Ssure enjoy showing off my NEW Red Bush

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The Husband & I were at Atlantic city for a couple Days! I wore a Very small pink bikini at the Bally’s bikini beach Bar! I was hit on quite a few times! Especially by these big Black guys! I’m sorry I’m albino & Black doesn’t turn me on!
We have a Car & I told Doc on the way home, I was going to nap in the back seat! I had by cover up on, actually a pretty short skirt, BUT what he didn’t know was the color I chose to color my Pubs!
I was actually ashamed to be an albino, until this Girl who is big time into making Amature porn, told me she’s do anything to be Albino! She said that she’s actually paid to go White down there!
So I planned it out, that before we left our Room at Ballys, I’d brush Bright Red into my Pubs & wear a RED Wig! We started home and when we got out of AC, I layed down on the back seat! I found this little Radio that picks up CB, so i decided I’d have a little fun with the Truckers!
Thank god when Doc drives, he NEVER takes his eyes off the road!
I told him I’d take over driving when we are half way home!
We got gas at Pleasantville, then We started on AC Expressway!
I layed down on the back seat & cranked up my Skirt a little, just showing a little more of my long tan legs! I’m about 5 foot Nine and 145 pounds! Everybody syas I’m all legs!
I started getting on the radio guys talking about the Sleeping red head with the long legs & skirt! When I’d see a Truck be side us, I’d give them a little more show, just a hint of RED BUSH!!!! pretty soon the Truckers were going wild! I could hear Doc Cursing why the Fuck won’t these trucks pass us!!!!
Then I decided I’d really give this one a Show, I spread my legs, hiked up my skirt a little & decided to Rub my Beautiful Red Haired Pussy! This Driver almost Wrecked!, so I figured I better quit for a while!
Once we got to the PA Turnpike, I told Doc I’d drive & for him to sleep, he was tied & had an early day tomorrow at the Hospital, so when he layed down, time for more show! So I’d drive in the passing lane, kind of slow and showing alot of bush off! Cars were pissed at me,, but the Truckers probably all were drying their WET Pants!!!!
Maybe next time I’ll try DARk Black!!!!
Wish I could get letters from ANY truckers that saw me!
Mary Anne

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