples drawing blood. My tongue lapped up the droplets of blood that oozed from his skin. I can taste his fresh blood in my mouth as I sucked his nipples harder.

“Silence Slave” as I sucked his skin and flesh between my lips.
My wet tongue traced his skin as I licked him down to his abs where I sucked my tongue in and out of his belly button and kissed and nibbled, grazing my tongue of fire around his abs area. He continued to wiggle under me as if he was trying to be free from his shackles as I reached up and gave a tug on his clamps, causing him to growl once again in pain. Another smile brought to my face as I bit his flesh and succled him.

He continued to thrust his hips as my own began to mock thrust back on his cock. I didn’t want him to feel like my resistance was weakening to him so I fought the urge and temptation to give into my desires to him.

“More pain or pleasure my slave” as I brought my frayed leather whip down and traced the head of his cock with it. The ends slide up and down his hard cock as the fray touched his balls, he began deep moanings. I felt his pre-cum squirt from his cock against my hand as I licked my lips in anticipation of what was to come.

Sliding down between his legs now I scraped my fingernails along his inner thighs, digging in deep.

Time my slave… reaching over on the stand by the bed, I picked up a long candle and lite the end of it, allowing the wick to burn hot. I watched the flame burn until the wax began to flow down
the sides of the candle. Getting between his legs, his throbbing cock at attention and begging to be swallowed and touched… but I had other ideas as I
poured the very hot wax around the base of his cock, causing him to cry out in pain. “More Slave.. I want your complete obedience to my commands Do I have your obedience? waiting for a answer from my slaves lips.

I poured burning wax along the sides of my slaves hard cock… and leaning over I blew on the hot flames of wax.. causing him to cry out even more…

“Tell me Slave… who’s in control now”

ohhhh mmmmmm moaningg, I moaned and growled, gasping in pleasure, as I breathe hard, as I feel my nipples getting bruised by the nipple clamps. I winced in pleasure and pain, but when my Mistress lips touched my nipples it was pure pleasure, her tongue flicking and licking me made my body shiver with delight.

I THRUSTED my self at her, I could feel her naked skin on my thighs my hard cock nuzzling next to her womanhood, feeling the her thong with my cock. I was hard as steel and I was sure I was leaking precum profusely which was getting rubbed all over her naked thighs and thong as she humped back on me as she continued to lick and niblle my skin.

And then suddenly, even as I was relishing her tongue work on my nipples, I felt her teeth dig into one of them. So hard that I thrashed and gritted my teeth. My blindfold, my cuffed hands, my chained legs all reminded me of how much I had no control. Powerelse to do anything but to endure my Mistress of whatever she desires to do to me. I felt her lap at my nipple which I was sure bleeding by now by the way she had clamped her teeth on me.

Then she left me as she got up, I didnt want her to leave me just yet, I wanted my mistress. But then I felt her tracing the leather whip across my hard cock. I would have pounced on her about now and taken her had I not been tied up, I was delirous with desire for my Mistress but I was not in control.

And then I felt hot wax pouring in drops on me sending burning sensations on my dick, which quickly dissappeared as the wax hardened. “My Mistress Im at ur command please dont punish me any more. Yes I will obey you compleately Mistress.”

And when she asked about control……I gasped..”You are my mistress…you are..”

As the wax melted on his skin and I blew on him… my tongue slithered up the sides of his hard throbbing cock as I licked and succled his cock. Nipping and biting his head with my wet moist mouth. I teased and tantilized his cock head unmercifully, as I pulled out a leather cock ring with spikes on it and slid it over his hard cock and fastened it around his balls. The tension was tight on his cock as it stood hard and erect. My hands slipped over the leather harness that held his hard shaft and I began to pump him up and down with my hands as my teeth grazed over his head, sending massive shivers down his spine. I put enough pressure to cause him to feel pleasure but enough as well to cause him to whince in some pain.

“My Slave has been a good slave and recognized who was in control so I rewarded my good submissive by tasting and licking your cock, do you like my slave” I asked as I continued to pump him up and down into my mouth. “you answered well my slave, very good” as I licked him all the more.

