Smokey The Bear Would Blush

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Have you ever done somthing crazy and spontaneous? I sure did…I was walking through the woods one day when I walked around acurve in the trail and was surprised by a cute guy standing there with a long lens camera photographing something up in the trees.

He lowered the lens and smiled at me. I quickly smiled back. I really liked his looks and I got the vibe that he liked mine too.

He started a conversation with me, it was innocent at first then it got sexual. He was telling me how he had spotted a couple having sex, or as he put it fucking like animals.When he said those words my pussy got wet. I think he knew he turned me on because, he stopped talking and he turned to the side, arched his back and yawned, I saw it, his dick was pushing his shorts out in the front. Wow all I did was look and wonder what it looked like.

He turned back at me and very sexily he said, “Did you see what you are doing to me?”

I licked my lips and nodded.

He told me to follow him and I did. We walked deeper into the woods until we were in an area that had mossy grass on the ground and there were bushes and trees all around. I was looking around when he got behind me, I felt his hard cock pressed against my ass. I murmurred and pressed my ass back against him. He reached around me and slipped his hand inside my shorts, his fingers worked their way down to my pussy which was going crazy at thesensation of his fingers.He pulled his hand out and holding onto my shorts by my hips he slowly pulled them down, it feels so sexy to be undressed, but when it is done by a stranger that I just met,it was downright raunchy. I felt the silkiness of my shorts gliding over my my hips and my ass cheeks, then part of my thighs, he just left them there. He stopped and humped my bare ass with his cock that was still in his shorts. He was humping me and he pulled up my bikini
top, it kind of squeezed the very top parts of my breasts. He cupped and squeezed and bounced my bare breasts and I rubbed my ass back against him and held him closer to me by holding on his hips and ass and rubbing and pulling him to me, his body was tight and firm, mmmmmmmm.

He ran his hands down my ribs and waist then hips then he leaned back slightly pulling me back on him and he carefully and sensually played with my pussy, he rubbed my lips and in my slit, I was shaking slightly to his touch he had very erotic energy, my pussy was salivating on his fingers I looked at his face near mine and I rubbed my face cheek on him, my cheekbone was caressing his cheekbone, I felt shivery and excited. He kissed me first he ran his tongue over my lips driving me wild I tasted his sweet breath and I felt sooo turned on.

He pulled his face away and he nibbled on my ear then my neck while his hard cock was pressed against my ass. He told me he wanted to fuck I did too. I eagerly watched him take off his tee-shirt and shorts and underwear, his body was compact and tight his cock was beautiful, very sexy and stiff and fat.He was naked except for his socks and hiking boots. He looked hot!

I laid back on the moss after I took off my shorts and bikini top. He stood over me looking at my nude body on that velvety green moss and he smiled. I looked up at
him and smiled and rubbed my pussy. I v-opened my lips so he could see inside. I found my hole and fingered myself showing him. He stroked his cock. He knelt down putting his knees outside my hips he knelt and without using his hands he shook his cock by moving his hips it swung so much I was so fucking excited! “Fuck me!” I told him. He laid over me and supporting himself on his hands he slid his cock toward my
pussy hole not even using his hands it was so hard it just pushed in me. I quivered as this stranger’s cock screwed me. He fucked me nice and rhythmically, he pulled my legs more apart and up. I told him I was able to drape them over his shoulders if he wanted, he said shit yeah so I got them up and over his shoulders now he really deep fucked me, we were going to town, all that pumping and rubbing and humping, he said he had to cum, I told him to pull out and aim for my mouth, he did just that I opened wide and he came on my tongue and lips I swallowed and smiled, he loved that. He wasn’t finished though, he knelt down and licked and kissed my pussy, he would rub his face very quickly back and forth on my little pussy and he made “Blllllllllll” sounds, damn that felt amazing. He nuzzled my clit and then with his lips covered teeth he held it then moved it back and forth I was screaming it felt so good, he reached up and pushed his finger in my mouth I sucked on it while he brought me to a knee-shaking orgasm. Now that was some walk in the woods!!!

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  1. creameater

    thank you, I am now rock hard

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