Still Faithful, but Satisfied

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I have a wonderful marriage with the my high school sweetheart. We have been married and faithful to each other for nearly thirty years. Fidelity is as important to us as breathing. Trust is the one thing we know is constant in our life and breaking that trust is unthinkable.

I have always been intolerant of others who I know have been unfaithful in their marriage or relationships. Little did I know that there is, indeed, a gray area.

For most of my life, the idea of being with another woman has been unthinkable. Even my fantasy life has never included another woman. Until I met Susan.

Susan walked into my life three years ago when she accepted a position in my office complex. When I first met her, I was taken back by her beauty and countenance. Her smile, her laugh, her grace, and her compassion touched me from the start.

We are both very happily married and absolutely crazy about our spouses. Often times we share stories of intimacy from our good times with our mates. The four of us have also become very good friends and look forward to spending time together.

Susan and I often talk about how fortunate we are but also about how absolutely crazy we are for each other and how tempting it would be to have an intimate liason. However, we are very clear that fidelity is such a high value in our lives that we are restricted to “taking it home” when times get hot in the office.

I have never had a problem with this and, I know that she is, likewise, comfortable with our unusual arrangement. Never did I dream that we would find a way to satisfy our urgings.

It is not unusual for us to talk on the weekends, just checking in for a quick chat. She called to tell me that Larry had flown out suddenly and when I told her that Irene had also left me alone for the day fo she invited me over for coffee. “Will we be safe, I jokingly asked.

“Of course”, she replied. I glady accepted.

I arrived a short time later, looking forward to great conversation. Little did I know there would be little talking.

I knocked on the door and she invited me with a warm embrace.

“Please promise me that this will be safe”, I said. The word “safe” always had a special meaning to us. It meant that we would always remember to honor our marriages.

“Of course, but I think I know a way we can still have some fun”, she replied.

What happened next continues to amaze me.

I have told her that I thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Susan is a 50 something year old knock out. She stands about 5′ 9″ with beautiful medium length reddish brown hair. She is very fit with an appealing figure. Her breasts have always been a fascination with me. Her long legs have always amazed me.

She led me to her living room where I noticed a straight back dining chair was sitting at the end of a couch. She looked at me and instructed me that, regardless of what was about to occur, I could not speak. I agreed. She kissed me, passionately. Her sweet, soft lips, were intoxicating.

“We can’t”, I said.

“No talking”, she replied. “Don’t worry, this is not what you think”.

She led me to the chair and turned it so it faced down the length of the couch. She then reached down and unfastened my belt, dropped my pants and boxers down below my knees and told me to sit. She then produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my ankles the legs of the chair. She told me to sit quietly and relax.

She disappeared into the kitchen. I heard her working on something and was surprised when I heard her microwave oven beep. She returned with a small coffee cup.

“I hope this is not to hot”, she said as she poured some warm, almost hot, oil on my groin. My cock was already stiff and ready for something, I had no idea what.

She then slowly undressed, being very careful to make sure I had a good show. She then reclined on the couch where she could see me watching her and then, from nowhere, she produces a small, egg-shaped vibrator. She rubbed her erect nipples with one hand as she dipped her helper into the remaining warm oil. She then flipped a switch and began rubbing her mound with the egg.

As she pressed the vibrator deeper into her sweet spot she asked “Am I doing this alone or do I get a show, too?”

I then understood “the task at hand”, so to speak. My hard cock lept up into my hand. The oil had dripped down over my swollen balls and I began stoking my shaft with one hand while rubbing my balls.

“Slowly”, she said. “Let this last a while”.

She began rocking her hips in syncronized motion with my slow, deliberate stokes. When I changed my tempo, she did likewise.

“I want to you come with me”, she said as she grabbed the vibrator with both hands and rocked back-and-forth.

I was about to explode when she started shuddering. She squeezed her legs together, her back arched, her lovely breasts seemed to swell on the spot, her nipples reaching for the sky. I was totally amazed at how beautiful and sensual she was.

“I’m cumming!”, she screamed. After a few seconds she opened her eyes to see me holding my still stiff, ready to explode male member. I must have had a shocked look on my face.

“It’s ok, now it is your turn”, she said.

I began stoking my shaft with more force. She assumed, once again, her own private task. We both spasmed and came in an incredible moment of sheer exstacy.

After she dressed and unlocked my ankles, we enjoyed a cup of coffee, good conversation, a hug and a sweet kiss.

The next Monday, we were back at work. Still intact.

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