Stuffed, Plugged, and Fucked

So I met this girl and she takes me home. We go straight to her room and get undressed; she wastes no time letting me know what she wants. She says she wants to have sex; well, I figured that!

She gets on the bed, her rear end is facing me and looking so scrumptious. I come forward and bury my face in her crack; I love eating a good asshole and she willingly let’s me have my way with her hole.

I’m working my way along and soon I’ve got her on her back, legs apart as I’m kneeling on the floor eating her pussy. Oh, it tastes so good! She lets me ram two fingers up her poop shoot! So here I am finger fucking her ass and eating her pussy.

But she wants to suck me and eat my hole too, so l willingly let her have her way. Oh man, her hot mouth swallowing my hard cock feels so good! She worked her way down and I can feel her tongue probing my sweaty butthole.

She brings out a black dildo and says she wants to shove it up my ass, so I spread my legs and put them up in the air and let her do what she wants. I feel my hole spreading as the dildo goes deep in me. Filled with a dildo she says come to me on the balcony baby.

She bends over the railing lifting a leg up and exposing her sweaty hole. She guides me forward, letting me go deep up in her rear hole. Fucking her looking out over the city is so hot! Oh man, I’m about to explode! She senses this and she pushes me back, drops to her knees, and takes my cock deep in her mouth. Load after load I’m dumping my cum down her throat.

We go back to the bed and lie down to relax and I realize I’m still stuffed and plugged.

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