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First I need to slowly slide your skirt down. I take extra time pulling your thong down with my teeth. I start to lick your legs up to your glistening pussy for a good 20-30 minutes and nibble and chew on your clit to get you really wet. I have a small vibrator I will start using on your clit while I get 1, 2 and try a third finger in you. God you’re tight. I have some ultra glide lube I will need to apply. I have two fingers in deep and I am working your g-spot hard.

You are having a hard time sitting still. You’re getting like a gusher. While my hand is busy my tongue is biting ever so gently on your nipples.

You are getting wetter. I change up and start inserting more fingers. I am going in and out like a hard cock. I can feel your g-spot rubbing against my hand. I am adding more lube to my hand. I am slowly inserting my hand trying to get to the knuckles. You are squealing, but in joy and pure lust. Now you’re starting to push back, you like this and are getting into really into it. You are getting like an animal, primal sounds and grunts. You want more.

I have pressed my hand up to the thumb knuckle and you explode and scream. I must have rubbed that g-spot just right because you squirted all over my face and you taste great. I rub my face all in your pussy and lick it up until I cannot take it anymore.

I flip you over and pull that ass closer, I cannot stand it anymore. I shove my cock in your soaking wet pussy and hammer you until I explode.

We fall asleep with me still in you. (More when we wake)

I slowly woke and eased off of you, god you looked hot. My brain new what it wanted and it was staring right at me. I slowly ease back on the bed and reach beneath you and pulled your puffy lips back with my fingers. Our love juices are mixed together and you are sticky and wet. I start rubbing your clit. A few minutes go by and you are starting to react but are you still a sleep, you must you are so relaxed. I reach for the lube and apply a small amount on my hand and start rubbing again my hand is easing in inch by inch and you start to moan ever so softly. I have reached my knuckles again and you are really getting into it, you have woken up and have arched your sweet ass in the air for me to have more access.

Your back is arched, I have my thumb pulled into my palm and I have now got to the thick of my hand easing in. You are telling me to push slowly and easy, your voice is quivering in anticipation. I add more lube that’s it, ahhh my hand slides in and your muscles wrap around my wrist and squeeze. You are panting; you slowly push back and hold, then forward and back again. Your pace is quickening you are going nuts it must be the mixture of pain and pleasure. You are fucking my hand and screaming into the pillow. I add some more lube and then reach for your clit, it’s hard. You are having trouble keeping your breath.

I pull my hand back slow and you are telling me NO, I push back and then pull it almost out. NO, now I have you open and loose. I am pushing like a piston in a race car in and out faster and faster and you are starting to tremble. I pull all the way out and then you scream. I hold my hand just at your lips and you start to shake in anticipation I slowly slide back into your now wet and loose cunt. I am in and now you are ready. I make a fist, I try to pull out and I can’t. I start the piston this time with my fist, I can feel your muscles and sides quiver and you are having a hard time staying on your knees. Each time I pull back I try to get my hand free its trapped and you are just where I want you. I am fisting you hard and you are crying out in pleasure. I start to apply pressure on your clit and you start to yell. In my mind I hope no one is walking by as they will think I am killing you with those screams. I start to release my fist and I start to apply slight pressure on that swollen little rigid patch just north of you opening, more pressure and then that’s it you explode again in a shriek that could break the glass. You are shaken and quivering and black out in ecstasy. Sleep well.

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