Me, My Wife, and Manuel Continued

It’s been a week since my wife’s birthday party. Bernie ask me if Wednesday’s after work with Mannie overnight would be okay? I said if that makes you happy, yes. She said she could go to work from Mannie’s home. Carlos and Jose invited both of us this Friday night for popular Puerto Rican food they were taught to make by their families. I told her that sounded good to me.
Wednesday came and after work she reminded me she was at Mannie’s and she would be home after work Thursday. I told her I loved her and she said,”l love you.”

Mannie had a nice 3 bedroom home in a hill area and by a lake. He also had a dock and motor boat for skiing and fishing. There was sand put in for swimming. Bernie told Mannie she wished she brought a bikini and he said when it gets dark they could go skinny dipping. With that she put her arms around his neck and said “okay.” They kissed. Mannie was preparing dinner and Bernie helped. Dinner was “excellent” Bernie told Mannie the wine he chose was also perfect. The wine helped Bernie to relax for a night of playful pleasure. Dinner was over. Everything cleaned up. Mannie said he wanted to show Bernie the lake before dark. They got in the boat and rode around the small but pristine lake.

Upon getting back Mannie went inside the kitchen to get some more wine and glasses. Mannie had placed two blankets on the beach. The beach was nice and private. Mannie and Bernie talked about work, likes, dislikes and sexual fantasies. She told Mannie she would love to have a gangbang. He asked her why? She said she would love them all and they would love her. They would never forget her. Mannie struggled with her words. He loved this beautiful 5’2 hazel eyed, petite, voluptuous, brunette lady. Her skin was the color of ivory and soft like butter.

It finally got dark. Mannie asked Bernie if she wanted to skinny dip? She said yes. They undressed and went swimming. The water was warm. Bernie was a very good swimmer. She could see Mannie because of the lights on at the house. She swam under water to Mannie. He couldn’t see her. She grabbed his cock and sucked on it. He was surprised. He pulled her up and kissed her. They swam to the dock. She put her back and head against boards to hold on to. Mannie lifted her legs to her sides and fucked her. She found the pressure of the water and his cock pumping in and out of her cunt was very stimulating. The faster he pumped her she could feel orgasms coming. She strained and with long female grunt sounds. She loved the feelings she was experiencing. Mannie stuck his fingers in her ass and released the orgasms. Mannie heard what sounded like growling when she orgasmed. Mannie held her so she could relax from the intense orgasms. They kissed and swam back to the shore.

They went inside to get dry. It was getting late and Mannie invited Bernie to his bedroom. They were both naked and laid down together. Mannie had another erection. Bernie asked how she could pleasure him. He said he wanted her doggy style and he wanted to fuck her ass. She French kissed him and got in position. He used lots of KY around and in her ass, as well as his cock. He knew his 10 inch fat cock would be a stretch. Mannie gently pushed, she pushed back. She raised her ass and lowered her back to accommodate his gift. Finally his cock was all the way in. Slowly he pushed his cock in and out. He put his fingers in her cunt and rubbed her clit. She loved that. As Mannie increased the speed of pounding her ass she started to strain with long low grunts. Finally, Mannie said he was coming and his cock started squirting cum. Bernie let out a growling noise. She kept pumping his cock to get all of his cum. Bernie wiped herself of the cum. She turned around smiling at Mannie. He pulled her up to kiss her. She laid on Mannie. He held her. They kissed and cuddled. What a night. They both fell asleep.

It’s Thursday morning 5A.M. Bernie and Mannie have to be at work at the hospital at 7A.M. They shower together and Mannie fucks Bernie’s pussy one more time. She licked his cock to make sure it was clean. Both of them dressed. Gulped down their coffee and raced to work. On time.

Bernie sits with Mannie, Carlos and Jose in the cafeteria. Mannie and Bernie smile and say hello. Both have been very busy at their jobs. One of Bernie’s coworkers noticed she was glowing today. Carlos and Jose are excited about having Bernie and Tom for dinner Friday night.

Finally the dayshift is over.What a day. Bernie gets home and starts dinner. Tom gets home 4:30PM. Tom was happy to see Bernie’s car when he pulled in. He walked to the door and the door swung open. Bernie put her arms around Tom’s neck and gave him a French kiss. Tom said “WOW.” “What was that for?” “Because you love me. You trust me. You don’t own me. You share me so I can share my love. You are my first love and only my true love.” Tom said, you must have quite a night with Mannie. Tom told her he wanted to see her souvenirs Mannie left her with. She looked at him puzzled. You know. Take your clothes off. Let me see your body. She took her clothes off. She had hickys on her neck, breast and teeth marks on her nipples. Her ass and cunt holes had been spread leaving large holes. She had a worried look on her face but Tom smiled, kissed her, and put his fingers in her cunt. He licked her breasts. He said,”Now you owe me. It’s my turn.”

Next episode: Me. My Wife, Carlos, and Jose

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