Grabbing another object from the dresser, I began to slide the french feather up and down between my slaves thighs drawing attention to the increased pleasure he was feeling as I stroked him with it. Noticing him as he wiggled and shivered under my control I did it to him over and over again as more pre-cum was shooting out of control out of his cock. The french feather acted as a mind of its own as I drew the feather tip down between his nut sack and his anus, as I made circles with it around and around the opening of his anus. You could see his cock and hips thrust in the air as I did it quicker and faster to him. Leaning down I bit into the sides of his inner thighs as my teeth sunk in leaving marks on his skin. I could taste his skin and the flesh between my teeth, I was as a animal who wanted at their prey as I bit and sucked and feasted on his flesh as my french tickler made its way up and down his anus….

“Like your reward for being a good submissive my slave?” I asked.. looking up at him. “I’am not finished with you yet, not for quite awhile yet” and with that sliding up to his shoulders, I slipped off my leather thong and sat on his face with my pussy on top of his lips.

“Now Slave I command you to eat me” I barked at him

The combination of the burning sensation and her wet tongue made me moan with pleasure. I felt her tongue licking my hard cock which was throbbing and so hard that it was actually aching. I felt some kind of a harness being out on me, as well as my balls being fastened in some kind of leather. “Yess Mistresss I like it..” I hissed and moaned with desire as she continued to suckle on my hardness. Her hands and that French tickler working their magic on me making me swoon. Her bites on my thighs turned me on even more if that was possible.
And then she gave me a command that brought a slight grin on my face, even though I was all bound up…”Yes, let me eat my Mistress…” I whispered.

I felt her creamy white thighs rub against my ears as she settled on top of me. On my face I could feel her swollen wet lips and slit, and finally her clit, which she slowly presses to my waiting, open, mouth. The blindfold and my shackles left me with very few senses in tact. They are all intensified by this.

I can smell her, I can feel every part of my body because I can’t see any of it. I lick slowly from the bottom of her wet slit to the top. I know that she is enjoying herself as I am enjoying being her pleasure slave. My tongue moves deep into her slit, tasting her juices. Most girls taste different from one and other a little bit, but there seems to be one consistency. If they are a little turned on, the taste is a little strange, but not too bad. If they are turned on pretty well, it tastes like water, not bad at all, and makes you head spin a little with lust from the taste. But my Mistress is beyond this, so turned on she is, that she actually tastes sweet as honey making me feverish with desire.

I find myself softly licking her ass. I lick around the edges, then across the middle much like I had just done to her clit. I hear her gasp and her back arches. She licks my dick in response and so I lick her even more there. She gasps again and says nearly breathlessly, “The better you do, the more I will give you.” Her dominance seeming to run away, carrying her with it.

I want to lick up every last drop of her. I flick her clit lightly, teasing her. Then move to circles, and as I stroke her swollen clit with my tongue, pressing its hood away and sliding across it’s soft flesh, I can feel it become erect and harden in response to my tongue. Her hips start to rock back and forth and I am given more of her sweet juices to taste.

I can hear her breathing, my own isn’t much different, quick and short. My stomach is actually hot from my desire for her as I hear her breathing change from gasps to moans. She rocks quicker and quicker and I mimic the motion her body. She shakes as my licking makes her back arch and as it does she brings her clit to my tongue. I lick up her juices again as she begins moaning. I find my hands aching to grab her ass, but they remain tied, she sits back slowly as she licks my dick periodically, sending shivers of pleasure up into my body, rewarding me for what I give her. Her rewards only make me want to please her more and I quickly hear her moaning come to the point of near screaming. I feel her hands moving on my cock in a jerky and erratic fashion and smile inwardly realizing that she is slowly losing control of herself.

She grabs my hair and presses me into her pulsing clit and then as I keep doing circles, her body stops moving for a second. I can hear a low moan start in the back of her throat as my tongue refuses to stop it’s newly learned motion a
nd then her body contracts and rocks as she lets out a scream of passion and pours her sweet
ness into my mouth. My butt and stomach tighten in response, trying to shove my dick into an imaginary version of what my tongue knows she feels like inside. Her body freezes for a moment as I hear her breathe in deeply, and again, she screams as I taste her wonderful juices.

