Snow Tubing Frenzy

It was winter time already and my friends and I were all ready to spend a day at the slopes. We hopped in on of my friend’s dad’s car and drove off, headed for the mountains. Of course, when I got comfortable in my seat and put on my walkman, I had no idea that I would be having my first sexual experience in a few short hours.

On our way up to the mountains, my friends Jordon and Mitch (names have been changed) were enjoying the views as I was enjoying my music. Jordon had no idea I was gay, and Mitch might’ve guessed by now. It wasn’t for sure though. So, while my close buds were having fun talking and playing games, I was busy relaxing and thinking about pleasant thoughts about the slopes and what we were going to do up there.

After about two hours of being crammed in the car, we finally arrived at the ski lodge. As soon as we got there, we had to decide whether we wanted to ski, snowboard, or snow tube. I personally favored snowboarding, however my friends wanted to snow tube. I didn’t argue of course. I’m not usually someone who argues. Thank god I didn’t.

So, after we were ready to hit the tubes, we started on our way. We passed the lodge and the ski slopes and found our way to the snow tubes. We each grabbed one and were ready to have some fun. When we arrived on the top on the mountain, the first thing I saw was an amazing looking guy. He was fantastic. Strong and sexy, with beautiful eyes and hair. He had gorgeous lips and all I thought about was how they tasted. I immediately noticed his large hands, and that only means one thing. He MUST have a large dick.

Well, without a doubt, I made my way over to him. He worked at the lodge and was the one that would be pushing me down the slope. If some of you don’t know, you have to sit in a tube while people push you down slopes. Anyway, the first time he simply pushed my tube, without any physical contact. I maybe thought that he was simply straight and that I should leave him be, however, the next time up when I got back on the top of the slope I, again, made my way to this beautiful man. Yet, this time, it was different. Instead of pushing me down by my tube, he grabbed onto my legs in order to get good leverage.

So his one hand was on my leg, but where was his other hand going to go. To my amazement, he placed his hand on my ass and started to run forward to push me down. When he pushed down on my ass to get me going fast, I went insane. It felt fantastic! The whole way down the slope all I thought about was how he touched my ass. I had to go again!

However, on my way up the slope, I saw that my tube pusher had been heading for the lodge. It was obviously his break, so I decided to take this time to talk to him. Maybe even more. When I entered the lodge, I found him at a nearby table, sipping on some hot cocoa. I decided not to be shy and go over and talk to him. When I sat down he glared at me and I asked him if this seat was taken. He shook his head no and continued with his drink.

I had to start conversation, and after talking about how he got this job here and so on, I found out that his name was Chris and I just couldn’t contain myself any longer. Under the table, I slipped off my boots and raised my foot to Chris’ crotch. I started to rub his penis with my foot when he looked up at me. He stared at me for a little, and then started to get hard!

He quickly got up and excused himself to the bathroom. Was this his way to tell me to come with him to have some fun?

I followed him to the bathroom and inside I found him washing his hands. That’s when I went to the sink next to him and started to wash my own. He then came up behind me and started to unzip his pants. I was overwhelmed! He started to poke me with his hard-on and I was amazed with how huge it felt.

To my astonishment, when I turned around to take a look, it was huge! It was, in fact, about 9 inches long and had a beautiful tuft of brown pubic hair at it’s base. I grabbed his manhood and dropped to my knees. I started to jerk his cock a little, and then began to lick it. It tasted so good!

I then put my mouth over the head of his dick and started to lick his rim. I could feel his body shudder and I knew he enjoyed it. That’s when I took him deep and he started to work his way in and out of my mouth. He grabbed my head, pulling it faster and faster. I thought I would gag!

Then, when it seemed like he had enough, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and lifted my up to my feet. He unstrapped my pants and took off my boxers, revealing my rock solid 7 inches. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He pushed me up against the walls and started to probe my ass hole with his amazing penis. He started teasing my virgin ass hole, and it was driving me insane.

I screamed, “Shove it in!” and he kindly obliged. He shoved his dick in my hole as hard as possible and a sensation went all throughout my body. It felt so nice to have his penis in me and when he started to work his way in and out of me, I couldn’t help but moan. That was simply his cue to take life me up one last time and make his way over to the end stall, with me wrapped around him the whole time. He kicked open the stall door and sat me on the toilet seat. He pounded on the condom dispenser twice and a condom fell safely out. He slipped it on quickly, and I lifted my legs as more then a welcome.

Chris shoved his now wrapped penis inside me once more. It felt so good and he worked so fast. In and out. In and out. He was amazing fast. It felt so good. That’s when I started to jerk myself off ass he fucked me vigorously. He then took his one hand, and brought it to my ass. He took his middle finger and started to shove it in and out of my hole. I don’t think anything has ever felt so good in my life.

So now, we were in the stall, me on the toilet seat with my legs spread wide, and him looming over me, pushing in and out as his ass muscles worked hard. I felt my penis shake and I knew I was about to cum! I screamed to him to keep working, and he worked harder then ever. I knew he was about to cum also. So that’s when it happened. He moaned and tilted his head down and I screamed and sputted warm cum everywhere. I could feel his penis pulsate inside me, and then I felt the cum pour out of him, shot after cummy shot. He then took himself out of me, and we both relaxed for a couple of seconds. We were both covered in cum and both breathing heavily.

We cleaned ourselves off at the sink and didn’t say a word.

That’s when Chris left the bathroom and I knew I was never going to see him again.

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