So, how was your day?

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I told him he should stop by one day after work. I hadn’t seen him in a while so I thought it would be fun to catch up. When he did come over he didn’t look like he was in the best of moods. “So, how was your day?” I asked.
He gave me that superficial grin, “Fantastic”.
“Let me make you a drink and you can tell me all about it”, I say sympathetically.
Sure everyone’s job sucks in some way or another but it seemed to be getting to him more lately. A lot more. I just wanted to make him smile and smart ass jokes probably weren’t going to cut it today. I set his drink down in front of him and stood behind his chair with my hands resting gently on his shoulders, “So, what was so bad about today, hmmm?”
While he started in on about colleagues that were retarded and their inexhaustible and nagging demands I ran my hands up his neck and my fingers through his hair, scratching his scalp softly. He paused and started to laugh – he knew what I was up to. “Don’t stop, sugar” I said softly, “I’m still listening. Please continue”.
While he continued to give me the details on his coworkers’ ridiculous antics in a tone that sounded slightly distracted I massaged his shoulders and the base of his neck. I let my lips graze the side of his ear where it meets his neck so he could feel me breathe softly against it. He stopped again so I came around to face him. I looked into his eyes and smiled as I bent down and started to undo his jeans, “that can’t be all that happened today that was just so terrible.”
He just shook his head, “You’re terrible.”
“Perhaps but keep going, I heard it helps put things in perspective if you talk about your problems”, I said kneeling down in front of him.
He was already turned on but once I wrapped my hand around him he was immediately at full attention. He was quiet now, just watching and breathing heavily. I lowered my mouth to the tip so my lips barely touching the tip, “Well?”, I asked coyly looking up at him.
Once he started again on the details of some silly and pointless meeting and I slid my warm mouth over the tip and all the way down to the base of his now rigid dick and started slowly sucking and massaging him with my lips and tongue. It gets me so turned on when I go down on him; my face in his lap and his cock filling my mouth. I wish he knew how much I just craved his dick. He had stopped talking again and I heard him sigh, “Oh god”.
I sped up just a little, pressed my lips a little tighter around him and let the tip hit the back of my throat each time I took it all in. When I tasted a tiny bead of his pre-cum I decided that I had gotten myself a little too worked up to let him finish like this. I stopped and stood up; his face had a shadow of disappointment with a hint of sadness that was actually very sweet. It made me want him that much more. I moved in close so my lips were just barely grazing his, “Put it in me”.
He didn’t hesitate. He pushed his tongue between my lips and kissed me hard. He stood up and pushed me back and up against the wall. I felt him push up my skirt and entwine his fingers in my panties with one hand while the other slid down over my curves. His touch was rough and fast and I loved it. If I wasn’t wet before I certainly was now. I shivered when I felt him slip a finger between my moist lips that were eagerly anticipating any sort of attention. “Come on”, I said breathlessly, “don’t make me wait. I want it…”.
He grabbed my hips, pushed my panties down and while his body pressed against mine pinned me against the wall. I felt just the head of his still-hard dick touch my moist lips. When he pushed it into me I moaned softly and dug my nails into his shoulders. I pushed my hips to meet his with each thrust while his hands and mouth worked their way over my neck, shoulders, chest and breasts. He pulled me away from the wall and set me down on my back on a nearby couch. I loved feeling our bodies against each other – hot and just starting to get a touch sweaty. He held my wrists above my head with one hand, pushed my thighs open with the other but then paused. I struggled just a little; I wanted this carnal and animalistic fucking to continue and he knew it. “Don’t do this to me – not now”, I said in a low voice.
“Don’t do what…” he smiled and slowly slipped back into me. His movements were now slow, deliberate and rhythmic; my pussy squeezed tight around his dick aching for him to give it to me rough and fast again. God, he frustrated me but that made me want him even more…

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