Her newly released juices only give me reason to lick more and so I refuse to stop as she tries to recover from the result of her command of me to please her. I feel her shudder in response, my licking almost tickling her after her orgasm. She pulls away slightly and I ache to lick her cunt again. I am nearly dazed at this point, lost in my lust for her and completely hers to do with as she pleases. She knows this and as she turns around I can see it in her eyes… how much her slave wants her …now!!!

Gasping and breathing hard I try not to lose control of my dominance over my submissive but it was hard not to lose control after he brought me over the brink of no return as he fucked me with his tongue going deep inside my tight hole and then sucking on my erect clit, causing my body to spasm and shake out of control.

“You have been a very good submissive one my slave, your mistress approves” as I slid off his mouth and stood on the side of the bed.

My submissive was shackled and bound, his wrists tied tightly to the top of the four post bed and his legs shackled to the end posts. His eyes blindfolded so he could not see but only go on his senses, heightening every nerve in his body. The wax now hardened around his shaved cock. The leather restraints I placed on and around his cock and balls rubbed against his erect and throbbing manhood. Pre-cum and my saliva which left his cock glistening was begging to be bite, fucked and sucked. The nipple ring clamps were tightly secure around his nipples and the sight of that turned me on even more.

“If I allow you to be set free from your bondage, I want you to rape me and give me the pleasure that I crave” as I ran my fingernails down his chest digging my nails into him and leaving bright red marks.

“In turn my slave I will give you what you want and reward you for doing your job” leaning over I bite the end of his nipples and flicked my tongue back and forth and slightly pulled on the nipple clamps, causing pleasure and pain.

“I want you to spank me my slave and spank me hard, that is your command” sucking and licking his nipples between breaths. Grabbing his throbbing cock in my hands I gave it a few strokes and felt the pre-cum ooze from his cock. Wiping the pre-cum off his cock with my fingers, I leaned up to his mouth. “Now lick this off my fingers my slave” I commanded as my fingers begin to probe in and out of his mouth.
“You like the taste of cum don’t you my slave” hissing and laughing as my fingers slid in and out of his mouth. “Good submissive”

Taking the two fingers of my other hand I slid them inside my wet hot tight pussy and pumped my slick and wet pussy. Making sure they were nice and wet for my submissive. The pussy juice ran down my fingers from being so wet. “Now lick and suck my submissive” as my other fingers flew in and out of his mouth. His licking and sucking my fingers were a big turn on for me as I delighted in his wet mouth.

Drawing my fingers out of his mouth I leaned over and kissed his lips and could taste my pussy on his lips and I hungerly licked and sucked every amount of juice left on his lips.

Biting his bottem lip hard, he whimpered in pain as little droplets of blood trickled out. I began to suck and lick the blood off his lips as it mixed with his and my cum. I was intoxicated by it all.

“I’am going to release you my submissive and my desire is for you to please me and please me NOW” I barked at him…

Reaching up I untied the silk scarf that held him in place and untied his blindfold as well. Releasing his legs from the shackles that bound him.

With my hands on my hips and my knees on the bed looking at him……”NOW spank me and please me well my slave, for your reward is coming”

The mixture of my precum, pussy juice as well as my blood intoxicated me. I could still taste it on my lips as I licked them. As soon as I was released of my bounds, I was ready to ravage her and take her. But the thought of spanking my mistress’s bare bottom excited me. And of course, I knew I had to change her demeanor. She had to be transformed into submissive little girl from the wild dominating mistress she was right now before I make her completely submit to me.

I look at her for a moment as she sat on the bed with her hands on her hips, her knees on the bed looking at me with a haughty air, but her eyes showed how much she wanted to be subdued by me.

I grabbed her around the waist forcefully pulling her close to me. I pull down her corset as I bite into the top of her breast, her hands wrapping around my neck as she cries out, pulling on my hair. Swiftly I guide her unto my lap as I sit down on the side of the bed, planning to give her a thorough spanking.

