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When I was just starting to work, I’d wear long dresses & skirts because I thought my legs were too Skinny! The only 1 that saw my legs was my husband, after we started dating!
We got married & I still Wore long skirts!I work about 35 miles from home & travel every day! 1 Day while Traveling home, We all traveling got stuck in a Big traffic jam!We’d move 1 car length! It was really hot & the air started fill really good! I spread my legs a little to let the air go up my skirt! That helped a little, but after a while, that didn’t help, so I pulled up my skirt a little to get more Air on my legs! I was setting there a while enjoying the air, when I happened to notice a Young man looking at my legs, so I covered them, but after we started moving, I started getting excited about a young man staring at my legs!
All during work the next day, i was thinking about it also! I’ve never had an orgasim, but i think I did thinking about this young guy staring at my legs!
On the way home, baddd traffic again! So I sat there, wanting to expose a little leg, but didn’t, but then I notices another young guy glancing into tbe car! So I gave a little leg shot & he starting staring more, so I spread my legs more, showing more legs!
I wasn’t paying attention, but pretty soon My skirt was high enough that a little panty Showed & this turned me on! I shot for my 1S time! It was fantastic!
The next day was Saturday, i thought about it for a good while, then decided to go buy a Short skirt! Being in the Clothing business, I couldn’t buy it just any where, so I went to Pittsburgh & ended up buying 1 Pretty short! I get home before my husband, so I planned on putting it on under my long skirt & In the car taking off my long skirt!
I was so excited, I shot 3 times thinking of my ride home!
You see, I’m 5 foot 8 or 9 inches tall, about 145 Pounds, Small FIRM Boobs, BUT I’m an albino! YES, I’m naturally white down there and the ONLY one that saw that was my husband!
I got to my car, took off my long skirt & got ready for my ride! I bought my 1St pair of bikini panties! Red ones! I even pulled a little natural white from the Right side!
WELL thank God, about 1/2 way home, another traffic Jam & it was hot! I noticed in front of me this tall Truck with 4 Guys in it, 2 in front & 2 in the back seat! I eventually worked my way up beside the truck and started putting on a Showm, 1St a little leg, then a Little more! their truck was so high, they could see my face & they didn’t know that I saw them looking,! The guys were fighting over a Glance!!!!
I was getting so turned on, I ended up putting a Finger in my Leg band & rubbing my Pussy, I’ve never done that! I shot so much, I soaked my NEW Bikini panties! I’ve never experienced anything like that!
Traffic was so backed up I got home after my Husband! I didn’t know what to do about the skirt, so I told Doc that I bought it to surprise him!
He wanted to see my Panties & when he told me that, I told him “WOW you made me do something I’ve never done”! He said so me, so I showed him my soaked Panties & he touched them for a long time!
When we fucked, there was never any foreplay, just Wam, Wam, that was it!
NOW things are different now! But I still won’t forget the 4 Guys!
I imagine them with hard on’s and can’t do anything about it!
NOW I wear shorter skirts & enjoy it, but my Husband doesn’t like me wearing them!
He thinks I should just wear them around the house, just for him!
Doc’s wife Mary Anne
Hope there is another chapter

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