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I woke in the morning with a hand on my cock, which had gotten up before me as it was already hard. Claire was rubbing my cock gently as she dosed with her head on my chest. She looked up as she felt me stir kissed me and said morning stud. Cheryl was asleep but woke as i got up to goto the bathroom as i finished i heard a noise down the stairs.

I went down to check it out, i put a towel round me incase it was my parents or sister. It was my sister making breakfast she asked if i slept ok. I missed the sarcasm as i had just got up. She turned on me and said how could you do this to me, with my best friends and them both at the same time aswell. Not able to denie anything i said i don’t know it just happened.

She was mad at me but she look very sexy when she was mad, her big tits with her nipples sticking out, ive never seen them that big before, not that i usually look at my sister but i noticed them today. She caught me looking and through a spoon at me. The girls heard all the noise and came down the stairs to see what was going on. My sister turned on them and shouted at them too saying how can you do this to me with my brother aswell your suposed to be my friends. They said we are you friends but he’s cute and has a big dick, i got embarrassed and went through the lounge while they talked. Apart from the arguing i couldn’t look at the girls without getting a hardon they had put there nightwear back on to come down the stairs and i only had a towel on.

We had breakfast in silence,when we finished the girls said they were away to do some shopping but my sis said i’ll meet you’se later and went up the stairs when my sister left the room the girls came over and asked if they could do some bedroom partying when my sis calmed down abit again i smiled and said what do you think,they kissed me and left.

I went for a shower, when i came out i heard my sister crying in her room and knocked on the door, she said WHAT, so i went in and sat beside her and hugged her and said im sorry, their really good looking girls and they came onto me any guy would do the same i said. But there my friends she said, there still your friends im only sleeping with them. I could see her breast rise and fall as she sobbed but tried to put it out of my mind as she is my sister. She asked me how big my cock was but i said you don’t need to know but she grabbed my cock through my towel, i jumped up and said what are you doing im your brother.

She said let me see it, ive never seen one for real. I said no your my sis but she pulled my towel away, even though she was my sister i was at half mast, she said you look sexy with your flat stomach, can i touch your penis. I was going to say no but she said i watched the show last night and i went to bed and played with myself alnight just thinking about your cock. I wanted sombody i loved to take my virginity but i love you so it’s ok if you do it for me. My cock started to rise when she said virginity, she said at least your cock likes the idea anyway. I was going to say no but who am i to deny my cock a virgin pussy.

I walked towards my sis but she stopped me and undressed for me her big tits laying on her flat stomach and me thinking how can she be a virgin. She lay back on the bed holding me off with her little feet as she run a finger up her pussy and tweeked her nipples. She said go into my drawer and take out whats in there. I went to her drawer and there was a vibrator on top. It was average size and thickness, she said i was going to get a bigger one as that one is ok but i want to know what a big cock feels like.

She puts the vibrator in her mouth and licks and sucks the shaft before running it down her body to her hairless pussy and runs it up and down between her lips while her other hands pulls a nipple to her lips, she see’s me stroking my big cock, that feels if it has grown bigger just watching her. She say let me taste that big phallus, she moves to the side of the bed and takes my cock in her mouth as her other hand strokes her vibrator in and out of her pussy slowly. I take the virbrator off her to let her get two hands on my cock and i continue to fuck her with the plastic cock. She cups my balls with one hand and takes my cock as deep as she can into her mouth, i push the vibrator right in and hold it with a finger while i stroke he clit with another.

Im close to cumming so i pull out of her mouth as i want to cum on those big tits but i want to fuck that virgin pussy first. I pull her to the bottom of the bed so i could get my tongue on her clit and fuck her with the plastic cock at the sametime, she’s sqeezing her tits and bucks her hips up at me. Her orgasm hits her and she lifts her back of the bed i push the vibrator as far in as i could and tongue her clit really fast she colapses to the bed and pulls my head in tight to her pussy and digs her heels into my back. When she’s done she relaxs her legs and i climb up her body. I leave my cock at the entrance to her pussy she wiggles her hips to try and get my cock inside her but i don’t let her as i suck on her nipples. She trys to pull me up her body saying fuck me please i need your cock inside me i want to feel you fill my tight pussy up with that big dick. I slowly push my cock into her pussy but she grabs my arse and pulls me right into her letting out a scream as i fill her right to the max, i start slow but she whispers in my ear faster, please fuck me hard. I fuck her hard and in no time she is cumming and bucking up to meet my thrusts when she has finished she tells me to slow down.

She pushes me off and tells me to lay on my back as she straddles me and lowers herself onto my cock so slowly i feel im going to burst. Once she is all the way down on my cock she starts to ride me doing a couple of fast strokes then a couple of slow strokes after about five minutes i say if you keep that up im going to cum, she says don’t you dare im not ready yet and she speeds up, she’s getting close so i pull her down onto my chest and piston into her for all i’m worth hoping i last long enough for her to cum but i shouldn’t have worried she started screaming and bucking realy hard now and i shot my load deep into her tight saturated pussy she kept fucking me slowly as she kissed me if felt strange kissing my sister but erotic she whispered that was fantastic.

She got off of me and sat against the headboard and said let’s see if i can do anything about that she say’s pointin at my now limp cock. I straddled her chest lying my balls on her big tits as she sucked and wanked my now rising cock. I reach behind me and start to rub her clit to keep her ticking over hoping to fuck her again but she says i want you to cum on my face and tits.

When im really hard she sticks my cock between her big tits as i fuck her she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out so she can lick my cock when it comes up she is moaning again and i rub her realy fast now, her hips are rising and falling as i stroke her clit, she throws her head back as she orgasms and i groan and shoot big globs of cum over her throat and chin it rolls down onto her tits i wank some more out for a minute then roll of her onto the bed beside her and watch as she scoops the cum up and swallows it telling me thats the best sex she’s ever had. I said i thought you were a virgin, she said me a virgin with tits like these i don’t think so, the girls told me how big your cock was and i wanted a piece of it. Just as i was about to complain the front door went. That will be the girls back from shopping…… you want some lunch………………..


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