I pull off her leather thong quickly as I secure her in my lap. Her naked ass was a feast for my eyes. I grabbed both her hands by her wrists and pinned them on her back as I continued massaging and rubbing her ass with my right, cupping each cheek lovingly and alternating as she anticipates her spanking. I SPANKED her hard once on her left ass cheek as the sound echoed around the room and she gave a little gasp. “You have been very naughty tonight ….teasing me like that…..and you know that you deserve a spanking for that, don’t you?”. “Yess yess…my ss..slave” she whimpered “and I want you to punish me for that, spank me hard” she gasped as she lay there helpless as I slowly felt myself taking control over her.

Then steadily, slowly, but relentlessly, my right hand rose high and fell hard and fast on her bottom, first one side and then the other, sometimes in the same place two, three, four times in a row. She was moaning and twisting now, and one or the other foot would kick high on a particularly painful spank. I could see her bottom becoming bright pink. I didn’t spare her upper thighs, either, and those spanks brought especially violent reactions from her now helpless body.

She squirmed around my naked thighs, letting out soft squeaks every now and then. My hard erection spread precum over her lower stomach and her smooth pubic region as it poked inot her. I was like a man possessed as I slapped my hand again and again on her bottom. Watching it turn a fire engine red. I could feel her wetness dripping down unto my lap as her cunt became sopping wet.

Her bottom, besides being livid, was gorgeous. I couldn’t help but admire it, it was like a work of art. And just thoroughly, every inch, except inside the deep groove in the middle, a bright crimson. I raised my hand again as she tensed those bottom cheeks together in anticipation as I continued my minstration.

I continued spanking even while the tears welled in her eyes. The soft, delicate flesh on her bare bottom was so sensitive and the spanking had stung her with indescribably sharp pain. Finally, when I noticed that a sufficient change in her attitude had occurred, I stopped and gave her a lick on her left bottom cheek and stroked her ass, I could feel the heat radiating from her sore cheeks.

“Did you like that?” I said. “That was a hard spanking.”

My mistress sniffled. “Yess, it.. it was very hard, thank you” she said.

“Your bottom is awfully red,” Icommented, massaging the tense muscles in her lower back.

She didn’t respond. Instead she reached over to me and gave a soft kiss. I could taste her strawberry lips gloss, as I plunged my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues deeply entwined, I reached behind her and ripped her corset away, aching to feel her breasts in their entirety. I loved her breasts: they were the most perfect pair I’d ever seen anywhere. I flung it on the floor, and
began to tease her nipples to hardness. I was extremely aroused and the sopping wetness between her legs a
s she grinded on my thigh did nothing to calm my hunger for her, infact it increased it even more.

Like the calm in the eye of a hurricane we kissed sensually and passionately almost gently for a fleeting moment, getting ready for a storm of loving that was sure to follow, my entire being just aching to rape her … ravish her, take her and make her mine. “So my mistress, are you ready to give your slavehis reward” I whispered in her ear knowing full well that the roles had almost reversed; as I get ready to pounce upon her and RAVAGE her…

As your lips enraged with fire as we kissed, I knew he had subdued me into submission *this time* Him spanking my ass had been one of the most intense spankings I had ever received from anyone. It stung but I was so turned on by him spanking me that I wanted to climax as he did.

Sitting up in his lap on the side of the bed, my legs wrapped around his hips, my arms wrapped around his neck as he pulled my red ass closer into his lap. Biting his lips as we kissed and sucked them in and out of my mouth as his tongue probed deeper into my wet mouth. I could feel his cock press against my wetness and I wanted him now. No more roles of who was dominatrix or slave for this period of time. Just him being him and me being me, as our hands wandered and roamed each others bodies. Caressing and kissing and touching as if it would be our last kiss ever. Tasting his lips was sweet, but being his mistress was also sweet, now I wanted his sweet cum inside me.

“Your reward has come my slave” I whispered…

“Make love to me” I whispered as my pussy grew wet with desire.

We both fell back on the bed where our bodies were entwined
as we embraced and made sweet love all night long, as if we didn’t own one more day. We fell asleep in each others arms that playful night of domintrix and slave.

Until another day.. another time My Sweet Slave

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