Stephanie loves her Job

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Stephanie Mcmahon loved the day when her father named her president of upcoming talent to the WWF. Meaning anyone who potentially will work wrestle for the company will have to go through her. She always wanted this position because of the power and control over people. She could understand that someone would do anything to get into this business, and so they shall. Her first meeting with and up and coming wrestler went a little like this. Stephanie was rearranging her belonging on her desk when she heard a knock on her door. “Come in.” She said, knowing exactly who it was. This wrestler was looking for a contract and had just had the last workout before the WWF would decide if they should sign him. “The Blaze” AKA Noah Thomas walked into Stephanie’s office. He was still in his tights and T-shirt a little sweaty after a workout. He had confidence after such a great day of wrestling. If he was signed today he would have a “dark match” tomorrow night before Raw. “Hi, Miss McMahon.” Noah said, not sure what to call her. “Hi, Noah, and you can call me Stephanie if your more comfortable with that” She said trying to make him more comfortable around her. “OK Stephanie, so where do we start?” Noah asked. Stephanie looked around puzzled and replied, “Hmmm, I’m not quite sure. This is my first day on the job too. So lets just talk, if your going to get a contract it will be because of your wrestling in the ring!” “OK, so what do you wanna talk about?” Noah asked, as he shifted in his seat to try and cover up a bulge in his tights due to the clothing Stephanie was wearing. Noah had fantasized about her tons of times watching her on TV. And right now she was wearing a tight black mini skirt and a tight blouse with stitching around her tits exposing as much cleavage as possible without showing her nipples which were sticking out like a sore thumb! “Um” Stephanie searched for something to say, but all she wanted to do was jump on him right now and fuck his brains out. “Well, Noah. You got a great review for your skills and talent in the ring. So then there’s only my test which you have to pass to get a contract.” She said with a slight grin. “What kind of test is that?” Asked Noah, who had a pretty good idea of what was about to come. “Well, first thing is to show off some muscles. You know, Sex appeal. You’ve got to make the fans want you!” Steph said with a twinkle in her eye. “OK” replied Noah as he stood up and took off his shirt and flexed his muscles for Stephanie. She just stared at him, nodding her head in approval of his muscles as she looked him up and down. When she got to his crotch, she saw his bulge and she stared right at it. “That is great, but what about some other muscles, do you have some other big muscles you want to show me?” Stephanie asked. “I can only think of one” replied Noah as he quickly took off his wrestling tights and stoop in front of her naked, with his 9 inch dick fully erect pointing right at her.
Stephanie didn’t need an invitation, she quickly dropped to her knees and started sucking Noah’s cock. “Ohh, Yeah Baby. You are Incredible!” Noah commented while grabbing a handful of her hair and fucking her mouth. “Steph, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming!” Noah said as he began to empty his load into her mouth and all over her face. His cum drooled down her chin and dropped to the floor. Stephanie got up from her knees and wiped off her face with a nearby towel before turning to Noah as pushing him back into his chair. She slowly began to strip in front of him. She lifted her shirt up over her breasts, revealing her black lacy bra. She then continued taking her top off very slowly, teasing him. She took it off and tossed it at him. She then sat down onto his lap and began to grind her firm ass into his exposed crotch. Noah groped her tits from behind, making Stephanie moan loudly in her office. She got up and dropped her skirt to the floor. She stepped out of it and straddled Noah in his chair. She unhooked her bra and let Noah take it off. Her large tits dropping into his face, and he quickly took her right nipple into his mouth. Stephanie was moaning and she reached down and found his hard cock. She began to jerk him off. She stood up on the chair, her panties at Noah’s eye level. Stephanie slid down her matching panties and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled Noah tongue first into her pussy. Stephanie bucked wildly into Noah’s face, having an orgasm very fast and jumping off the chair onto her desk. She spread her legs and motioned for Noah to get up and come over. Noah grabbed his dick and shoved it into Stephanie’s wet cunt. She shrieked at the sudden rush of his dick filling her up. He began to fuck her as fast as he could. Pounding into her as hard as possible with every thrust. Stephanie was moaning and screaming nonstop until she had another orgasm. Noah wasn’t finished with her yet. He bent Stephanie over her desk and entered her pussy from behind and started for fuck her again. “OHHH, MMMMYYYYY GGGGOOOOODDD!!!” “Stephanie was screaming so loud Noah was sure everyone in the building could hair them. “OHH, NOAH, BABY. FUCK ME!!! HARDER. YES, YES. I’M CUMMING!!
Stephanie came as hard as she ever did and Noah blew his load into her and fell slumped over onto her waiting to catch his breath. “So, Steph, did I pass the test?” Noah asked. “Yeah, I’ll give you a contract, but I think we should definitely work together in the future!”

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